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Brett Favre has put his house in Green Bay on the market. It might be a sign of just how bad the market is or a sign of just how much of a “good ol’ down south country boy” Brett is; but the asking price is only $475,000. I don’t know much about Wisconsin, Green Bay or the real estate in the area but that doesn’t seem outlandish. Here are more pictures of the inside:

You’d think he could afford to keep a home in the place that has been so good to him over the years with what the Packers ahve paid him. Not to mention the endorsements from Snapper and Wrangler.

Is he really looking to get out of Green Bay that quickly that he is willing to sell in what is an obvious buyers market. He needs that half-millie right now?

Seems like a d-bag thing to do if you ask me. I’d be a little put off if I were a Packers fan.


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“Dandy” Dan was not so dandy this past Sunday. Nearing the end of the first quarter, Orlovsky stepped out the back of the end zone. Okay, that’s an understatement. He was so far out the back of the end zone that he was close to doing a Lambaeu-leep into the stands.

When I first saw the highlight I questioned out loud… what is happening? Is this legal? Am I missing something? I believe these were similar to the back judge’s thoughts too. There was that awkward 2 – 3 seconds where the back judge and everyone watching thought, “What the shit is this guy doing? Is this really happening? Schnikeys, I gotta blow my whistle”.

“Dandy Dan” was Orlovsky’s nickname at Uconn. He won the first ever bowl game in the schools short Division 1 history, thus (somehow) parlaying that into a 5th round draft selection by the Lions. If there was any question as to why Matt Millen was fired… here is exhibit 146; Dan Orlovsky.

The Lions went on to loose yesterday 12-10. By my math that means they lost by 2 points. And from my football knowledge a safety is worth… say it with me… 2 points. Whoopsies!

The University of Connecticut has a student run paper called The Daily Campus. The Daily Campus has an article this morning about Orlovsky’s first NFL start. The article is written by Aly Shea, the Managing Editor of the paper.Very oddly, I have read an article by Aly before. It was about a former Uconn student who was about to make his debut on the UFC’s Ultimate Fighter reality show.

In this most recent article Aly seems pleased with the showing Orlovsky made on Sunday. She also refers to Jon Kitna as a “gunslinger: Shea does mention Dan running out the back of the end zone but then shortly after says that he has “the chance to be the face of [the] franchise”.

But at least Orlovsky has a chance. Sure, he has to learn the offense a little better. And he has to learn that you can’t just run out of the end zone whenever you want. But he has a strong enough arm and good enough leadership skills to be the man in Detroit.

That’s a big deal for Orlovsky. It might be a bigger deal for UConn football.

Good enough leadership skills? He cost his team the game. No questions asked. He blew it. That isn’t the public attention I would personally want for my school but I’ve noticed that people from the CT march to their own drum beat from time to time but what do I know.

EDITORS NOTE: Aly Shea has informed me that Kevin Duffy is the one who wrote the Orlovsky article. She was mis-credited on the newspapers website the morning this story was ‘penned’.

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It’s tough to wrap up this past weekend in the sports world. There was a ton going on and some of that business is still unfinished. What did we learn so far?

  • NFL upsets continued yesterday and into the night including; Chiefs over Broncos, Tampa over Green in the battle of the Bay’s, Washington over Dallas and the Bears beating the Eagles.
  • It was also a weekend filled with dangerous hits and serious injuries.
  • Matt Bryant lead his team to a big win after enduring a tragic week.
  • Ninety-one points were scored in the Meadowlands on Sunday, including 6 TD’s from Favre.
  • The last weekend in baseball saw some crazy races that came right down to the wire.
  • The Mets collapse again and no one gets fired. The Brewers hang on to win the Wild Card after firing Yost.
  • The White Sox play the Tigers today in a make-up game. If the Sox win then they will face the Twins in a one game playoff.

