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bcs2After Oklahoma’s win last night over Oklahoma St, the Big 12 South’s representative in the conference championship game would be decided by the team with the highest BCS ranking.  Well, the Sooners have moved past Texas in the BCS standings to earn that spot, even thogh they lost to Texas earlier this season.  It really stinks that this is how it had to be determined but it is what it is in college football right now (even though in the Former 1-AA , they are in the middle of a 16 team playoff). 

The BCS rankings are as follows: Alabama is one, Oklahoma is 2, Texas is 3, Florida is 4, and USC is 5. 

On a side note: I am really glad that Oregon beat Oregon St so USC will be playing Penn St in the Rose Bowl, if they beat UCLA next week(Oregon St lost to Penn St 45-14 earlier this season).


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Both ESPN and FOX SPORTS are reporting that Plaxico Burress was “accidentally” shot on Friday night at a night club in New York City. He spent Friday night in the hospital and was released Saturday morning.

UPDATE: ESPN has reported that Plaxico told the Giants that he shot himself accidentally at a club in Manhattan.

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So far on my line picking I am 4-5-0, and this week I am only going with 2 lines.

New Orleans Saints moneyline (+170).  I don’t think the Bucs will be able to pull out a win this week against the Saints, who looked like a well oiled machine last monday night, with their secondary coming through HUGE.

Indianapolis Colts -5 (even) over the Cleveland Browns.  Too much turmoil in Cleveland, Edwards drops more passes than he catches, QB situation is sketchy at best, and Indy is beginning to look like the Indy we all know and love (or in my case hate).

-Always remember kids, only gamble what you can afford-

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Here are the picks for the 2008 NFL Season Week 13.

Game Spread Kevin Rory Mike
Titans -11 X
Lions +11 X X
Seahawks +13 X X
Cowboys -13 X
Cardinals +3 X
Eagles -3 X X
Broncos +9 X X
Jets -9 X
49ers +6.5
Bills -6.5 X X X
Saints +4.5 X
Buccaneers -4.5 X X
Panthers +3 X X X
Packers -3
Giants -3.5 X X X
Redskins 3.5
Dolphins -7.5 X X X
Rams +7.5
Ravens -6.5 X X X
Bengals 6.5
Colts -4.5 X X X
Browns +4.5
Falcons +5.5 X X X
Chargers -5.5
Steelers +1 X X X
Patriots -1
Chiefs +3
Raiders -3 X X X
Bears +3.5
Vikings -3.5 X X X
Jaguars +3.5
Texans -3.5 X X X

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nickmontanaAll three of these famous individuals’ sons are apart of the football program at Oaks Christian High School.  Nick Montana is the varsity QB of the undefeated Lions.  Trevor Gretsky and Trey Smith are on the JV team and connected on 13 Tds this season (Gretsky is the QB and Smith is a WR). 

That is a star studded team, I wonder if any reality show writers are thinking about a possible show on this high school.

The Lions have a playoff game this Friday night which they should win because they blew just about everyone on their schedule.

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nba_split_top_1_sw_4121The NBA season is a month into it and already there have been some rookies who have come out and made big impacts by putting up big numbers.  Here is the top-10 so far in the season.

1. Derek Rose 19 ppg, 4 rpg, 5.7 apg.  Look what Deron Williams and Chris Paul have done for their respective teams.  Rose can do the same, and he can get to the bucket easily.

2. OJ Mayo 20.6 ppg, 4.6 rpg, 2.3 apg.  The Grizzlies are not very good but he is putting up some serious numbers.  He will be a star for a long time.

3. Rudy Fernandez 11.6 ppg, 3 rpg, 2 apg, 1 steal.  He doesnt have as good of numbers as the next guy on my list but but he does so much more on the court.  He flies around and plays really good defense.

4. Michael Beasley 14.8 ppg, 5.5 rpg, 1.4 apg.  I am not the biggest fan of Beasley but he can score the ball, he just needs to play some D.

5. Greg Oden 8.3 ppg, 6.8rpg, 1.7 bpg.  He is a defensive presence with his shot blocking and rebounding.  His offense is still raw but developing. Stay healthy big man.

6. Brook Lopez 9.3 ppg, 6.9 rpg, 1.4 bpg.  He has really turned it on since joining the starting lineup.  He has scored in double figures in five of his last six, including a 25 and 9 outburst against Atlanta.  3 of those games have reulted in double doubles.

7. DJ Augustin 12.5 ppg 2.2 rpg 4.6 apg.  He has started to get more minutes lately and has averaged 21 ppg over his last 4 games. He is a dynamic player who can shoot really well.

8. Anthony Morrow 13 ppg 3.6 rpg 52% Fg 92% FT.  Who? Undrafted out of Georgia Tech, Morrow has found some playing time in Golden State breaking out for 37 and 25 respectively in wins over the clippers and blazers.

9. Marc Gasol 12 ppg 7.2 rpg. I don’t know if it is good for the Grizzlies to have two people on this list but they do.  Gasol has been solid in his first year in Memphis and will be a solid center in the NBA, more fitting to come off the bench though.

10. Jason Thompson 11.4 ppg 7 rpg 54% FG.  Thompson is playing well and getting more shots with Kevin Martin out.  Thompson has a lot of upside and can be good in this league, heck he is an athletic 6-11 guy.

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Where can you find the two biggest point spreads of Week 13? Why Turkey Day of course! Yes, the nationally televised (well, 2 of the 3) games on Thanksgiving are home to the two biggest mismatches of the week. What a fantastic slate of games the NFL has lined up for us. A 12:30 and a 4:15 snooze-fest followed by a night cap at 8:15 that no one can see.

We can only be thankful for no more Thanksgiving Day John Madden slobbering all over himself–come to think of it that is most days.

barry-sanders-thanksgivingTennessee @ Detroit
There isn’t even the whole “winless vs undefeated” storyline that I was looking forward to. Now it’s just a very good team against a terrible team.

When I was a child I used to think that the NFL put the Lions on TV every Thanksgiving because of Barry Sanders. Oh how simple I thought the world was. It turns out the Lions have been playing on Thanksgiving (most years) since 1934. This year will be the 68th installment of the game. The Lions are 33-33-2. What’s that last 2? Wait, there are ties in football? More McNabb bashing later.

Seattle @ Dallas
This game has an even bigger point spread than the previously mentioned game. Dallas is nearing must win territory in that close NFC East and the Seahawks are likely just pissed to be traveling during the Holiday. Seems like the formula for a blowout to me.

The ‘Boys have been playing on Thanksgiving day since 1966. They are 23-14-1. Why are there 3 numbers in their record again!? Weird.

Arizona @ Philadelphia
McNabb makes his triumphant return to Philly. He had an interesting press conference yesterday.
When asked who told him he would be starting tomorrow against Arizona, McNabb said, “The janitor”. He then went onto explain that they had a good relationship. I hope for the McNabb families sake that that janitor has some serious pull around Lincoln Financial Field. Otherwise, it looks like Donovan might have to make some new blue collar friends elsewhere next season.

Also in the very same press conference where he name dropped the janitor, McNabb went on to say “…my future is bright…”. And the award for optimist of the year… Donovan come on up!

Lastly, this is definately the only game of moderate interest. Hopefully it snows so the Eagles fans have something readilly available to throw at McNabb. Too bad no one will see it as I hear this game is on something called the “NFL Network”.

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