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cutler-jerseyIt finally happened. After weeks of drama Cutler is out of Denver. The Cutler Bet goes to the underdog. I won! Cutler is now a Bear. McDaniels might have let go the “franchise QB” but he didn’t exactly get the shaft in return. The Broncos received Kyle Orton and three picks — including the 18th overall pick this year and a No. 1 next year.

It makes sense; two No. 1 picks for a guy who has never lost in the playoffs. Oh… he was never won a game yet either… But he has been impressive in his two full years as a starter… try under .500 with a 17-20 record.

It seems more and more like McDaniels made out like a bandit in this one. The only problem is you still don’t have a QB Josh!

More on the weekend… (more…)


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Jay Cutler was laughing it up in Nashville last night at UFC Fight Night. UFC 100 should have Cutler vs. McDaniels with special guest referee Pat Bowlen. So many old WWF references running through my mind but I’ll spare you…

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Oh, the ongoing saga of “the Cutler bet“. The Denver Broncos said Tuesday they would grant Jay Cutler his request and try to trade the quarterback.

Soon after a report surfaced saying that Cutler was surprised by Bowlen’s declaration. Apparently, recently Cutler had packed up his car in Nashville and had it shipped to Denver. The rumor is he intended to show up for the team’s first minicamp on April 17th.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any uglier. (more…)

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According to sources in Denver, Cutler put his house up for sale this past week. Cutler bought the house in 2006 for $1.34 million and is now asking a cool $2 mil for the property.


According to the real estate listing, Cutler’s home contains a 13-tiered waterfall. I don’t know my residential waterfall terminology all that well but whatever a “13-tiered” waterfall is… it sounds impressive.

I found the actual site that the home is listed on.

The house also boasts a 3 car garage, 4 bedrooms and 7 baths. Of the other amenities listed one is a “microwave oven”…

A microwave? Who are you John D. Rockefeller? How dare you throw your riches in our faces, Jay. What’s next? A VCR? Maybe and cable ready TV? (more…)

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jay-cutlerAfter the 2006 season that saw Jay Cutler make 5 NFL start to the tune of a 2-3 record; I made a friendly wager with Kevin.

The bet was that Jay Cutler would not be the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos in 3 years.

Every day this seems more and more like a feasible possibility. Now the Denver Post is reporting that Cutler came away from a conference call with team officials Monday believing that there is a real possibility that he would be traded between now and the NFL draft.

At least McDaniels is making this otherwise lopsided bet interesting.

Broncos’ talk with Cutler sours [Denver Post]

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cal-40-year-old-virginI’m sure you had a nice weekend–the Broncos…not so much.

The Broncos were the most active team this past week with the signings of Jabar Gaffney, Brian Dawkins, Correll Buckhalter, J.J. Arrington and a personal favorite of mine long snapper Lonie Paxton. That being said, the weekend would prove to have no rest in store for the busy Broncos. (more…)

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cassel-to-chiefsIn a move that truly bring Cassel full circle, Cassel is now a member of Bernard Pollard’s Kansas City Chiefs. Cassel should send some of the signing bonus he will get over to Bernard, the man who launched Cassel’s rise to stardom.

This was a deal among friends. Belichick rewarded Pioli for staying in New England when he has had numerous opportunities to leave prior to this off-season.

The Bucs, Lions and Broncos were all interested in Cassel. There was a demand for his services. The demand for Cassel was large, and large enough that the Broncos thought Cassel to be a better option than pro bowler Jay Cutler. Whether they just wanted to block the Chiefs trade and keep Cassel out of their division or truly had interest in making him a Bronco is debatable at this point. Now there is a mess in Denver and Cutler might not be the type to just let it pass. (more…)

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