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It appears that Jerry Jones is not having the best off-season. An important off-season that directly heads into the opening of his new billion dollar stadium in Dallas.

dallas-cowboys-new-stadiumJerry Jones might have to settle on a temporary name for his stadium and thus a lot less money than he was counting on. The original valuation for the naming rights for the new Dallas Stadium was somewhere in the $300 million range. Unfortunately, for Jerry Jones, a big-time blockbuster deal is probably unlikely under the current economic conditions. (more…)


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Dallas Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett put out a profanity-laced rap last week on YouTube where he made derogatory terms about blacks and gays and talked about getting owner Jerry Jones’ money.


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Three week seventeen games will be moved from 1:00 p.m. EST to 4:15 p.m. EST.

On CBS, the Dolphins @ Jets game will now have a late-afternoon kickoff. while Jacksonville @ Baltimore has also has been moved to a 4:15 p.m. EST start. On FOX, the Dallas @ Philadelphia game has been moved to 4:15 p.m. EST as well. The Broncos @ Chargers game will be the Sunday night game on NBC.

AFC East

The Dolphins control their own destiny. They win and they take the division, just one year after going 1-15. The Patriots need to win and either the Dolphins or Ravens lose. The Jets need a victory coupled with a Patriots and or Ravens loss.

The Patriots could potentially be the first team since the new playoff format in 1990 to have 11 wins and not make the playoffs.

AFC West

The resurgent Chargers earned the right to play for the division title yesterday with help from the faltering Broncos. That’s right, 15 weeks after the Chargers were screwed out of a win against Denver, those same Broncos will travel to San Diego in a re-match for the whole sha-bang.


I don’t think I’ve routed for the Chargers since Natrone Means suited up in the mid-9o’s.

NFC East

The Cowboys can clinch a playoff birth with a win while the Eagles clinch the wild card with a win against Dallas and losses by Tampa Bay and Chicago.

First, of all this is going to be a heck of a week of games; so much on the line. However, as a Patriots fan, it is awful not controlling your own destiny. The thought of having 11 wins and not making the playoffs is a very difficult one to deal with. A sentiment that Matt Cassel reiterated this morning on the radio.

The AFC West  should forfeit their playoff spot to the AFC East. Even the lowly Bills who are 0-5 in the division are 4-0 against the AFC West.

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nflWeek 15 kicks off tomorrow night with a rematch of the 2005-2006 NFC Champiosnhip game between the Bears and Saints in Chicago.  Both teams come in at 7-6 as the loser will be all but eliminated from playoff contention.  The Bears still have a shot to come back and win the NFC North but the saints cannot win their division.  The Saints are 1-5 on the road this season, Bears should win this one.

The Eagles could very well be in the wild card lead by the end of the eagles1weekend.  They are currently behind Dallas and Atlanta who play the Giants and Buccaneers respectively, while Philly hosts Cleaveland on Monday Night.  Who thought that after the tie in Cinicinatti and getting throttled in Baltimore?

afc-eastMiami can win the AFC East.  They are tied with the Patriots and Jets atop the division, with a date in East Rutherford to face the Jets in week 17. They don’t have a tough road to get there either, they host San Francisco and go to KC before that matchup.  You have to commend this squad for what they are doing this season, especially Chad Pennington and Tony Sporano.

The Panthers can play their way into the top seed in the NFC by winning panthersout.  After running all over the Bucs on Monday night, for 299 yards the Panthers have put themselves in good position to make a deep playoff push.  You wouldn’t want to go to Carolina in January as they are 7-0 at home this season. 

The Broncos can win the AFC West with a win or a San Diego loss.  Why are both Western Divisions so bad?

slatonHow good are this years rookie running backs? There are 3 in the top 10 in the NFL in rushing. Those being (in order) Chris Johnson with 1,094 yds, Matt Forte with 1,081 yds and Steve Slaton with 1,024 yds.  That group doesn’t even have the #4 overall pick Darren McFadden who hasn’t been able to get on the field enough to be productive.