  • Linehan is out and Haslett is in.
  • The Saints are back. That offense is great just like last year but will the defense be enough to hold teams under 30 points consistently. Either way it will be fun to watch.
  • The Browns and Bengals back to their old selves. Ugly stuff, Ohio.
  • The NFC East is unearthly good while the AFC West is proving to be ungodly inconstant.
  • Go White Sox! I want to see this one game playoff again this year. This could be a great post season for baseball. It seems really wide open overall.
  • No more baseball in Shea or Yankee Stadium. No post season for either. What a way to go out for the Mets… again.
  • Jay Cutler is the next Brett Favre, just uglier and more diabetic. Too soon?
  • All three of my college football picks went terribly wrong. Shocking (Those being Purdue +1, UNLV -4 and Fresno State -7.5). In my defense, I was brought into the Boilermaker’s bet by a friend.
  • It should be another great week in the sports world! Looking forward to it!

And that’s what we learned.

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If you happened to catch the Brett Favre train wreck of a press conference yesterday evening you are lucky. It isn’t everyday you get to see something so painful. I want to dissect some of the comments from the Brett Favre portion of the press conference.

First of all what Brett doesn’t understand is that this is the Jet’s press conference in regards to their signing of Brett Favre. This is not the Brett Favre variety hour,special or talk show. This entire press conference made Favre look even more selfish and unstable than he already did. I know what you are saying, I didn’t think that was possible either. Here we go…

Brett was asked about how Packer fans and “Brett Favre fans” should feel.

“…It was a lot of fun for me. I think it was made clear this offseason that they were moving forward. Some things happened in between that. That’s OK. And it’s time for me to move forward…”

They were moving forward? You retired! Were they suppose to cancel the season? Should the NFL have folded operations?

“…I think the fans will continue to be Brett Favre fans. That may be some that say no. And for those people, maybe they were not diehard Brett Favre fans to begin with…”

I think Brett is confused at why 70,000 people came to Lambeau for the past 16 years. If you weren’t there Brett, 69,999 of them still would have been there. They are Packer fans not Favre fans!

Bret was asked about the #4 being retired in Green Bay.

“…I hadn’t really thought about it. I’m sure it will at some point. You know what? They talk about statues and they talk about having streets and I’m not just talking about me. They have that throughout sports. That’s not what it’s about with me. It’s great. It’s like records. I think back to the records that I’ve gained at Southern Miss, I look back, my experience there is much more important than the records. When and if that ever happens, great. I don’t feel like I need a jersey retired, a statue, a street named after me or anything like that for people to remember me or for me to feel like I’ve done something. I think the way I’ve played and the way I’ve handled myself is the most important thing…”

The beginning and end of this snippet are great. The way you have handled yourself is the most important thing? This is a joke right. Where would you like me to start on that one? How about a quote that came from Favre not 2 minutes later.

“…I think my interest at first, I’m sure we all know, was to stay within our division. Maybe that was a little bit of vindictive nature, or whatever, competitive nature, whatever. I think in the end, that was probably the wrong motive and I realized that was not going to happen…”

Now I see what Brett meant of the way he carries himself.

“…To me the most important aspect of winning is chemistry. You can have the best players possible, doesn’t guarantee wins. Chemistry, how you play together. And I think the Giants are a good example of that. They started off shaky this year. Same guys but at the end of the year they got better…”

Wait a second! Now you are praising the Giants at a Jet’s celebratory press conference!? This guys really has no concept of crossing lines.

“…I said last year and the year before that was probably the most talented team I’d ever played on…”

By doing this same retirement song and dance for each of the last 3 years you single-handedly got yourself chased out of town. Good job.

Now this is how the press conference ended:

“..But you know what? There’s nothing like Green Bay fans. That team is going to be good, with or without me and it really serves no purpose to continue talking about it. I know you will try to fuel the fire throughout this season but, once again, I’m here for one reason and that’s to help the Jets win. And I don’t think they need to be asked questions about it. I hope that they are left alone so they can deal with what we have to do. And the same thing for Green Bay. At some point it has to be let go.”

