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ufc-17UFC 97: Redemption will air live on PPV from Montreal this Saturday.

I’ve been a bit unsure why they used ‘Redemption’ as the tagline for this event and not because it isn’t fitting. The reason is because there was already a UFC event called ‘Redemption’. It was the first full UFC I ever watched–UFC 17.

Anderson Silva  vs. Thales Leites
Silva is going to be looking to wow the audience on Saturday coming off a disappointing outing last ufc97time against Patrick Cote. As you might have guessed he is a handy favorite to pull off a win of some kind, spectacular or not.

Sherdog asked some pros to pick the fight as always. The results are somewhat one sided. Out of the 18 pros who picked a side, 17 picked Silva to win.

“Shogun” Rua vs. Chuck Liddell
I can’t believe Liddell is only a marginal favorite. This is a potential bet friendly fight. Rua looked absolutely atrocious last time out against a 40 year old Mark Coleman.

The pros also picked this fight on Sherdog. The results; 18/20 picked Liddell to win. I have never been a huge Liddell guy for whatever reason but I don’t think he is as “done” as some people apparently think and according to this betting line.

More analysis after the jumpoff…



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ny_post_cartoonThe New York Post actually published this cartoon (to the right) a couple days ago. It is in response to the story regarding the chimp that attacked two people including a police officer in Connecticut.

They issued an apology today but sometimes you just wonder how this slipped through the cracks and who thought it was a good idea.

ufc95posterWe got some UFC action this weekend with UFC 95. Diego Sanchez is taking on Joe Stevenson in the main event. The bout it to take place at 155 lbs which means that Sanchez is coming down a division from 170 lbs. It is being reported that Sanchez is cutting nearly 40 pounds to make 156.

The most interesting fight of the night is Nate Marquardt Vs. Wilson Gouveia. They are two very skilled guys at middleweight who are looking to impress to try and get a shot to get an ass kicking from at Anderson Silva. The best part of this weekends fights? It can be seen free on SPIKE TV 9PM ET. (more…)

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Did FOX want to air one of their most popular television shows, House, rather than having the postponed World Series baseball game played on a Tuesday night? It’s just a thought but the idea is starting to be tossed around.

Paul Pierce and the Boston Celtics received their NBA World Championship rings at the Boston Garden. The C’s went on to win a close game 90-85. Pierce scored 27 while youngsters Powe and Rondo added 13 and 14 respectively..

It is being reported that at the time of the injury the fight between Silva and Cote was scored as 20-18 on two scorecards and was even 19-19 on the other starting the third round. I do not understand how Cote won a round according to one judge. I guess just surviving against Silva will get you that.

This isn’t going to be the new millennium’s version of Sam Bowie in Portland is it? That would be sad and what would I have to talk about for the next 81 games. No report yet on the severity of the foot injury.

There was a pretty good fight last night during the Penguins-Sharks game in San Jose. The video is available via Puckdaddy. You will notice some good technique used–grabbing the sweater.

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Everyone is going wild with this Anderson Silva stuff. So he did not finish Cote. That does not mean that he is not the greatest in the world today. Here is why:

This is what Anderson had to say about not finishing Cote in the first two rounds (a first for his UFC career):

“My game plan since the beginning was fight five rounds, inducing him to commit mistakes and capitalize on that during the first three rounds and look for the knockout during the fourth and fifth rounds. It was working, and the biggest proof of that is that I almost didn’t waste any blows. I connected with a couple of good punches and knees, but unfortunately he got hurt and the fight was over. This is not my fault.”

For a guy with so many spectacular knockouts, we tend to forget just how intelligent this guy fights. This is a great strategy which was working great until Cote went down… then it looks like Silva didn’t finish the job. He didn’t have the time to.

Silva absolutely won the first two rounds. A similar start to the third round would have put Cote on the ropes and forced him to be reckless, thus putting Anderson in position to end the fight. I am so confident in Silva and his camps ability to gameplan for a fight that, still l after seeing rounds 1 and 2, I would be willing to bet that the fight would have been stopped by Silva if not Cote’s unfortunate injury.

