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michael vick courtIn what can only be described as a shocking move, the Falcons officially released Mike Vick today. Their statement says in part, “In the event NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell decides to reinstate Michael, we feel his best opportunity to re-engage his football career would be at another club. Our entire organization sincerely hopes that Michael will continue to focus his efforts on making positive changes in his life and we wish him well in that regard.”

One can’t help but wonder if the Falcons would be so bold if not for the emergence of Matt Ryan last year. Of course not all would have been forgiven but there would have to have been those in the front office that would take the ‘lets give him a chance to win the job back’ stance.

That is not the case because Vick is now expendable. It’s not like in baseball where the saying goes, ‘you can never have enough good pitching.’ There is really only room for one quarterback and Ryan, thus far, has proven to be someone the franchise can trust both on and off the field.

Where does Vick go from here? (more…)


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Vick Release

Atlanta still has the rights to their former superstar Mike Vick. However, they have stated publicaly that they have zero interest in Vick ever being a Falcon again.

MATT RYANHow different would their tune be if not for Mathew Ryan.

Ryan seems to have an image that a franchise would love for their star quarterback. On top of that, he had a rookie season that was likely more impressive than Vick’s first full year.

I have a hard time picturing Ryan causing the public relations chaos that Vick has. (more…)

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atl@ ari

Atlanta 24, Arizona 30 but was it really ever that close?

I have always liked Arizona. Maybe it is out of pity or the fact that I am a fan of the Pittsburgh Panthers (Fitz) and Florida State Seminoles (Boldin).

However, I cannot stand this Arizona team. The first problem is Kurt Warner, not a very likable guy. Secondly, it is tough for me to cheer for a team that played so poorly the last 6 weeks of the regular season and had the division handed to them (see San Diego Chargers).

Regardless, they are moving on. How great is it to have that #1 seed in the NFC now? Giants f’d that one up pretty badly.

Also, how the heck did the Cardinal’s know the Falcons snap count ALL game and Atlanta just decided not to change anything they were doing. There was some giveaway that Arizona had on lock.

ind @ sd

The second half was disturbingly ugly in this one. How ugly? The Charger’s punter was awarded the horse trailer player of the game or whatever NBC calls it now.

bal @ mia

No surprise here or so I thought. I watched the end of NFL Sunday Countdown, the ESPN pregame show, and half the analyst’s picked Miami. I was shocked.

This team is going to be hard to beat. Pennington and the ‘Phins had the fewest turnovers in any regular season this year; an amazing accomplishment. Still, the Ravens made them look pedestrian in their ball security.

phi @ min

Philly 26, Minnesota 14 and if not for Adrian Peterson’s 40 yeard TD run in the 2nd it would not have even been that close. A cause for concern could be the amount of field goals that Philly had to settle for but than again the Viking defense is formidable. Aker’s would have put up a 17 point fantasy day (a 50 yarder, 2 40’s, 1 30 and an extra point)–so they have that going for them.

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These Wild Card Weekend match-ups are nothing short of great and all of the road teams are actually favored.

atl @ ari

Atlanta has a good passing game as well as a very good running game. On the other hand, Arizona has only a productive passing attack. At the same time, Arizona (6-2) has been good at home while Atlanta (4-4) has struggled on the road.

It comes down to Michael Turner and the Falcons running game; if they can run the ball than they can control the clock and keep the ball out of Warner’s hands.

Both of these defenses are pretty bad. The key point is that Atlanta tends to give up fewer points even though they allow more yards.

Pick: Atlanta

ind @ sd

These are two extraordinarily hot teams. The Chargers have won 4 straight while the Colts are on a 9-0 run.

Initially I was all over the Colts in this one (really against anyone). Now that I have had a week to think about it, it is way harder than I first thought.

Still I think this one will go down differently than last years playoff showdown. All the Chargers “match-up” well against the Colts talk should be used by Tony Dungy to further motivate his team this week.

Pick: Indy

bal @ mia

Yes, the Ravens handed it to the ‘Phins back in Week 7. What people are forgetting it that this is a much different Miami team now. That being said; I’m taking Baltimore. Chad Penning is Chad Pennington. The Ravens defense is the Ravens defense. On this wildcatcard weekend Pennington will fall back off the wagon.

