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Sure  Citigroup’s stock  plunged today, as well as the stock market overall, after the Treasury agreed to convert $25 billion of preferred Citi shares into common stock in a THIRD rescue attempt.

Citi still has the new Mets Stadium, so it ain’t no thang. It’s only money, right? Billions and billions of dollars, but money none-the-less. F-IT, it’s the weekend! (more…)


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It’s moving day all around the NFL world. “Wanna getaway”?

nfl-teams-map1Fred Taylor
Pete Prisco
over at CBS is sticking by his sources that say Taylor is not yet a done deal in New England but everyone else seems to believe it is.
Taylor to sign with New England

Kellen Winslow
The soldier will now be based in Tampa Bay.
Browns ship Winslow off to Bucs for draft picks [CBSsports.com]

Sage Rosenfels
Beggers can’t be choosers. Nice fix, Vikes…! Poor AD and company.
New QB coming, others likely going [StarTribune.com]

Bart Scott
The New York Jets former Raven’s D-coordinator Rex Ryan have signed Bart Scott. The deal is for around $8 mil a season.
Reports: Bart Scott To Agree With N.Y. Jets [MSNBC.com]

DeAngelo Hall
Maybe the most bizarre deal of all has no moving consequences;  six-years, $54 million with $22.5 million in guaranteed money.
CB Hall, Redskins agree [AP]

Albert Haynesworth
$100 million for a DT, where am I? What happened last night? How did I get here? $41 mil guaranteed… my head just exploded. This just in; Man-Ram is thinking of taking up football. It seems so easy. These damn MLB GM’s are far too conservative smart in how they spend money.
Haynesworth Signing: A Risky Quick Fix [Washington Post]

Eugene Wilson
Eugene has signed a nice 3-year deal for hismelf with the Texans. He will stay in Houston with a deal worth $11.3 million.
Wilson will remain with Texans [NFL.com]

Chris Baker
The carousel between New England and New York continues as the Patriots sign ex-Jet Chris Baker.
Source: TE Baker signs with Patriots [NY Daily News]


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sports-stocks1arrow-down1Frank McCourt and the Dodger’s: offer deal to Manny
McCourt and the Dodgers made an offer to free-agent Manny Ramirez on Wednesday. The offer is a similar two year deal worth $45 million but this offer gives Manny the option to become a free agent after the first season. This is a big time soft move by McCourt. Not only that but it doesn’t even make sense. Manny doesn’t want the option to go somewhere else, he could give a crap where he plays or seemingly even if he plays at all. He just wants a long term deal with guaranteed money.

arrow-down1Vick: Coming home in May
Thursday the Associated Press reported that Michael Vick will be allowed to serve the last two months of his sentence under home confinement. The reason? Because there is no room at a halfway house for him. Vick will still be on electronic monitoring and can only be allowed to leave home when approved by his probation officer. He wil be eligible for release in July.
arrow-down1Trend: High School ball stars ‘spending a year abroad’
Early this week Renardo Sidney, the 6-foot-9 senior from Fairfax, CA committed to USC. This comes after his first choice UCLA couldn’t decide if they could indeed take Sidney. According to Jeff Goodman, there’s a good chance that he’ll end up overseas, following Brandon Jennings’ brilliant path to the NBA. We will see how it works out for Jennings. If he is an NBA success story the game of college basketball will suffer a great loss of star power.
arrow-down1The Giants: short change Lincecum
It could be the best bang for the buck for any pitcher. No for any MLB player. No for any player in all of North American sports. Yesterday, the Giants agreed with right-hander Tim Lincecum on a one-year, $650,000 contract. If Lincecum becomes eligible for salary arbitration after this season, he will be all but guaranteed a ten-fold raise. Have fun while it lasts San Fran, the rental is up come September.

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bob-hugginsA little Rocky Maivia reference there…

Tonight Bob Huggins will lead his West Virginia Mountaineers into Cincinnati for what is actually a very important game for both sides.

If you recall President Nancy Zimpher and Huggins were at odds after his arrest and conviction for drunken driving in 2004. By 2005 Huggins was gone. The two sides agreed to a buyout in which Huggins pocketed about $3 million from the university.

So that won’t be awkward. The game is on ESPN tonight with Musburger and Knight doing commentary at 7 PM in the east.

Side bar…


Earlier this week I stumbled my way onto Huggins’ daughter Jenna Leigh Huggins’ resume while researching something about West Virginia University. I have been looking for an excuse to post it… (more…)

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operation-scheyere-face1The, lets say, charismatic faces that one Jon Scheyer tends to make on the basketball court have been a hit around the internet sports blogs. The faces have even inspired their own website.

Last night ‘Operation: Scheyer Face’ was in full swing in Maryland as the Terps took on the arch rival Blue Devils.

For my generation, Maryland basketball was put on the map during their 2002 NCAA Championship run. However, more respect has followed as I have seen that fan base thrive.

For example, I’ll never forget the time they chanted ‘Fuck you, JJ’ while JJ Reddick was at the free throw stripe. (more…)

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goodellRoger Goodell not only agreed to have his salary frozen this coming year but went as far as agreeing to take a pay cut in the current fiscal year.

Reports are that Goodell will give up between 20% to 25% of his $11 million salary for the 2008 budget year which,  for the NFL, ends March 31. League spokesman Brian McCarthy has stated that the league is taking other steps to reduce its expenses by about 20%.

Beyond the commissioner forgoing the raise that was previously written into his contract this coming year; the rest of the NFL’s executive staff will be subject to similar cuts as well. (more…)

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kg-stephon-marburyDoes a Marbury experiment make sense for both sides?

Starbury has made approximately $130,275,320 over his NBA career. That includes the deduction of the $2 million he gave back to the Knicks yesterday as they finally agreed on a buyout.

The current report is that once he clears waivers Friday morning Marbury will sign with the Celtics for a prorated veteran minimum of $1.3 million for the rest of the season.

Head Coach Doc Rivers was publicly opposed to the signing of Marbury a few short weeks ago but has seemingly either come around or been forced to deal with ownerships want for Marbury.

Marbury has been an issue nearly everywhere he has played. So,why would the C’s bring in a distraction such as Marbury when they have such good chemistry? (more…)

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