I’m not sure why White is saying things like he thought he was in an “alternate universe”. You know it’s bad when Dana White, the  biggest Anderson Silva fanboy of all, is questioning the fight. This just shows how much confidence the UFC had in Cote to begin with.

Like I’ve said his next fight should be at 205. I’ve also said Liddell looks like a candidate for an opponent.  Wanderlei, Forrest, Rampage and Rashad Evans are booked up for the time being. Anderson has already beat Dan Henderson and Rich Franklin. Lyoto Machida could make the fight into a bore-fest and kill the hype. It really seems like far and away the best choice.

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The pop heard ’round the world
The Allstate Arena was filled with over 15,000 Chicago area UFC fans who paid a total of $2.8 million in revenue at the gate which was a new record. First, you have to feel for Patrick Cote. His knee popped out of place in a freak incident last night after re-aggravating a past injury. To that point in the fight he was holding his own with Anderson. On the other hand Silva was a bit slower to get his rhythm than in previous contests. Cote was hanging in there and was in position to make something happen if not for the unfortunate injury. No word just yet on the severity of Cote’s knee injury. We wish him a speedy recovery.

The Muscle Shark
Sean Sherk showed that he is still a dominate fighter at 155 with a brilliant performance against a good Tyson Griffin. This also just goes to show just how dominant BJ Penn has become at lightweight. He dismantled Sherk at UFC 84 by keeping him on the outside and not allowing Sherk to get anything going on his feet.

Junior Dos Santos lives up to my hype
In one of the biggest upsets in recent UFC history, Dos Santos did exactly what I said he would and dismantled Werdum on his feet. Dos Santos will certainly take home the KO of the Night bonus and I will happily take my $300. Thank you Junior.

Werdum showed up out of shape after saying that after this fight he wanted to be in line for a title shot once the heavyweight title situation is worked out. No chance this is happening anytime soon now. There also seemed to be a bit of bad blood between the two Brazilian born fighters which was interesting to see.

“Another boring-ass wrestler” wins
Gray Maynard took the decision home but looked visibly disappointed that he couldn’t finish the fight.

The best Thiago Alves yet
Alves seems to have his weight under control which is not easy for someone of his size at 170. His cardio looked good and his muy thai is devastating. He was humble in his win but we are talking about a guy who is on a 7 fight win streak; 9 out of his last 10 with the only loss coming to Jon Fitch. Also except for last night those other 6 wins have all been by stoppage. He should be in line for the Winner of GSP/Penn. Can you imagine the difference in size between Penn and Alves? They would be fighting with about 15 pounds between them easily.

Kos has nothing to be ashamed of
I noticed that Dana White immediately went over the Josh Koscheck after the fight concluded. I would imagine that he reassured him that this would not drastically move him down the welterweight rankingsince he took the fight on 2 weeks notice. Kos performed well but I think he really should have used more energy trying to get take down rather than throwing with Alves; that’s a loosing battle.

Time to make history
So Silva couldn’t stop Cote in 2 rounds but I don’t think that was his game plan at all. He was weary of Cote’s heavy right and didn’t want to give him a punchers chance. Thus he keep his distance and chose his spots very carefully. He is a smart fighter and is not reckless yet we are so used to seeing these spectacular finishes. Next up should be a top contender at 205. Could it be the winner of Rampage Jackson and Wanderlei Silva? Those are three guys who can stand-up and bang, making for a fun fight.

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Any fight card with Anderson Silva is a fight card that I want to see. This coming Saturday Anderson Silva will defend his middleweight strap against Patrick Cote in the main event of UFC 90 live from the suburbs of Chicago.

