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ozzieguillenOzzie is back at it again:

“If this was the 1980s, (none) of these guys would be in the big leagues right now because if you hit .210-.230 and you can’t execute, I don’t think you should be out here,” Guillen said shortly after third baseman Josh Fields went 0-for-4 with two strikeouts and committed an error in the top of the ninth inning that set up the Tigers’ winning rally. When you can’t bunt, hit-and-run, squeeze and move the guy over, you better hit 40 home runs and drive in 140.”

Ozzie does bring up an interesting point. Ten, fifteen or twenty years ago fans and franchises did not seem to get as married to players as we all do now. In this day of blogs and live SportsCenters–this is increasingly difficult to avoid.

In the past, once a player stop performing everyone moved on. Nowadays it is more complex. Everyone knows the players personally. We know what they do for charity and the community. We see them out in their respective home cities. It has created a situation where it is harder to dismiss a player based on their on-field performance.

Guillen had a brilliant quote when asked about what he was going to tell his players. (more…)


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I’m not sure what is worse; having Peavy say he would rather stay with the lowly Padres Thursday or getting hammered to the tune of 20 runs later that night.

I guess the clubs are just that much more impressive on the west coast. And we all know Peavy loves the club.

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The Tampa Bay Tribune has the scoop on what caused Orlando Cabrera’s mini meltdown during the White Sox and Rays first game. Apparently Grant Balfour has made it a habit of swearing after throwing a pitch all year.

“All year, I fire myself up, and that’s what I do,” Balfour said. “That’s what I’ve been doing all year long, and I haven’t changed anything and I’m not going to change. That’s what I like to do when I pitch.”

Orlando Cabrera was unaware of this habit. When Balfour threw a first pitch ball that was well outside and then proceeded to drop a loud F-bomb, Cabrera took exception. He took a step forward and kicked dirt towards Balfour.

“They said that he always gets pumped up like that, he always says the F-word to the hitter every time they swing at his pitch,” Cabrera said. “I didn’t know that, so I just got mad a little bit and I was just pumped up.”

Now Balfour, assuming that everyone should know his tendency to yell the f-word, didn’t appreciate Cabrera kicking dirt in his direction. Catcher Dioner Navarro came to the defense of his pitcher.

“He’s been like that the whole year,” Navarro said, “and that’s what I was trying to tell Cabrera – ‘Hey, he’s been like that the whole year, he wasn’t even talking to the hitter, he wasn’t even talking to nobody.'”

So no harm done here really. It was almost better off unexplained because it looked really rediculous live on televsion.

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The final preview we have is the only series that has not started yet.  The surprise team the Rays will take on the Central winning White Sox.  The White Sox had to work hard to get into the postseason, beating three different teams in three straight days. The Rays were in front for most of the season, winning 97 games. Here is how it breaks down.

Starting Lineup: The Rays make pitchers work by creating offense and taking advantage of any misstakes. The Rays don’t have any regulars who hit over .300, but do have some pop from Carlos Pena and Evan Longoria.  The White Sox, without Carlos Quentin, still have power in there lineup. They have five others who hit more than 20 Homers this season, including Jermaine Dye and Jim Thome with 34 a piece.  Edge White Sox.

Bench: The Rays have a few options in Eric Hinske and Willy Aybar off the bench. Gabe Gross and Ben Zubrist round out their fielding reserves. They have had some production from these guys, especially Hinske’s 20 Homers.  The White Sox are already into their bench basically, with injuries to Joe Crede and Carlos Quentin.  Dewayne Wise and Brian Anderson will probably be used as defensive replacements for Griffey in Center, so they are in good shape there. However, they do not have much in their utility infielders.  Josh fields has played sparingly and has not done too much. Edge Rays.

Starting Pitching: The Rays will throw James Shields (14-8 3.56 ERA), Scott Kazmir (12-8 3.49 ERA), Matt Garza (11-9 3.70 ERA), and Andy Sonnanstine (13-9 4.38 ERA). They have been a really solid rotation all year.  The White Sox will come back with Javier Vazquez (12-16 4.67 ERA), Mark Buehrle (15-12 3.79 ERA), Jon Danks (11-9 3.47 ERA), and Gavin Floyd (17-8 3.84 ERA).  Buehrle, Floyd, and Danks pitched the last three days so Vazquez has to go in game 1.  Edge Rays.

Bullpen: The Rays objective is to get the ball to Troy Percival.  They have been good at doing this with the help of Grant Balfour (58.1 inn 1.54 ERA), Dan Wheeler (66.1 inn 3.12 ERA), and JP Howell (89.1 inn 2.22 ERA).  That definitley gets it done.  The White Sox closer in Bobby Jenks who is very good.  Getting him the ball will be Octavio Dotel (67 inn 3.76 ERA), Scott Linebrink (46 inn 3.69 ERA), and Matt Thornton (67.1 inn 2.67 ERA). They both have good bullpens so this is tough one, edge White Sox.

Intangibles: The Rays are really young and the White Sox are experienced.  The White Sox had to work very hard to get into the postseason. Ozzie Guillen is crazy, but awesome.

