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Either Shefter was wrong of the Bronco’s management has had a change of heart.

Courtesy of bmarshall15.com’s “beastblog”:

To whom it may concern.  Life is filled with change, and where I am in my life now change is probably best. It’s hard leaving an organization ran by one of the best owners in all of sports, and someone who’s been there for me through my ups and downs.  The hardest thing was hearing Mr. B wish me luck in the future, but we both came to the conclusion that  this is probably the best thing for me to grow on and off the field.

I thank the Denver fans who embraced my emotion and play on the field and showing me love every time I step outside my door.

Denver doesn’t seem too concerned with keeping their best, most productive players or coaches for that matter.

Imagine if Josh McDaniels and Pat Bowlen were in charge of the football op’s over in Cincinnati… they wouldn’t have enough players to field a team. “Mr. B wish me luck in the future, but we both came to the conclusion that  this is probably the best thing for me to grow on and off the field.” That doesn’t seem to be anyway to run a company or professional sports team.

Take a few minutes to read some of the comments that fans have left for “the beast” below, there are some funny ones. The comments are definitely being monitored hard, or fans in Denver are truly against their organization at this point.

Clearing the Air… [BMarshall15.com]


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brandon-marshallI am shocked about this developing story. That is, I am shocked that it took us this long to hear from Brandon Marshall. I thought that he would have his bags packed the week Cutler was shipped to Chi-town.

Instead it took until this past weekend for Marshall to voice his unhappiness in Denver. According to Adam Schefter, Marshall missed a mandatory team minicamp this past weekend and made the trade request during a meeting with Broncos owner Pat Bowlen on Friday.

Marshall has been unhappy with the team all Spring even beyond the Cutler drama. Marshall is coming off hip surgery that he believes was made worse by misdiagnoses by the Broncos medical staff.

The problem that Marshall has now is of a contractual nature. Marshall is due $2.2 million this season, the final year of a four-year contract he signed as a rookie. He is seeking the opportunity to renegotiate. (more…)

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cal-40-year-old-virginI’m sure you had a nice weekend–the Broncos…not so much.

The Broncos were the most active team this past week with the signings of Jabar Gaffney, Brian Dawkins, Correll Buckhalter, J.J. Arrington and a personal favorite of mine long snapper Lonie Paxton. That being said, the weekend would prove to have no rest in store for the busy Broncos. (more…)

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joey-porter1So all of you know about Joey Porter’s little tiff with Brandon Marshall courtesy of Rory. Well, only a few days have passed and Joey “the mouth” is at it again. He made it known that he doesn’t agree with Jags wideout Matt Jones playing while he appeals his 3 game league suspension. Jones was charged with cocaine possession during the summer but entered a drug treatment program to erase the felony charge. Nevertheless, Porter needs to show everyone that he has an opinion on everything.

So far this year, Porter has guaranteed a win against the Pats (hmmmm he never did that when Brady was playing), blamed a loss to Houston on referee Ed Hochuli, called Brandon Marshall (51 catches for 600+ yds in 7 games) soft, and now he is getting on Matt Jones who is following league procedures to appeal his suspension.

Unlike my friend Rory, I only accept trash-talk when it is backed up. I know Porter is leading the league in sacks and everything and thats all great. But football is the ultimate team sport and Joey “the mouth” has more headlines then his team has wins. So it is time to keep your mouth shut until your team isn’t in last place.

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The Joey Porter-Brandon Marshall war of words continued today. Marshall responded to Porter calling him soft by, well, saying “Nuh-uh, you are” but he backs it up with hilarious anecdotes.

From Rocky Mountain News:

“Joey Porter’s one of those guys, when you’ve got guys who talk a lot of trash and want to talk about people or put people down, they have their own insecurities. His insecurities, I don’t know. But he’s definitely one of those guys who all those muscles are popcorn muscles. He’s soft. We hear stories floating around the league all the time about him, as far as him being in nightclubs, dancing with his shirt off like a girl, or in the playground getting beat up back in California. He’s one of those guys that no matter how big he is, he can still get knocked on his butt. He’s soft. And you can tell the way he’s talking. His nickname’s ‘Peezy’. I don’t know what ‘Peezy’ is, Joey.”

