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erin-andrews-11EA on Dancing with the  Stars? And I said I’d never watch…

“I love the show, and I’ve grown up around dancing,” said Andrews, who, of course, was on the Dazzlers dance team when at Florida. “People say, ‘Oh, you’re a dancer, how could you do it?’ But I’ve never taken ballroom, I’ve never partnered dance with anyone. I think I’d be in the top, unless I fall. I’m a big faller. If you fall, that’s a hard fall, which I’m sure would make the Internet very happy.”

She’s right. Traffic to internet sports blog would increased to some unimaginable amount. Do that math… EA=MC²… but seriously this is probably going to happen. Both ABC and ESPN are under the Disney umbrella and Erin is slightly better looking than the other ESPN personalities they have tried on the show.

Erin Andrews Returns to Spelling Bee, Says She Wants to be on ‘Dancing With the Stars’ [The Sporting Blog]


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See how sad retiring makes Favre?

See how sad retiring makes Favre?

So when I woke up this morning at noon HST (thats 6pm Eastern) I turned on ESPN and what was the first thing I saw? Brett Favre to talk to Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress. Are you serious? I was a fan of Favre on the Packers, I would have never bought his jersey, too cliched and I was not a Packers fan, but he was fun to watch, I liked his style, and he was a good guy. I lost a little respect for him when he retired, and came back, and retired again, and them came back for the Jets. Not only did I dislike the wishy-washy nature of his “retiring” but also being a Patriots fan from Massachusetts, I could not root for a Jets player. Favre then proceeds to start the season hot, and end it in disparaging fashion, Jets players in the locker room don’t like him, the front office doesn’t want him back, and come April, release him. I thought “too bad for Brett, a lack-luster end to a Hall-of-Fame career, but it is all for the better.” Now this story about his meeting with the Vikings breaks.

Its over Brett, time to hang up the pads, frame the jersey, and spend some time with wife. After his last season, it would be tough not to have a better season than that if he came back, but it is just not worth it. Now if by some miracle he comes back, has an awesome season with the Vikings, I will be the first to eat my words and apologize, but that WON’T happen. If he comes back, it will just further tarnish his reputation as a person and player. Do yourself a favor Brett, go meet with Childress, have a couple beers, reminisce about the good ole days, and fantasize about what a phenomenal thing it would be for the Vikings and yourself if you came out of retirement and led the charge to a Superbowl, but then realize its all fantasy, shake hands with Childress, thank him for the beers, and go home. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.

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76024701GT008_ARIZONA_CARDIWere you watching the NFC playoffs wondering why Larry Fitzgerald (#11 of the Cardinals) is so damn good?  Where do I start, how about the beginning.  (more…)

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ESPN shows their MMA ignorance once again. On Saturday night they began to crawl the results for UFC 93 on the ‘bottom line’ before the 10 PM replay.


For those who don’t know; UFC 93 was live from Dublin, Ireland meaning that the event started at about 3 PM in the Eastern region of the United States. Of course the UFC replays the PPV at the normal 7 PM Pacific, 10 PM Eastern so not to disrupt the UFC fans normal routine.

However, the bar P Bas and I were at obviously also had TV’s that were showing ESPN and ESPN2. We happened to be eyeing the bottom line for various other updates and ended up seeing a spoiler to the Rua-Coleman co-main event. (more…)

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It was announced a few months back that ESPN.com would be getting overhauled. For many sports fans this was a long time coming.  It says a lot when the world wide leader is struggling to keep readers coming back.  ESPN is doing amazing when it comes to television programming and television ad revenue. But with no one going to their website, or spending a considerable amount of time on their website if they do choose to log on, online ad revenues have suffered.

Personally, in my daily readings ESPN is not one of the websites I visit. This says a lot since I visit a large amount of sports related websites on a daily basis.

Although a new layout is a must as ESPN’s has been of lower quality for some time, it is improved content and interactive elements that would really make the difference.

It seems like ESPN’s primary concern is boosting ad revenue so we will have to see if this redesign enhances the user experience or if there is just a more advertising friendly layout implemented.

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I didn’t have to go into work this morning so I subjected myself to the end of First Take Cold Pizza and then some NFL Live.

I listened to Trey Wingo essentially ask Mark Schlereth what the deal was with Reggie Bush and why he hasn’t been a big piece of the Saints offense. Schlereth, with his infinite wisdom, answered with “Reggie Bush is not a good football player”.

Those are  literally the first words to come out of his mouth. Nothing about injuries or Bush being a disappointment for a #2 overall pick. These just seemed like harsh words to me.

It is always a good thing when an analyst throw an opinion out there that is not predictable, especially on ESPN. However, this one made me stop what I was doing as I was a bit shocked. We are talking about a former Heisman winner and a first round pick. Someone who has 4 punt returns in 3 seasons and has proven to be a playmaker when utilized correctly. Sure he will never be an every down back but he is not a complete bust. Given he stays healthy; he will always have a spot on a team. I don’t think there is any argument, Reggie Bush is indeed a good football player. I think we could makeagreat arguement that Mark Schlereth is not a good studio analyst.

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sabathia_wife_kidsYankee’s GM Brian Cashman has been meeting with Sabathia this entire week. Cashman flew to San Francisco to see CC at his home late last night.

As of this morning, according to Buster Olney on ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning, Sabathia’s deal from the Yankees is now worth $160 million over seven years.

This is up from the $140 over 6 years that was the originally reported offer. However, still no official word from CC or the Yankees.

What is certain is that nearly overnight Sabathia will go from a beloved player to one of the leagues most hated. All I can say is that pitching in the National League will do wonders for your career. Welcome to the AL East where the big boys are separated from the rest of the pack.

The NL is no AL. With the Brewers, CC could have seen the bottom feeders like the Pirates or Reds 40 times a year but now things are going to get a little tougher. In 2008 CC was 4-1 against these two bottom of the pack NL Central teams on his way to going 11-2 for the Brew-crew. On the other hand in his first two  games against the Cubs, CC gave up an unimpressive 4 runs each time out.

Previously the MO on this guy was that he couldn’t win in big games. He is 2-3 in the playoffs with a 7.92 ERA.

CC has never been as dominate as he was the second half of 2008. He was playing in the much weaker NL. He was playing for a contract and that is just what he got. I hope he is ready to back it up; he has the skeleton of Barry Zito hanging over his locker in New York.

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