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Tonight will be the last day for Comcast subscribers to view the NFL Network. If it wasn’t hard enough to find this thing–this might do it in.

If the two sides cannot come to an agreement today the NFL Network will lose a great deal of viewership. Comcast is the largest cable company in the nation and losing their business does not bode well for the fledgling NFL Network. (more…)


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Coach Lloyd Carr’s 2005 class had one five-star recruit, 10 four-star prospects and 11 three-star players. The class was ranked No. 6 nationally by Rivals.com. Whoopsies.

Here is how Mark Snyder of the Free Press breaks it down:

NFL Draftees 2
NFL Signees 2
Wolverines 6
Departed 7
Injured 3
Dismissed 3
Total 23

Of the 23 recruit class only Mario Manningham has made it to the NFL. In addition, Terrance Taylor was drafted this year. Looks like it isn’t all Rich Rod’s fault. Any new coach deserves the time, 4 or 5 seasons, to at least get his people and system in place.

On the other hand, you could just give up completely and sign Greg Paulus, 4 years removed from playing organized football, to lead your team.

Whatever happened to … The U-M football class of ’05? [Free Press]

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Someone was taking pictures before the Red Sox game the other night and they got a gem. What is she asking her girls? Maybe something about rumored lover Jason Varitek?

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As a Celtic’s fan watching this series my dislike for this young Bulls team has grown. It looks like the feeling is mutual in the windy city…

PippenAintEasy.com writes:

I’ve got news for him and the rest of Boston: the Bulls have already won and you have already lost, regardless of who enters the 2nd round of the playoffs. That much is clear. But there is Garnett — not even playing — hollering ridiculous taunts from the bench and making those non-intimidating (save for Glen Davis) contorted faces. Look crazy Bro. They’ll think you’re so tough. The truth is, Aaron Gray currently has more license to do those things than you do. All it really does is make you look like an idiot.

I love how they are already cashing in the chips in Chi-town. They have given up on the series and decided to call taking 2 games from the world champions a moral victory in the long-run. (more…)

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Bulls Celtics BasketballThe conclusion to game 5 of the Bulls-Celtics series left some questions unanswered. The one I cannot get over; did Brad Miller really not know that he had to hit the rim?

Miller went to the line for 2 shots with 2 seconds on the clock in OT. He had just been smacked in the mouth by Rajon Rondo so it’s hard to get on him too much for missing the first attempt.

However, now he had to miss the second one–which he clearly did on purpose. The problem is he did not even come close to hitting the rim. For this reason the Celtics took the ball out of bounds and were all but assured the win.

Who knows what could have happened in that full 2 seconds if Miller could have actually connected with the iron. We have all seen players attempt to miss a free throw and make it but to not even come close to the rim is inexcusable. It really looked like the 13 year veteran had no idea he had to hit the rim.

2009 Playoffs Bulls vs Celtics Brad Miller Loses It For Bulls [YouTube]

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Unfortunately for the San Jose Sharks the answer is yes. On Monday night a NHL game 7 took place between the Sharks and the Ducks. Just a moment after the first face-off of the game, Getzlaf and Thornton dropped gloves. Each teams star center showing the distain for each other that had been evident all series.

It was actually quite intense, not to mention a great motivating move on the captain Thorntons behalf but in the end it was not quite enough.

Unfortunately unless you were in a few select markets you probably did not see it happen live. The game was covered “nationally” by Versus but much of the nation, including the East Coast was given the Blackhawks-Flames game.

The Ducks ended up beating the Sharks and taking the series. That’s right, the eighth seeded Ducks upended the number one seeded Sharks. This seems to be becoming commonplace in San Jose.

Also on Versus, last night the Capitals won game seven against the New York Rangers. This sets up one of the match-ups I wanted to see in these playoffs with the Capitals taking on the Penguins in round 2. Playoff intesity mixed with the Ovechkin-Crosby rivalry? Dare I say, this is is watchable.

NHL announces second-round matchups [NHL.com]

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A federal judge in Las Vegas has ordered Dennis Rodman to pay a former casino employee $225,000 for grabbing and humiliating her at work in March 2006.

A lawyer for 28-year-old Sara Ure says Rodman ignored the 2007 civil lawsuit filed against him. Ure is a former beverage manager at the Hard Rock Casino. The suit accused Rodman of grabbing her and holding her against her will and slapping her “backside” in front of subordinates and patrons.

Ure’s attorneys have also pointed to five other cases involving Rodman allegedly humiliating or assaulting casino employees or patrons. They say that these cases have been settled out of court.

Ex-Hard Rock worker wins $225,000 judgment against Dennis Rodman [Las Vegas Sun]

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