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Kentucky CalipariLate Monday night John Wall finally decided where he would be playing college ball in the coming months. According to rivals, this means that Kentucky adds its fourth five-star prospect to its 2009 recruiting class. Wall joins No. 2 ranked prospect DeMarcus Cousins, No. 22 Daniel Orton, and Eric Bledsoe who is No. 23 overall. Rivals also has Kentucky with two four-star prospects.

New programs, same result for Coach Calipari. (more…)


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RickPitinoYahoo! Sports is reporting that Louisville coach Rick Pitino is a candidate for the Sacramento Kings coaching job.

So let me get this straight; the best the Kings can do is Reggie Theus ficional coach from Hangtim on NBC Saturday mornings and now they are looking at a coach that has a 192-220 record as a coach in the NBA. Sounds like a plan Maloof bros.

Famous Pitino video after you jumpoff… (more…)

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Kentucky Calipari

“The Calipari Watch” has focused on a door in Memphis for the past 36 hours. Today it is official as Coach Cal signs an eight-year, $31.65 million contract. Now we can focus on a different “Calipari watch”.

calipari-watchLook at that flippin’ thing!

That’s how Coach Cal gets these recruits. I know I would take a liking to the guy wearing the $100,000 watch as oppose to the some dweeb in a sweater vest. Though Calipari still has to compete with the coach with the most bling of all… (more…)

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COACH CALIPARI 1 MURRAYKentucky has not only asked for, but also received permission to talk to Coach Cal. Furthermore they have reportedly already met. After meeting with the Kentucky brass this weekend, Calipari met with his players this morning to discuss his involvement with the opening. (more…)

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Nate Miles (left) with UConn's Hasheem Thabeet at the Hartford Pro-Am this past summer.

As you know Adrian Wojnarowski and Dan Wetzel over at Yahoo! Sports broke a story yesterday that the University of Connecticut violated NCAA rules in the recruitment of former guard Nate Miles.

The report claims that the university representatives “provided [Miles] with lodging, transportation, restaurant meals” and also far exceeded the constraints of contacting a high school junior including phone calls and text messages.

I’m not ready to throw Coach Calhoun under the bus as quickly as some people seem to be. I’ve heard that the entire legacy that Coach Calhoun has created is tarnished now. I can’t go that far yet. It’s unfortunate to say but this stuff happens at every major program–it’s just a matter of who gets caught.

I am no fan of the Huskies but have the utmost respect for the man. That being said; things looks very shady in this situation.


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Rick Pitino blogged out an apology to the fans of Louisville entitled “Sorry fans you deserve better”. It was a nice gesture but the real story here is in the follow paragraph:

In other seasons we could point to injuries or suspensions early on which led to our demise. Now it is very simple. Practice habits create a winning formula. We did not earn the victory. WKU earned that one. They should be congratulated. Very few players can practice without purpose or intensity and suddenly bring it game night. Although Iverson maybe the exception from what is rumored. But then again his record since joining the Pistons is 6-6 and there are no Allen Iversons walking through the YUM! Center.

It’s one of my favorite quotes from a coaches press conference of all time.

Did Pitino know what he was saying in this blog post? Is it a joke?  I don’t know but maybe Pitino can trademark the phrase just like Coach John Calapari did “Refuse to Loose” as his former teams motto at UMass.

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massachusett7Memphis and Massachusetts kicked off the college basketball season on ESPN last night at midnight. The game was close for the first half but in the end Memphis pulled away. It was a game full of story lines. UMass’s Coach Kellogg played at UMass in the early 90’s and was an assistant under Coach Cal up until last season. Also, one of Memphis’ senior leaders Antonio Anderson is the brother of a former UMass point guard and Vance Walberg the creator of the dribble drive motion offense also made the jump from Memphis to Massachusetts. The bottom line: even with only decent games this Hoops Marathon is awesome–I wish I was watching Penn @ Drexel right now.

81706858RS010_CLEVELAND_BROBrady Quinn looked solid while leading his Browns to a narrow victory over the Buffalo Bills. Welcome to the cellar Buffalo. The sexy pick in the AFC East, Bills, are now 0-3 in the division and 5-5 overall. A division that will begin to be sorted out this week with New England @ Miami and the Jets playing the Titans. On the other side, Quinn is just trying to build his resume and he is doing a pretty good job to this point. The bottom line: Cleveland has one of the better road records in the league at 3-2 but are only 1-4 at home.

Celtics Bucks BasketballKevin Garnett was suspended for the Celtics game against the Knicks tonight. You can see the anti-Garnett side of the case in this clip from the altercation with Andrew Bogut. Bogut is a fat slob who flails his arms around like an awkwardly fat kangaroo. The bottom line: I am still, and probably never will be, a fan of the foreign game–it seems a lot like soccer with players flopping everywhere… tough to watch.

large_pedroiabartendsToday is the day “the little pony” will become the Most Valuable Plater of the American League. From Rookie of the Year last year to MVP this year. The decision will be announced today at 2 PM ET. Pedroia was tied for first in hits with 213, had the most doubles 54, the most multi-hit games at 61 and let the league in runs scored with 118. He also collected his first gold glove at second base. The bottom line: when selected today, Dustin will be the first AL MVP with as few as 17 HR’s since Thurmon Munson had 17 in 1976.

Canadiens Bruins HockeyReportedly the Boston Bruins are in first place in the Northeast division and have are 8-1-1 in their last ten games. OWS can neither confirm nor deny these reports. But seriously, there has not even been a whisper of this to date on Boston sports radio or television (outside of NESN–partially Bruins owned). The bottom line: it’s going to take a bit more to get back into the hearts and minds of Boston.

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