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Carroll at USC: 76-14
Neuheisel at UCLA: 0-0

Define ‘monopoly’ for me UCLA… better yet define the word ‘over’ for me…


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And oh boy are there every some thrilling games for us to watch on TV. Not!

  • North Carolina State @ South Carolina (ESPN, 8pm)
  • Oregon State @ Stanford (ESPN2, 9pm)
  • Vanderbilt @ Miami (OH) (ESPNU, 7:30pm)
  • Wake Forest @ Baylor (FSN, 8pm)
  • Hofstra @ Connecticut (ESPN Plus, 7:30pm)
  • South Dakota State @ Iowa State (FCS Central, 8pm)

But, hey, at least its college football season once again.

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Mariotti has up-and-quit Chicago Sun-Times. In his last column, titled “Personal note to Angelo: I’m not a big fan, Jerry” for the paper he takes a big shot at Bears GM Jerry Angelo.

Mariotti has started, or at least contributed, to a number of controvesies in his time. For example, when he was at the Denver Post he called Elways a ‘punk’.

The best war of words had to be with Ozzie Guillen. Ozzie went as far as to call Mariotti a ‘fag’. Ozzie can be seen here kissing a man.

Now Mariotti is moving away from the printed word in hopes of writing online. He says that sadly the papers are not the future and the internet is. I wonder where he will end up. He has stated that he will continue to partake in the competitive banter of Around the Horn. Thank goodness.

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I can’t help but comment on this new feature from Maxim. They are doing some shoots and interviews with NFL cheerleaders. These first two pictures are absolutely incredible.

Maxim: Do you have a day job?
“I’m a full-time student studying sports broadcasting. I’m going to a community college right now. I have one semester left, and then I’ll hopefully be at FAU [Florida Atlantic University] in the spring. I want to be an interviewer on the sidelines.

Lilly looks nothing short of amazing in her Maxim spread. She comes back down out of the stratosphere below:

At the same time she looks great under “normal” conditions…

Those puppies can’t be real, right? I can’t decide. She is only 20…

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Kimbo vs Shamrock

Personally I was really bummed when Noons camp stated they will not take the Diaz fight at the next EliteXC on CBS show. That is coming from a hardcore MMA fan perspective. However, the most important thing for EliteXC to do at this point is bring in the casual sports fan and even the people who are attracted to internet sensations such as Kimbo Slice.

They appear to be on the verge of putting together a solid main event for their October 4th event. Kimbo Slice vs Ken Shamrock.

This is a good situation for just about everyone involved.

The Casual Fan – should be drawn in by these two names and should get, not a great mixed martial arts contest, but at least entertained.

The Hardcore Fan – will always have some interest in seeing a former great and MMA legend compete. It is also nice to see Shamrock get these paydays considering he was a key player in putting MMA on the map in America.

CBS – does not care about MMA. They are not in the mixed martial arts business. They are in the TV business and they want ratings. A Kimbo/Shamrock fight is a lot better than Kimbo/Rogers.

EliteXC – is in trouble overall. They need bigger ratings than what there second show produced. This card already has better potential than the aforementioned second card.

Ken Shamrock – is going to get paid. He had some big money fights with Tito a few years back but he has not received the compensation that he really deserves (not that other pioneers have).

Kimbo Slice – can win this fight. Shamrock is nearly in his mid-40s. It is not a guarantee but Shamrock will be unable to KO Slice. All Slice must do is not get caught in a submission and put on a show.

If this fight is true, which is does appear to be, it makes the October 4th card relivant and thus makes EliteXC relevant if only for another few months.

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What a great time of year it is getting to be for the sports fan. The end of August and beginning of September has a lot to offer, this was/is especially true this year.

  • The beginning of the NFL season
  • The start of MLB’s pennant race
  • The Return of College Football
  • The emergence of national MMA coverage
  • The 2008 Summer Olympics

This is were the focus of most fans will be in the coming weeks. Especially the top 4 on the above list for us.

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Merriman is currently “evaluating” his options. This guy is a heel if I have ever seen one. That whole Chargers team is hated on a relatively high level considering they haven’t won a damn thing. Usually that is what it takes to get a national fan base to turn on you (see Yankees, Patriots, and Spurs/Lakers to a lesser extent).

Here is a link to a case study that claims:

“During the last 30 years, however, multiple cases associating steroid use with tendon and ligament damage have focused attention on steroids’ role in large-joint injuries such as those to ankles, elbows, knees and shoulders.”

Who knew!? It’s hard to root for a guy to loose the one thing that is his livelihood but I’m just about there. I think I speak for a lot of NFL fans when I say, “Lights out Shawkneee”.

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