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It broke last night that Kimbo Slice has reported to the Las Vegas set of the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter to begin filming. UFC President is catching some grief for the move but he shouldn’t be.

White originally said, “Kimbo Slice sucks, like I’ve said now for the last few months. This [expletive] guy can’t fight and he got knocked out in 13 seconds by a guy who didn’t win The Ultimate Fighter.” (more…)


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Remember Seth Petruzelli, the guy who knocked out Kimbo Slice and effectively destroyed a billion dollar company? As a matter of face do you even remember the Elite XC?

Well, Seth, maybe the only winner in the whole Elite XC mess, still has a sense of humor about the situation. This weekend Seth could be seen dressed as Kimbo Slice for Halloween.

That’s pretty damn hilarious. And not that I buy into the whole “Kimbo Slice is a crazy homeless street fighter” gimmick but this is also quite ballsy none-the-less.

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The closest rival to the UFC has decided to call it quits. Insiders and true MMA fans both new that the company was in pretty bad financial troubles but a few weeks ago their true situation become crystal clear when it was announced publicly that CBS had to front Elite XC 100% of the money to put on their last show. For this reason CBS had the rights to 100% of  any revenue the last show earned. This was when it became pretty evident that this financial situation along with a devastating loss by Kimbo Slice might be the beginning of the end for Elite XC.

It’s interesting that even though two of the three shows that Elite XC aired on CBS were ratings successes; they still could not find a way to make money in the fight business. This goes to show just how hard it is to run a fight promotion. Fighters tend to have needs and egos. They are like wide receivers and when you are a fight promoter you have to deal with 20 of them on any given night. They all want more money and more recognition. You want to give it to them but you have to run a company at the same time.

This is a big blow to Kimbo Slice and on an even sadder note Gina Carano. It is unlikely for the UFC to offer either a contract. This could also hurt Affliction, who gained a lot of exposure at the last Elite XC event through the fight between Andre Arlovski and Roy Nelson.

Two guys who could, and in my opinion should, get UFC contracts out of this mess; Jake Shields and Nick Diaz. Both were scheduled to fight for the championship of their weight class on November 8th but this has of course now been scrapped. In fact, that is how much of this story broke. GracieFighter.com, a partner of Diaz confirms that “…Elite XC has folded”.

This disaster for Elite XC still showed just how much the sport of mixed martial arts has grown and seemingly just how much the sport has the potential to grow in the near future. If a company like Elite XC that had little to no star power and very little business savy can pull the ratings they did on CBS then this sport has yet to see its best days.

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On PTI this evening Michael Wilbon and Dan Le Batard (two of my person favorites by the way) had a discussion about the Kimbo Slice-Seth Petruzelli fight that took place this past Saturday night.

The exchange went something like this: Wilbon implied that the fight was fixed, Le Batard asking Wilbon if he was saying pointblank that the fight was fixed and  WIlbon saying yes.

I don’t understand what WIlbon is saying. The only way this thing could be fixed is it Kimbo and his entourage put big money on Petruzelli just prior to the fight and thus making money from the loss. EliteXC would not fix this fight in the favor of an underdog over Kimbo, it makes zero sense. They just paid him half a mill for 14 seconds, why fix it and why fix it in that manner?

WIlbon, pretty much admittedly, knows crap about mixed martial arts. At the end of the show when they went to “stat boy” Tony Reali, he said it was sickening to listen to Wilbon talk MMA. Reali is a fan of boxing and mixed martial arts.

Again, I don’t know who WIlbon thinks fixed this fight but EliteXC and Kimbo both just lost a ton of money and something a lot worse. They both lost there legitimacy.

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EliteXC VP screams 'back of the head' as Slice goes down...

Ever wonder how it feels to single-handedly destroy a multimillion dollar company? The rise of EliteXC has been over a year in the making and the downfall took only 14 seconds.

Those who tuned in to the CBS broadcast initially saw Gus Johnson’s explanation and interview with Ken Shamrock saying he was not being allowed to fight per the athletic commission. This being due to sustaining a cut that needed 6 stitches above his left eye in a pre-fight warm ups. Shamrock was replaced by Seth Pettruzelli, a former Ultimate Fighter cast member who has fought in the octagon. Petruzelli was scheduled to fight on the under card but became the choice to be moved to the main event after the injury to Shamrock.

If you did not see the fight, Petruzelli TKO’d Slice in just 14 seconds. The worst part is none of the flurry of punches seemed to be that devastating. Still, Kimbo went down hard.

It is going to be interesting to see how EliteXC spins this. Make no mistake, this is a disaster for the company and thus for CBS. Saturday nights ratings were good just like they were during the inagural show on May 31. However, the Kimbo-less show in between May 31 and October 4th was a bomb. EliteXC does not have any other mainstream draws like Kimbo. EliteXC doesn’t not have a deep talent pool to create relevant fights for hardcore fans. EliteXC does not have a prayer without backing from Affliction or some other major shake up in the near future. As much as I want to see Nick Diaz fight for the lightweight title, the ‘CBS-Kimbo Slice crowd’ will not be as excited.

Would a Ken Shamrock headlined card draw? I don’t think it would. Ken versus his brother Frank? I don’t even think that would draw near the level of Kimbo. It’s sad but they need a gimmick fight to save the organization. The only name that I can think of; Tito Ortiz. This disaster could have just given Ortiz the leverage he has wanted in negotiations.

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I don’t care that Kimbo is getting a free ride to the top and main event status. I don’t care that Kimbo is green in this sport. I don’t care that Kimbo is not well rounded. I don’t care that Shamrock is way past his prime. I am excited to watch EliteXC: Heat.

Shamrock has only won once since 2002. There is no chance he can stand and bang with Kimbo. Ken’s only hope is to take Slice to the mat and work him from there. I just cannot see that happening. Not at all.

This would have been an incredible fight if it was ‘2008 Kimbo Slice’ vs ‘1996 Ken Shamrock’. I mean we have even seen Ken in similar fights back in the day. This is the draw fight; where the card as a whole is solid, probably the best to air on CBS.

You have Andrei Arlovski vs Roy Nelson. Arlovski is a former UFC heavyweight champion and Nelson is from the now defunct IFL and he was a champion there. This could be a slug fest. Also on the card is Jake Shields defending his Welterweight title. He is a legit world class fighter at his weight. Lastly, you cannot forget the lovely Gina Carano. These are 3 other worthwhile fights on the card besides the sideshow main event of Kimbo vs Shamrock.

EliteXC’s matchmaking is very contrived and seemingly setup to make who the powers at be want to win victorious. Take it for what it is, it should be an entertaining night.

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Kimbo Slice on Kimmell

Lots of news from Kimbo’s love life. Slice has a fiance and he also has 6 kids. He says he is “a good dad”. KImbo claims that he is abstinent for 2-3 months before a fight.

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