Anyone who knows me, or reads what I write for that matter, is very aware that I like guys that talk. I’m cool with that–some people are not. However, I think there is a line. For Mr. Marshall that line should have been when he was, at the very least, ‘involved’ in the drama that caused his friend Darrent Williams’ death. This is a totally different situation but that incident has not seemed to slow Marshall down in the least.

joey-porter-shirt-offAlso, I am not aware of any pictures of Porter dancing in a club, shirt off ‘like a women’ but he does like to do interviews topless so maybe Marshall is onto something.

If only the Dolphins played the Broncos again this season; would Marshall dare come across the middle? Porter is not a soft man. He is headed towards Defensive Player of the Year honors at the rate he is going and has always been the heart and soul of the teams he has been on.

Both players have big mouths but Marshall, already in his young career, has not only talked smack to opponents but torn down teammates in the process. He is living up to his ‘Baby T.O.’ nickname so far this season; from the outstanding 18 catch game to the disappearing act that Porter alluded to originally.

I just hope the two meet up in the club in the off-season but until then we will wait on Porter’s inevitable retaliation.

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Ever too early rookie of the year projections.

AFC- Eddie Royal WR Denver Broncos. Who are teams going to double team now, Royal or Brandon Marshall? I was tempted to put Chris Johnson here but the turmoil in Tennessee made me think otherwise.

NFC- Matt Forte RB Bears. At 6 foot 2 this kid will keep shredding offenses and bowling defenders over.

I May Be Wrong But I Doubt It

1. Mike Ditka, you’re a moron. According to Ditka, Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans was a fourth round pick and the Titans were smart for finding such a great value in the later rounds. Is it really that hard to get paid millions of dollars to be an ESPN broadcaster and not know about current NFL players?

2. As I said before, Jay Cutler is the real deal. He looked completely in control against the Oakland Raiders. This is his team.

3. The Jets are not THAT good. They nearly lost to the Miami Dolphins and one of Favre’s touchdowns was complete luck…or Favre magic depending on who you ask.

4. Start the countdown on days that go by until Randy Moss becomes a cancer.

5. Dear Vince Young. People will still ridicule you if you retire. Especially for the tattoo on your back that makes no sense if you’re not a football player. (Hint: It looks just like the back of his jersey. V. YOUNG with a giant 10 on his back). Grow up and deal with the pressure, Aaron Rodgers has it way worse than you. Oh and while you’re at it, spend some time learning how to make reads.

6. I can’t believe that Terrell Owens was penalized for mimicking Usain Bolt coming out of the starting blocks after scoring his first touchdown of the season. The ground is not a prop. The NFL needs to relax.

7. Speaking of Terrell Owens, he will pass Cris Carter next week on the All-Time Touchdown list, making him second, behind Jerry Rice. By the end of his career Owens will be Canton bound and his antics won’t matter.

8. Trent Edwards will end up being the best quarterback from his draft class. Book it.

9. The Browns should have traded Derek Anderson when they had the chance. Overrated.

10. I said this during pre-season and I’ll say it again. Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers will have statistically similar years, but Rodgers will have more wins.

The Fine Fifteen

1. Dallas Cowboys- Don’t you get the sense that you’re watching a Pro Bowl game when this team takes the field?

2. Green Bay Packers- How much is Mike Nolan kicking himself for drafting Alex Smith over Aaron Rodgers?

3. Pittsburgh Steelers- Will Willie Parker keep this pace up? Furthermore, is this the team to beat in the AFC now?

4. New York Giants- If Eli thought that every regular season game was a playoff game, would he look like Tom Brady did last season?

5. San Diego Chargers- Are the Chargers one more injury away from free falling in the AFC West? This team just doesn’t seem like they want it.