Anderson Silva vs. Patrick Cote

The Hype:

Silva is a heavy, heavy favorite to say the least. Cote is ‘heavy-handed’ or at least that is what the UFC is going to tell you. Anyone has that ‘punchers chance’– as they say. But lets just say that if you bet on this fight at the ground level before all the money started to pour in on Silva; you should be feeling pretty good.

The hype for this fight is hurt by a lack of English speaking skills by both fighters. Cote is Canadian and sounds very similar to GSP. Not so intimidating. Silva on the other hand speaks very little English which hurts the UFC’s promotion abilities.

Silva has beat every big name at middleweight while Cote started his UFC career 0-4 until this current turn-around of 4 straight wins against mediocre talent.

The Fight:

If you fight any expert or simply any blogging fan that is taking Cote here–they are doing so to be different or try to ‘predict’ a big upset. it ain’t happening. A good prop bet would be whether this one makes it out of the first round. Silva has never seen the 3rd round in the UFC and 4/7 of his fights he has ended in the first. I would definitely look for a 1st or 2nd round stoppage again on Saturday.

Prediction–Silva (TKO, R1)

The Aftermath:

Where does Silva go from here? This is my prediction. Silva will fight at 205 next and very soon too. Silva likes to fight every 2 months or so. So maybe on the end of the year Ultimate 2008 card. As far as at middleweight, there is one more intriguing fight and it will be the winner of the Dan Henderson/Rich Franklin/Michael Bisping round robin (The winner of Hendo/Franklin is taking on Bisping by next Winter/Spring). This gives Silva a couple fights at 205 and a great chance to win the light heavyweight strap.

Josh Koscheck vs. Thiago Alves

The Hype:

I want to talk about what shape these guys are going to be in. They are fighting at 170. Now, Koscheck took this fight on less than 2 weeks notice after Diego Sanchez went down with a torn rib cage (damn that even sounds painful). While Alves, is a big 170-pounder and cuts a lot of weight–sometimes taking a toll on him physically.

However, from all accounts Koscheck is focused and in shape because he was already in a camp for his scheduled December 10th fight. MDS over at Fanhouse spoke with Alves the other day and Thiago says he weighs 181 and that is the lightest he has ever weighed this far out from a fight. So again it looks like both are ready to go.

The Fight:

This is a tough one. Alves is a strong, strong striker. Kos is a great wrestler. It’s going to be whoever can impose their will on the other that comes away victorious. Kos should look to score point with take downs and frustrate Alves. Alves’ sprawl and take down defense should get tested again just as it did in the Matt Hughes fight. He passed with flying colors last time; Hughes ended up on top of him once in the first round and Alves was able to fight his way to his feet.

I’ve pick Dustin Hazelett to stop Koscheck two fights ago but Kos looks really good and won.

Prediction–Koscheck (Unanimous Decision)

The Aftermath:

Originally, the winner of the Diego Sanchez-Thiago Alves fight was to get a shot at the winner of the GSP-Penn superfight. Now it looks like if Kos does come out on top he will be keeping his December 10th fight to boost his resume and then likely get a title shot if he wins both bouts.

Sean Sherk vs. Tyson Griffin

The Hype:

Everyone wants to know if Sherk is back. Can he put his past troubles with steroid allegations to rest. It really is a must win for him as far as staying a top tier lightweight.

Both fighters have beaten some very stiff competition. A win elevates them to the title picture. A picture

The Fight:

Sherk has great jits and great cardio. He is also big and can throw. That is why he was champ. I can’t look past him, simple as that. I’ll take Sherk with no disrespect to Tyson.

Prediction–Sherk (TKO R2)

The Aftermath:

There is a hold on the lightweight title as Penn attempts to go up in wait and beat GSP. That being said, Sherk probably needs another good win and then he is looking a a title shot. If a very capable Griffin wins than the same is true.