So his closing statement starts out with kissing the Green Bay fans asses. Then goes to kissing the Green Bay team’s asses. Oh wait, what is this unfamiliar word in the middle of this blurb “J-E-T-S” and winning in the same sentence. Okay, maybe Brett does get what the point of this press conference should be. Oh now, hold on, back to the Favre drama and no more mentions of dedication to the Jets or Jet fans.

Favre is nothing more than a hired gun at this point. How sad for a guy who will tell you just how well he handles himself and now he has become a person that even the Packers can’t do business with anymore. Maybe Brett needs to rethink this. Just retire. Again.

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An interesting caveat to the Favre saga is the upcoming release of Madden 2009. Brett Favre will be on the cover in a Packers uniform. EA Sports, ironically, picked Favre for the cover to honor is upcoming retirement. At this point, maybe EA could get out of their Madden contract and call it Favre 2009 or Brett Favre Football 2009. To make things even simpler, EA would not actual have to get out of the Madden contract. This is due to John Madden’s RV size man crush for which he enjoys in the direction of Favre.

One source, although, I am not saying it is reliable has already stated that EA will not be redoing the cover at this time.

Good I want this to be as awkward as possible for all party’s involved.

I want to try to come up with neat ways in which the Madden curse can potentially strike Favre.

The first 4 weeks of the season have potential embarrassment written all over them.

Week 1 @ Miami: A must win right off the get go… enough said. What a mess when Josh McCown or someone throws for 4 TD’s and Favre is left ‘gunslingin’ to the tune of 4 INT’s.

Week 2 New England: The whole reason the Jets went after Favre is to compete with the Patriots. We will find out sooner rather than later. Potential disaster alert.

Week 3 @ San Diego: The Jets will face a highly talented San Diego team on the road. Potential disaster alert.

Week 4 Arizona: It’s the Cardinals. Favre will need to play well or even the national media could call this trade as a mistake.

That will bring the Jets to their bye week.

Week 5 and Week 6 have Cincinnati at home and Oakland on the road. Again two more seemingly must win games. So without question even a struggling Jets team has the potential to be 4-2 seven weeks into the season. But, hey, lets hope that isn’t the case. I want 1-5.

So much potential for chaos. You have to love it.

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An akward picture of the Mangenius graces Jet's tickets...

An awkward picture of the Mangenius graces Jet's tickets...

Yesterday on Stubhub you could get Jets @ Patriots tickets for around $60. Now the price of a Jet’s game has gone up to over $100. This is for standing room only mind you.

Not even an hour after the Favre deal was announced the Jet’s offical online store had Brett Favre Jet’s merchandise up on their website. Yes, that was in the early hours of the morning.

If nothing else this deal stand to make the Jets relevant in the AFC East and across the NFL landscape for that matter. It will put butts in the seats, atleast at first and will get the Jets back near the level of the Giants. After the Giants historical run at the end of last season the Jets were an after thought in New York. This offseason has meant a lot of big moves for the Jets. They have improved their offensive line and their defense. Favre has a couple wideouts to through too (Cole and Cotchery) and maybe he will make their running game respectable.

How long until Pennington is with Herm Edwards in Kansas City. Over/under is Tuesday; go.

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I was curious to look Favre’s playoff statistics. Farve has a QB rating of 85.2, a completion percentage of 60.7%, 39 TD’s and 28 INT’s. These are not bad numbers. Although that is a bunch of interceptions.

As far as win’s and loses. Face is 12-10 in his career.

Where does that stack up against this generations best?

Tom Brady – 13-3 (.81 win%)
Joe Montana – 16-7 (.70 win%)
Troy Aikman – 11-5 (.69 win%)
Steve Young – 12-8 (.60 win%)
Brett Favre – 12-10 (.55 win%)
Jim Kelly – 9-8 (.54 win%)
Peyton Manning – 7-7 (.50 win%)
Dan Marino – 8-10 (.45 win%)

Look who is under him; the guys who could not win it all (and Peyton). Look who is above him; the guys with multiple rings (well, Young…kinda).

Bottom line, his overal numbers are solid in the playoff. Ther are some interception issues that he has always had that we can pick on. So, I guess, some of this hype is deserved. Who knew?

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