6. Jacksonville Jaguars- When will this team finally step up and be the team it appears on paper it is?

7. Indianapolis Colts- When will Peyton’s rust wear off?

8. Chicago Bears- Will the Bears be able to run the ball as well as they did Monday night for the rest of the season and keep Kyle Orton from throwing the ball?

9. Denver Broncos- Is their newly found stellar offense enough to overcome their poor defense and catapult Denver into a playoff spot?

10. Philadelphia Eagles- Will McNabb last the whole season? Will Desean? If so the Eagles could be scary.

11. Minnesota Vikings- Can this team afford to wait for Travaris Jackson to grow up? Did Adrian Peterson even miss Bryant McKinnie?

12. Buffalo Bills- How much better will this offense be with Jason Peters back next week?

13. Carolina Panthers- Are the Panthers actually going to be good this year? Can you believe that Mike Williams 2.0 Dwayne Jarrett actually had a catch in this game?

14. New Orleans Saints- Is Reggie Bush destined to be a mediocre version of Marshall Faulk?

15. Tennessee Titans- What in the world is going on with Vince Young?

“My Beer Drunk Soul Is Sadder Than All The Dead Christmas Trees Of The World”

1. Vince Young is thinking about joining the Double Stuff Oreo league that both Manning’s are in. Much less pressure on who wins or loses.

2.. The reason why Cleveland was given so many prime-time games is because the American public loves to watch four quarters of the Browns getting blown out.

3. DeAngelo Hall allowed fellow Virginia Tech alumnus Eddie Royal to destroy him on Monday Night Football because he wanted to make, “a Tech rookie look good for once.”

4. Upon hearing that Reggie Bush forces girlfriend Kim Kardashian to run sand dunes to stay in shape Romeo Crennell devised a new workout plan for Shaun Rodgers.

5. The NFL game that the guy at the airport is watching on his laptop in the new NFL Network commercial is much more interesting than Marissa Miller leaning over his shoulder.

Games to Watch

The best games this week will be Denver versus San Diego and of course the NFC East showdown between the Cowboys and the Eagles.

And I’m Out. Feel Free to Comment!

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“If I could kill two people I’d kill Brett Favre twice.”

Brett Favre to the Jets eh?  Maybe now I can finally stop TIVOing NFL Total Access and fast forwarding through all the discussions of what everyone from Rich Eisen to Warren Sapp thinks about the War on 4 just to get a small glimpse of other training camps.  This just in!  Brett Favre is walking!  This just in!  Brett Favre got in his car!  This just in!  It’s an SUV not a car.  Give me real football already.

As training camps fly by, NFL Preseason is now upon us.  Soon enough rosters will be cut from 80 to 53.  Lost in the whole Favre and the Art of the Midlife Crisis are the various NFL rookies and veterans fighting for a roster spot on a day-to-day basis.  As many have already pointed out, there are 2,500 other players in the league besides Favre.  The Jets will be at best 8-8 this year and probably finish third in the AFC East.  Let’s move on shall we?

You Say Tomato…I say I’m Awesome

John Gruden will sign Chad Pennington.  He won’t be able to resist the option of formulating an entire offensive line of quarterbacks.

The Vikings or the Dolphins would be wise to move in on Pennington once he is waived.

According to Roger Goodell it’s ok for Marshawyn Lynch to plead guilty to hitting a woman with his car but not ok for Brandon Marshall to allegedly slap his girlfriend.  So cars are ok, not fists.  I understand the suspension of Marshall, and admittedly he deserves it.  I would much rather see him beating corners and not women.  However, the lack of consistency with Goodell’s rulings could eventually prove to be quite the problem.  Marshawyn Lynch hit-and-run (nothing), Lofa Tatupu DUI (nothing), Kevin Faulk possession of marijuana (nothing), the list goes on and on.  In order to be the don dapper of football he is attempting to be, consistency in his rulings is a must.

If I were the Cowboys or Eagles I would make a last ditch offer at Anquan Boldin.

Tune in next time for my team-by-team Rookie Preview.

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