The Best of the Rest

Rich Clementi vs. Gray Maynard — I like Maynard from what I know of him and I love the guys he trains with. He is a great, accomplished wrestler but to take the words out of Junie Allen Browning’s big mouth; “…just what the UFC needs; another boring-ass wrestler!”. From what I’ve seen, I don’t know if Gray can finish a fight yet. Clementi has a lot of experience. I haven’t looked but I wouldn’t be so surprised is Gray was favored too. If this one goes the distance a couple things will been true; it will be boring and Gray will win. I’ll take Clementi to finish this one in an upset.

Fabricio Werdum vs. Junior Dos Santos — Werdum is coming off two good wins. Not great but definitely good. He has said that he wants to be in the heavyweight title picture. He has to win Saturday or there is zero chance of that happening anytime soon. Santos is a relative unknown; he is from Brazil. I know he is making his UFC debut so this is a dangerous fight to pick and a dangerous trap fight for Fabricio. I think Werdum will be better on the ground and as long as he uses that to his advantage then he will take the win home.

This being said Junior is the biggest dog on the card; bigger than Cote! I’ve seen a couple of his fights and I’ve seen some footage of his training. He is good. However, he has definitely never fought anyone even close to Werdum’s level.

There are a couple reasons why the line is so in favor of Werdum. First, he is great and is in the title hunt as I stated. However, remember these lines are not necessarily a representation of a fighters actual odds of winning. They set by the sportsbook to loose the least amount of money and collect on the vig that they take from each bet made. So this just means that everyone is pouring money on Werdum because no one knows who Dos Santos is. He has never fought in the UFC but you have to start somewhere. So I believe this line to be inflated due to these factors. If you like to gamble a bit I suggest putting a wager on Dos Santos–I will be.

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Michael Bisping vs Chris Leben
You might be able to see why UFC 89 is being broadcast for free on SPIKE. At the same time, I am interested in this main event. These two are both hard headed guys who will very likely stand and bang for the majority of this fight.

This one has been a long time in the making. These two were suppose to step into the octagon several months ago but Leben was arrested on previously pending charges–pushing the fight back. As far as the actual fight; I see Bisping taking this one but I have a hard time seeing him stopping Leben. He has finished his opponents in his last two fights though.

Leben is in, probably by far, the best shape of his life. So my instinct would say that Bisping has better cardio but who knows now. This will be the best looking Leben we have ever seen.

Where does the winner of this fight go? Likely, directly into the cage with Anderson Silva. Not an enviable place to be. In his octagon debut Silva beat Leben. Personally I don’t give Bisping a chance either. That being said, I don’t know who I do give a chance. Only Paulo Filho would put up a good fight at this point and I believe he and Silva are friends and do not want to fight. Filho is set to defend his WEC middleweight title next month in a very tough fight against Chael Sonnen; who he beat in a controversial stoppage previously.

So whoever the winner is, enjoy it while it lasts.

Prediction: Bisping by TKO

Keith Jardine vs Brandon Vera
I might have stated on here previously that I dislike Brandon Vera. He lost his 2 of his last 3 fights; only beating Reese Andy by taking him to decision. In other words, Vera is overrated at this point. Jardine, on the other hand, is underrated. He has (somewhat) recent wins over Liddell and Griffin. Vera is cutting down to 205 for the second time and admitted it was tough against Reese Andy. I’ll be interested to see how he handles it the second time around.

Looking beyond this fight there are a handful of guys in front of Jardine within the Light Heavyweight picture while Vera is not even in that picture yet (a win would put him right there). The winner might be inline to fight someone like Lyoto Machida with the winner getting a title shot.

This one will not go to the judges. KO of the night warning.

Prediction: Jardine by KO

Luiz Cane vs Rameau Thierry Sokoudjou
Some people have Sokoudjou very highly ranked. We are talking top ten Light Heavyeight. I can’t go that far yet with a guy who is 1-1 in his UFC career and just 5-2 overall. He is still very young though. Both of these fighters debuted back at UFC 79 so there is not a ton to go on here.

My overly precise prediction is that Sokoudjou wins in spectacular fashion and he begins being talked about much more.

Prediction: Sokoudjou by TKO

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