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kareem twitter melo

Kareem is loving the Lakers and at the clear expense of ‘Melo. These former LA players are still all about their Lakers for sure. At least Jabbar’s Laker manlove is contained within his twitter account. On the other hand we have to listen to Magic “try” to be “objective” every night after the Lakers play. And I’m almost sure ‘Melo will have something to say when he sees this. (more…)


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stephen strasburg

SportsCenter just did a live look in of the San Diego State-Virginia game (airing in full on ESPNU). What did they conveniently show? Strasburg getting taken deep by the second batter of the game. Buster Olney then gave his list of top 10 best prospects of this generation… #1…. Stephen Strasburg. He started back backling faster than you can imagine; “I’m just echoing what I’ve been told”.

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Michelle arche de brito

The New York times is not above this type of reporting apparently. Michelle_larcher de brito 2They have posted a nice 20 some odd second audio clip of the 16 year old playing the past few days.

The Portuguese native is on the fast track to becoming the world newest tennis-sweetheart with Simona Halep’s unfortunate anticipated surgery hitting the news this week.

The Official Fans Website of Michelle Larcher de Brito [MichelleMania.com]

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Over the past few weeks it has been reported that Tom Hicks is looking to sell his majority stake in the Texas Rangers. He has hired a search firm to find potential buyers.

In late March, Hicks said he was actively trying to sell off the Rangers to help reduce the debt his holdign company had accumulated. In early April, Hicks Sports Group defaulted on over $500 million in loans related to the Rangers (and Dallas Stars). (more…)

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erin-andrews-11EA on Dancing with the  Stars? And I said I’d never watch…

“I love the show, and I’ve grown up around dancing,” said Andrews, who, of course, was on the Dazzlers dance team when at Florida. “People say, ‘Oh, you’re a dancer, how could you do it?’ But I’ve never taken ballroom, I’ve never partnered dance with anyone. I think I’d be in the top, unless I fall. I’m a big faller. If you fall, that’s a hard fall, which I’m sure would make the Internet very happy.”

She’s right. Traffic to internet sports blog would increased to some unimaginable amount. Do that math… EA=MC²… but seriously this is probably going to happen. Both ABC and ESPN are under the Disney umbrella and Erin is slightly better looking than the other ESPN personalities they have tried on the show.

Erin Andrews Returns to Spelling Bee, Says She Wants to be on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ [The Sporting Blog]

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Red Sox Twins BaseballIt’s getting rediculous. Having to watch Dice-K pitch is painful to say the least.

Last night Matsuzaka tied a franchise record set 80 years ago with four wild pitches in a single game.

I felt bad for George Kottaras who catchthe game last night. It was like a Little League game where the pitcher is clearly out of control and has no business being on the mound.

The catcher was forced to go chasing balls to the backstop all night.

Oh and by the way the Sox bullpen added two more wild pitches of their own to tie a modern baseball record with 6 in a game.

These are your first place Boston Red Sox.

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I didn’t have the easiest time getting out of bed this morning. Hey, it happens. However, I’m thinking that David Stern is sprawled out somewhere, passed out after an all night binger.

Last night he, as we all did, watched the lowly Orlando Magic hold off the Cavs in overtime. This either sets the stage for a lack luster NBA Finals or the greatest comeback in the NBA Playoffs have seen in years. (more…)

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