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I’m glad I came across this, Van Gundy saying more dumb crap. I noticed the Nick “Lachey” comments last night but missed some of Van Gundy’s other gems.


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This movie was worth seeing. That is generally the first way I rate a movie, was it worth seeing? In this case, yeah I believe it was.

The beginning was filled with a little back story and a good build-up to the action. However, the first problem with the movie comes before you even get into the theater. The tag line “inspired by true events” is pretty much bull. It couldn’t be anymore loosely based on any event. That is a bit aggravating to find out.

It’s nice to see Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman pull off the main two roles. I didn’t even know that it was Liv Tyler at the beginning.

It is refreshing to see the casting go away from just the hottest P.O.A. that walked into the casting room.

Bottom line: Check it out when it hits DVD.

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Screw all those people who hate on Hansbrough. He seems like the kinda dude I wanna chill with. I guess it mainly comes down to Dukies doing most of the talking. The proof is in the pictures.

This last one I just saw the other day. I don’t know that it is new but it’s new to me. I’d be doing the same crap if I was Tyler, that is for damn sure.

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C’s/ Lakers Part 3

Must win?

Definitely for LA but I do not think it is for Boston. The C’s would certainly love to win the first game and damn sure want to win one of the first two. Winning one of the first three is where the must win comes into play.

Odom vs. Powe (and everyone else)
Lamar was clearly shaken this past Sunday. He was way off his game. Things aren’t going to be as easy for the Powe and the rest of the C’s this time around. Bottom line, Odom took out his frustration is an awfully babyish way and for a guy that I never liked, that did not help.

3-2 or 2-3
With the 2-3-2 format, the NBA is obviously pushing for a game 7 or at least a game 6. It is really tough to think that the team with home court could be down 3-2 heading into game 6. All that without even losing a game at home.

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Griffey Hits Number 600

My favorite baseball player from 1993 until the Reds sabotaged his career was Ken Griffey, Jr. Don’t get me wrong I still consider myself a huge fan of his but damn he could have been SHATTERING records he is still no schmuck.

From 2001 to 2004 he only hit 63 round trippers. Imagine if he had hit just an average of 35 HR’s in those 4 seasons. That is 140 HR’s minus those 63 is 77. That means that with an average of a “measly” 35 HR’s he would be at 677 and be on the verge of 700 already. That is without even thinking about if he had also been healthy the last 3 years.

What 20 something year old male today didn’t absolutely watch this man’s every move as a child.

Well, congratulations to Ken on a great accomplishment. I know we are all rooting for him to hit 700 in the next several years.

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Google g’d up

I don’t know who else noticed this past week, but Google changed their favicon logo. The favicon is the image that appears next to the url field on your browser and also in your favorites.

The reason I am posting this is because right off the bat when I noticed this I though that this new ‘g’ logo was really ugly. It doesn’t make me think… ‘Google’.

As a matter of fact when I first saw it on my laptop I though that there was a problem with my Mozilla browser and restarted it.

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Wow, that’s a lot of money lost today. You could hear the air let out of the track as Big Brown fell back from 3rd place.

Da’Tara took first place. That horse was a 38/1 favorite. That’s a nice payday for whoever had that inside info.

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