Pick: Baltimore

phi @ min

I like to think that this is an easy call; Philly. However, it might not be. I believe that the Eagles defense will handle the Vikings offense (especially passing wise).  However, a key is the Eagles willingness and ability to run the football. Minnesota is the best team in the league against the rush. The Eagles tend to get into trouble when they shy away from the rush.

I cannot have faith in Tavaris Jackson however. And I think that is the biggest key.

This is what Michael Silver had to say about this game:

Expect Gus Frerotte to go in for a struggling Tarvaris Jackson. Philly looked great vs. the Cowboys, but the Eagles are one of the league’s most inconsistent teams. Jared Allen validates the Vikes’ trade for him by hounding Donovan McNabb all day.

And he did pick the Vikings although it barely reads as that being the case. I just can’t pick a team that has nothing to offer at quarterback.

Pick: Philly

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The Arizona Cardinals might be the worst team to see playoff action in recent memory.

Who is going to be the lucky team that gets to play the Arizona Cardinals in the first round of the playoffs this year? Arizona is nearly locked up at the 4th seed (but could still get the 3 spot with a couple of Viking losses) and will play the 5th seed.  Right now, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the lucky winners.

The Cardinals packed it in two weeks ago after clinching the worst division in football. Both the NFC and AFC west divisions are jokes this year. That 5th seed looks more and more friendly.

In fact, the AFC East team that doesn’t get in (Jets, ‘Phins or Pats) should just get the 4 seed in the NFC. F- it.

Also, as you know, the Panthers and Giants week 16 game is for the #1 seed in the NFC. This also means that whoever is the number one seed gets to be on the Cardinals/Bucs side of the playoff bracket which is seemingly a better place to be than the potential Minnesota/Atlanta side.

It looks like that NFC #1 seed have a great shot at hosting the NFC Championship game on January 20th. Current odds to win the NFC Championship; Gitans 7:4 and Panthers 2:1.

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This week there really aren’t any lines that jump out at me, but I am taking the following two:

Carolina Panthers moneyline over the New York Giants (+160). The Giants have been less than their usual stellar lately, and Carolina is coming off a couple big wins.

Atlanta Falcons +3 against the Minnesota Vikings (even). If this was in Atlanta, I would take the moneyline (+150) but I am not that confident in Atlanta away from home.

-Always remember kids, only gamble what you can afford-

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nflWeek 15 kicks off tomorrow night with a rematch of the 2005-2006 NFC Champiosnhip game between the Bears and Saints in Chicago.  Both teams come in at 7-6 as the loser will be all but eliminated from playoff contention.  The Bears still have a shot to come back and win the NFC North but the saints cannot win their division.  The Saints are 1-5 on the road this season, Bears should win this one.

The Eagles could very well be in the wild card lead by the end of the eagles1weekend.  They are currently behind Dallas and Atlanta who play the Giants and Buccaneers respectively, while Philly hosts Cleaveland on Monday Night.  Who thought that after the tie in Cinicinatti and getting throttled in Baltimore?

afc-eastMiami can win the AFC East.  They are tied with the Patriots and Jets atop the division, with a date in East Rutherford to face the Jets in week 17. They don’t have a tough road to get there either, they host San Francisco and go to KC before that matchup.  You have to commend this squad for what they are doing this season, especially Chad Pennington and Tony Sporano.

The Panthers can play their way into the top seed in the NFC by winning panthersout.  After running all over the Bucs on Monday night, for 299 yards the Panthers have put themselves in good position to make a deep playoff push.  You wouldn’t want to go to Carolina in January as they are 7-0 at home this season. 

The Broncos can win the AFC West with a win or a San Diego loss.  Why are both Western Divisions so bad?

slatonHow good are this years rookie running backs? There are 3 in the top 10 in the NFL in rushing. Those being (in order) Chris Johnson with 1,094 yds, Matt Forte with 1,081 yds and Steve Slaton with 1,024 yds.  That group doesn’t even have the #4 overall pick Darren McFadden who hasn’t been able to get on the field enough to be productive.

Enjoy the excitement of December football.

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