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matthew-staffordSo as I sit sipping a glass of Bulleit Bourbon trying to relax after a long day of work, I log onto Yahoo Sports and see that Matthew Stafford will indeed be the number one overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, and could make $78 million over the next 6 years, with $41.7 guaranteed.  Holy Shit.

I am all for everyone making as much money as they possibly can in any way they can, but $41.7 million guaranteed on a guy who has never taken a pro-snap in his life is borderline ridiculous.  I don’t hold it against Stafford or his agent in any way, I mean hell, more power to him, but the Lions, and the NFL contracts for first round picked rookies in general is getting a little out of hand.

As many of you know, one of the issues on the upcoming Collective Bargaining Agreement in the NFL is going to be whether or not rookie pay should be more strictly regulated.  I am all for it.  I don’t think that NFL players should make less, if a team is willing to pay them, and has cap room, pay them… as long as they have proven themselves in the NFL.  How many players like Tim Couch have been drafted, payed well, and done a whole bunch of nothing as a pro.  Basically I have no problem with a player like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Troy Polamalu, or Wes Welker making millions per year.  I just don’t think that rookies, no matter how good they are expected to be, should be the highest paid player on the team.


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Today is the first day in which teams can franchise players. Each team has the ability, each year, to use only one franchise tag. The salary the team will be paying is based on the top 5 salaries of the previous year.

This year the quarterback franchise number is $14,651,000.

I can tell you what will happen unequivocally; the Patriots will franchise Matt Cassel. I have said it all along.

So after franchising Cassel, assuming the Patriots will at least look into their trading options, what teams might be looking for a quarterback? How about Minnesota, Kansas City and Detroit. Now, what are these teams options at QB? (more…)

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Where can you find the two biggest point spreads of Week 13? Why Turkey Day of course! Yes, the nationally televised (well, 2 of the 3) games on Thanksgiving are home to the two biggest mismatches of the week. What a fantastic slate of games the NFL has lined up for us. A 12:30 and a 4:15 snooze-fest followed by a night cap at 8:15 that no one can see.

We can only be thankful for no more Thanksgiving Day John Madden slobbering all over himself–come to think of it that is most days.

barry-sanders-thanksgivingTennessee @ Detroit
There isn’t even the whole “winless vs undefeated” storyline that I was looking forward to. Now it’s just a very good team against a terrible team.

When I was a child I used to think that the NFL put the Lions on TV every Thanksgiving because of Barry Sanders. Oh how simple I thought the world was. It turns out the Lions have been playing on Thanksgiving (most years) since 1934. This year will be the 68th installment of the game. The Lions are 33-33-2. What’s that last 2? Wait, there are ties in football? More McNabb bashing later.

Seattle @ Dallas
This game has an even bigger point spread than the previously mentioned game. Dallas is nearing must win territory in that close NFC East and the Seahawks are likely just pissed to be traveling during the Holiday. Seems like the formula for a blowout to me.

The ‘Boys have been playing on Thanksgiving day since 1966. They are 23-14-1. Why are there 3 numbers in their record again!? Weird.

Arizona @ Philadelphia
McNabb makes his triumphant return to Philly. He had an interesting press conference yesterday.
When asked who told him he would be starting tomorrow against Arizona, McNabb said, “The janitor”. He then went onto explain that they had a good relationship. I hope for the McNabb families sake that that janitor has some serious pull around Lincoln Financial Field. Otherwise, it looks like Donovan might have to make some new blue collar friends elsewhere next season.

Also in the very same press conference where he name dropped the janitor, McNabb went on to say “…my future is bright…”. And the award for optimist of the year… Donovan come on up!

Lastly, this is definately the only game of moderate interest. Hopefully it snows so the Eagles fans have something readilly available to throw at McNabb. Too bad no one will see it as I hear this game is on something called the “NFL Network”.

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I think the odds might be worse for them. It’s the NFL and any team can win on any given day but it’s tough to see this team winning a game when you look at their remaining schedule. Their first half schedule was a cake walk compared to the second. A scary thought for Detroit fans.

Roy Williams is still rooting them on from Dallas.

“They’re staring 0-16 in the face right now, just going by the schedule. I hope it doesn’t happen, because I think I’m still a part of that team, too. I started out with that team, so if they go 0-16, I’ve got an asterisk by my name on that team. I hope they don’t go 0-16. ”

“I don’t see where the one would come. Maybe Thanksgiving [against the Titans] – the undefeated team vs. the defeated team.”

I think he has enough on his plate down there in Dallas honestly.

Every single team the Lions have left to play is significantly better than Detroit to this point. The to most interesting scenarios:

  1. Lions beat the Titans on Thanksgiving
  2. Lions go winless

These are, of course, only the most interesting to the casual observer not a Detroit native.

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VegasWatch has a article that comes to the conclusion that the Lions have a better chance of not winning a single game than the Titans do of going undefeated.

Taking a look at their schedule it is easy to see that the worst is in fact not behind Detroit but still in front of them. To date, the teams Detroit have already played are a total of 34-30 while the teams they will play for the rest of the season are 39-26. Also, just on paper the second half of their schedule looks a bunch tougher. They are at Indy and at Green Bay, both teams are only 4-4 but are better than those records show.

The biggest test for the Lions to go ‘defeated’ might come just next week when they play host to the Jags. The same Jags that just got beat in Cincy. Matt Millen needs a blog. I’d love to know what he is thinking right about now.

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Congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies and to our own Mike who is a live long resident of Philly and a die hard Phillies fan! As far as the game last night, maybe every baseball game should be 3 innings. That was exciting as all hell. Also, it took less than 15 minutes for the fans at Citizens Bank Park to find something to boo. That something was Bud Selig. A couple over/unders to ponder; 25 arrests, 1.5 deaths and 2.5 times the fans find something to boo at the parade. Bottom line: sh*ts going down

On The Ultimate Fighter more bad blood between Team Mirr and Team Nogueira. Mirr approaches Vinny Magalhaes, who is slated to fight later in the show, and tells him that his jiu-jitsu ground game is better than the current Interim Heavyweight Champ Nogueira. Vinny responds by calling Nog’s ground game “basic”. Nog was told by his team about this and had something to say (in Portuguese) to Vinny. Vinny denied ever saying anything negative about the champion. SPIKE was censoring the Portuguese wears which was funny. Bottom line: I wish I could speak Portuguese

Daunte Culpepper worked out for the Detroit Lions yesterday–showing just how desperate BOTH sides are. He turned down the Chiefs… how does that make the Chiefs feel? They are below the Lions in someones eye, even if it is Daunte. Bottom line: Poor Tony Gonzales.

The Oklahoma City Thunder made their home debut last night. Unfortunately they lost 87-98 to the Milwaukee Bucks. Durrant went 5-14 from the floor and scored only 12 points on the evening. I hope that the franchise in Ok City does well, meaning the fans support them. Bottom line: it’s going to be a long year in Oklahoma City

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Updating an earlier post, The Cowboys have received Wideout Roy Williams and a 7th round pick in 2009 from Detroit for their 1st, 3rd, and 6th round picks in 2009. This is a good move for both teams, Dallas needs to win now and the Lions need to start thinking about the future.

Also, Jon Kitna has been put on IR, ending his season. Now the lions will get a look at Dan Orlovsky (hopefully coaches point out where the end zone ends) and Drew Stanton. My pick would be Stanton.

The Chiefs did not trade Tony Gonzalez after he requested to go to a contender. The Eagles and Giants were reportedly close but would not cough up a 3rd rounder, which the chiefs were looking for.

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