Enjoy the excitement of December football.

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So since my update the Miami Buffalo game has moved to a 1 point spread, not that much movement, but now Miami is losing 1 point, glad I got my money on them while it was a pick-em.

This week I am only going with only 2 lines.

Jacksonville moneyline over the Bears (+250). Not saying it is anywhere near a safe bet, Jacksonville has been playing terribly, but eventually they need to win, and who better to pull it off against than the Bears, another team that is impossible to tell how they will do each week.

The second line is Dallas moneyline over Pittsburgh (+155). Again it is a risky moneyline, Dallas and Pittsburgh are both teams that are getting back on track from rough spots, both QB’s are getting hot, Pittsburgh’s D is phenomenal but at the same time TO and Romo have been clicking.

What I did was parlay the two together, even a measly $5.00 bet on the parlay would win you $40.00 if Jax and the Cowboys both win. Both very possible wins, and risking 5 to win 40? Why not?

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Where can you find the two biggest point spreads of Week 13? Why Turkey Day of course! Yes, the nationally televised (well, 2 of the 3) games on Thanksgiving are home to the two biggest mismatches of the week. What a fantastic slate of games the NFL has lined up for us. A 12:30 and a 4:15 snooze-fest followed by a night cap at 8:15 that no one can see.

We can only be thankful for no more Thanksgiving Day John Madden slobbering all over himself–come to think of it that is most days.

barry-sanders-thanksgivingTennessee @ Detroit
There isn’t even the whole “winless vs undefeated” storyline that I was looking forward to. Now it’s just a very good team against a terrible team.

When I was a child I used to think that the NFL put the Lions on TV every Thanksgiving because of Barry Sanders. Oh how simple I thought the world was. It turns out the Lions have been playing on Thanksgiving (most years) since 1934. This year will be the 68th installment of the game. The Lions are 33-33-2. What’s that last 2? Wait, there are ties in football? More McNabb bashing later.

Seattle @ Dallas
This game has an even bigger point spread than the previously mentioned game. Dallas is nearing must win territory in that close NFC East and the Seahawks are likely just pissed to be traveling during the Holiday. Seems like the formula for a blowout to me.

The ‘Boys have been playing on Thanksgiving day since 1966. They are 23-14-1. Why are there 3 numbers in their record again!? Weird.

Arizona @ Philadelphia
McNabb makes his triumphant return to Philly. He had an interesting press conference yesterday.
When asked who told him he would be starting tomorrow against Arizona, McNabb said, “The janitor”. He then went onto explain that they had a good relationship. I hope for the McNabb families sake that that janitor has some serious pull around Lincoln Financial Field. Otherwise, it looks like Donovan might have to make some new blue collar friends elsewhere next season.

Also in the very same press conference where he name dropped the janitor, McNabb went on to say “…my future is bright…”. And the award for optimist of the year… Donovan come on up!

Lastly, this is definately the only game of moderate interest. Hopefully it snows so the Eagles fans have something readilly available to throw at McNabb. Too bad no one will see it as I hear this game is on something called the “NFL Network”.

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I think the odds might be worse for them. It’s the NFL and any team can win on any given day but it’s tough to see this team winning a game when you look at their remaining schedule. Their first half schedule was a cake walk compared to the second. A scary thought for Detroit fans.

Roy Williams is still rooting them on from Dallas.

“They’re staring 0-16 in the face right now, just going by the schedule. I hope it doesn’t happen, because I think I’m still a part of that team, too. I started out with that team, so if they go 0-16, I’ve got an asterisk by my name on that team. I hope they don’t go 0-16. ”

“I don’t see where the one would come. Maybe Thanksgiving [against the Titans] – the undefeated team vs. the defeated team.”

I think he has enough on his plate down there in Dallas honestly.

Every single team the Lions have left to play is significantly better than Detroit to this point. The to most interesting scenarios:

  1. Lions beat the Titans on Thanksgiving
  2. Lions go winless

These are, of course, only the most interesting to the casual observer not a Detroit native.

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