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Preface: I know as much about soccer as Peter King does about twitter and JC Romero does about steroids.

To many American’s a tie is like kissing your sister. Soccer is a sport where it seems like ties and even losses can be rewarded. This weekend’s loss to Brazil could have been one of the more beneficial losses in US Soccer history. However, a win could have put soccer on the map in the US. (more…)


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amare stoudamire lakers

I’m pretty sure this is Stoudemire’s real twitter account. I have good information that is the confirmed account of Amar’e BUT is he just messing with everyone. That is the next question.

I personally think his agent told him he was going to “the Golden State” and Stoudemire wrongly assumed that meant the Lakers.

There is a team that plays in the NBA called the Golden… State… Warriors.., Amar’e. They have been in your division for the past 7 years…

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the hangover shots on vegas rooftopForget Transformers 2, I am hung up on The Hangover. From to of the creative geniuses of Four Christmases comes this Summers first big comedy. Yes, that’s right Four Christmases… I never saw it but I can only imagine how awful it is..

A little programming note; OWS will be shutting down early this coming week. We are going to be switching servers and slowly unveiling an updated design with an anticipated full launch on Monday July 6th.

Now on with the shenanigans… (more…)

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Amanda Altschuler Wayne Ellington

“My girlfriend goes to Drexel, so she wanted me to stay local, as did my family. I’m not upset at all, though. This is a blessing.”

His girlfriend is 19-year-old Amanda Altschuler. How Wayne met a 19 year old I don’t know but damn. That one might be a keeper. Then again, imagine what he could pull down after he cashes that first NBA check…

Ellington ‘happy, relieved’ to be picked [Philly.com]

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michael-jordan-bobcatsMichael Jordan is reportedly interested in buying a majority stake in the Charlotte Bobcats. MJ is already a minority owner with Bob Johnson retaining majority ownership in the team. Johnson is the founder of BET and purchased the rights to the expansion team for $300 million in 2003. Jordan’s official title is Managing Member of Basketball Operations.

Unfortunate for Johnson, Forbes recently valued the team at $284 million. Forbes also says that MJ made around $45 million just this past year alone. If you extrapolate that number over a few decades (subtract some hefty gambling losses) you have a very wealthy man who could put together an ownership group to realistically purchase the Bobcats. (more…)

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nba draft knicks booThis little kid turned his thumb down when the camera hit him after the Stern announced the Knicks first pick.

It’s funny because I was watching the draft and thinking to myself about how good Jordan Hill should be in the NBA. This kid can play. Just because the New York fans did not stay up to watch him play at Arizona doesn’t mean he wasn’t a great pick. In fact he was nearly a consensus pick at that point. Once Stephen Curry went off the board, taking a guard with that 8th pick was a no go.

When Curry was picked just 1 pick before the Knicks, the crowd went nuts and erupted with boos. We knew going in that if Curry wasn’t there that whoever the Knicks picked was going to get a rude welcome.

Back to the small child who doesn’t enjoy Jordan Hills game; his father took it upon himself to turn that wrist upside right. Picture after the jumpoff… (more…)

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brandon jennings draft enterance

Jennings continues to march to the beat of his own drum. He was picked 10th by the Bucks but didn’t make it onto the Madison Square Garden stage until just prior to the Pacers selecting Earl Clark with their pick at 14 just after 9:00 PM.

No word on why but Jennings did update his twitter around 8:00 PM… (more…)

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