Prediction: Rays win in 5.

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Bengals sign Cedric Benson — (SportsNetwork.com)

The Cincinnati Bengals signed running back Cedric Benson on Tuesday and placed running back DeDe Dorsey on injured reserve, ending his season.  Benson was waived by the Chicago Bears in June following a pair of alcohol- related incidents in the off-season. Benson was charged with boating while intoxicated and resisting arrest, then was charged with driving while intoxicated and released on bond just over a month later. He was recently cleared of all charges in both cases.

Phillies taking good with the Brad — (Philly.com)

ALL RIGHT, so that Freddy Garcia trade didn’t work out so well. And signing Adam Eaton to that 3-year, $24.5 million contract doesn’t seem like the brightest idea at this point. And Geoff Jenkins pretty much lost his job to Jayson Werth.

Nobody’s perfect, and that includes Phillies general manager Pat Gillick.

At the same time, give Gillick credit for the deals that clicked. And in a bottom-line business – you either make it to the playoffs or you don’t – the one he made during the general managers’ meetings in Orlando last November might have been the most pivotal of his Philadelphia tenure.

Baseball Fever Sweeps White Sox, Cubs Fans — (cbs2chicago.com)

The last time both the Cubs and White Sox were in the playoffs, Teddy Roosevelt was in his second term as president.  Now, for the first time in 102 years, it’s happening again, and baseball fever is descending on every part of the city.  As CBS 2’s Joanie Lum reports, to say fans of the Cubs and White Sox are infamous for their rivalry is the understatement of the century. But the good news about that is the home games do not compete against each other. The Cubs’ first playoff game against the Los Angeles Dodgers is set for Wednesday at Wrigley Field, while the White Sox are traveling for their first game against the Tampa Bay Rays Thursday.

Blue Jays decide to keep Gaston’s staff together — (sportsline.com)

The Blue Jays will keep their coaching staff intact for next season. The team agreed to two-year contract extensions Tuesday with pitching coach Brad Arnsberg, bench coach Brian Butterfield, third base coach Nick Leyva, first base coach Dwayne Murphy, hitting coach Gene Tenace and bullpen coach Bruce Walton.  Leyva, Murphy and Tenace were hired June 20 when Cito Gaston replaced John Gibbons as manager, while Arnsberg, Butterfield and Walton are holdovers from Gibbons’ staff.  Gaston, who led Toronto to a 51-37 record after being hired, signed a two-year extension last week.

With Troubles Behind It, N.H.L. Tries to Build Momentum — (nytimes.com)

“He’s their LeBron,” said Bruce Jacobson, creative consultant at Young & Rubicam, the advertising agency that created the N.H.L.’s new television spots that will begin appearing Wednesday as part of a campaign valued at more than $15 million.

“He’s their Jordan, their Bird,” said Cliff Skeete, also a creative consultant at Young & Rubicam.

On Saturday, the N.H.L. opens its 2008-9 season, putting yet more distance between the league and its former financial troubles, which wiped out the entire season four years ago after management and the players union failed to reach a collective bargaining agreement

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Thanks to Jim Thome and the arms of John Danks and Ken Griffey Jr., the White Sox will represent the Central in the 2008 MLB Playoffs. John Danks pitched 8 shutout innings and Jim Thome broke up a 0-0 stalemate with a solo shot in the 7th. This all would not have been possible if it weren’t for the defensive play of Ken Griffey Jr.  With one out and Cuddyer on third, Griffey caught a medium flyball and thre the runner out at home on a nice scoop and tag by AJ Pierzynski. Bobby Jenks preserved it in the ninth for the 1-0 shutout.

Next up for them is a Thursday afternoon matchup with the Rays.  Should be a good one, it is even going to be in front of a packed house in Tampa.

It was a great way to start October baseball..

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I am really excited for this one game playoff between the Twins and White Sox to see who travels to Tampa Bay (for the record I have absolutely zero rooting interest too).  Does everybody remember last years one game playoff between San Diego and Colorado? A disputed Home Run call (hey we have replay now), a loss by the all-time saves leader, and a play at the plate where Matt Holiday never really touched home.  It was a great game to send us into postseason play and hopefully this one is too.

This time it pairs up the two central contending Minnesota Twins (88-74) and the Chicago White Sox (88-74).  It was just last week when the Twins swept the White Sox in a 3 game series at home to be in this position, but this time it will be in Chicago.  The teams were dominant at home against each other this year (Minnesota 8-1, Chicago 7-2), so that will probably play a role. The game will be shown nationally on TBS at 7:35 pm.

The Twins are sending Nick Blackburn to the hill (11-10 4.14 ERA) and the White Sox will counter with John Danks (11-9 3.47 ERA), who is coming off of a bad start against the Indians. Should be a good one.

Few SIde Notes: These stats count as regular season, so unless Joe Mauer goes 0-7 or worse he will win his second batting crown. The White Sox haven’t been to the postseason since winning it all in 2005. The twins didn’t make it last year after making it the year before. The last one game playoff in the AL was in 1995, Seattle beating the California Angels 9-1 winning the AL West.

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