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So recently Ron Artest has gone to the Lakers, Shaq is now LeBron’s teammate, Yao might be done… forever, and the Celtics have been attempting to coax veteran Rasheed Wallace into Boston.

Ron Artest going to the Lakers cannot make the team worse (from an on paper standpoint), but as loose of a cannon as Artest has been, this seems risky bringing him to a team with so many other players who are going to be in the spotlight.  I know Artest has severely reduced his hot-head bad-boy image, but with Kobe, Gasol, Odom, Bynum, and Fisher, will Artest feel as though he is getting slighted?  My thoughts, good move, Artest will be fine.

Shaq going to the Cav’s is also a move that on paper makes sense (especially since both his and Big Z’s contracts are done at the end of the upcoming season, clearing massive amounts of cap room) but will bringing an aging, slow moving big-man to this team really be as blockbuster of a move as people are thinking it will be?  I think that it won’t be a terrible move, but I’m expecting the terms “disappointing” “lack luster” and “anti-climactic” quite a bit in next seasons coverage of the team.

Yao Ming potentially done forever, and as of now, at least all of next season.  This is huge news if for no other reasons than the NBA is potentially going to lose a player that was the face of the Rockets, a fan favorite, and the number one reason the NBA has been doing so well in China.  You could make the argument that the Rockets have not been much different record-wise when Yao was playing or out with injury, but a team truly cannot be better off without a big-man like Yao.  This one is kind of hard to tell how it will play out until we find out if it is permanent or only one season, but either way, terrible news for the Rockets, and terrible news for fantasy owners who like a 20-10 center on their team.

And last but not least, the Celtics are attempting to bring Rasheed Wallace to Boston.  Being a Celtics fan, I love this (from Massachusetts, don’t give me that front-runner crap).  I love this because even if they don’t get Wallace, it shows that the team and front office (as supposedly Grousbeck [CEO and c0-owner], Ainge[GM], Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Doc Rivers all went to meet with Wallace) are willing to make moves and bring in big names to stay on top.

Even in the off-season the NBA is exciting, and I can’t wait to see how these and other happenings pan out in the upcoming season.


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This picture perfectly reflects the new landscape of the NBA; LeBron and Shaq yucking it up with Kobe frowning in the background. (more…)

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shaq twitter

Literally one of the first things I thought about after the Lakers sealed the deal on Kobe’s 4th NBA title was in regards to Shaq’s famous freestyle post-Miami championship.

Well that is why God created twitter.

I truly don’t care what Stew Scott thinks about Kobe’s latest victory. I know what Magic thinks. Who are the Barry brothers to chime in? The most interesting opinion to me has to be that of Shaq. (more…)

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lebron yankee hatLebron decided to try to end the “handshake controversy” from the end of the Magic series by finally speaking to the media.

In this effort LeBron may have successfully made up for his actions so fans in Orlando and across the US can get passed this mistake. He is just a player who has a lot of emotion and a extreme desire to win.

The problem is he made these statements wearing a Yankee cap–making it ever so clear that he may not be so happy with his current situation in Cleveland. For LeBron it might be out of the frying pan and into the fire.

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I didn’t have the easiest time getting out of bed this morning. Hey, it happens. However, I’m thinking that David Stern is sprawled out somewhere, passed out after an all night binger.

Last night he, as we all did, watched the lowly Orlando Magic hold off the Cavs in overtime. This either sets the stage for a lack luster NBA Finals or the greatest comeback in the NBA Playoffs have seen in years. (more…)

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The clip above is a promo from Dream Season: 23 & 24. ESPN aired the hour long short film the other night. It is a great watch that documents the past year from the shoes of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. This is the kind of thing a sports league loves–gigantic stars, in their primes, battling.

That is whu David Stern must have been crapping his pants this morning at the NBA headquarters in New York. This can’t really happen can it? Could BOTH the Lakers and Cavaliers lose in the conference finals?

Sure the Magic have Dwight Howard, the charismatic defensive player of the year. Still, no one wants to see that. I want Kobe vs. LeBron. This match-up won’t just happen every year in the playoffs. Think about it; when Lebron is in New York he will still be in the Eastern Conference. On the other hand, Kobe is destine to finish his career in LA, the Western Conference. The only way they will meet is in the NBA Finals.

Yes LA won game one but they did not look like the better team for the majority of the game. A definite cause for concern going into game to for Lakers fans. I’d love to see a Los Angeles-New York final series down the road. Nonetheless, this is the year to see LeBron approaching his apex battle against Kobe at his.

For the time being we are going to be witness to two potentially great conference finals.

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manny-grill1The Dodgers have reportedly made Manny Ramirez an offer that would make him the second highest payed player in all of sports (behind A-Rod). The problem is that the years are where the Dodgers and Mr. Ramirez Boras might have a difference of opinion. The bottom line: this is a deal that only the likes of Boras and Ramirez could refuse.

nbaA big night of scoring in the NBA. Tony Parker had 55 in 2OT’s, Amare Stoudemire scored 49 and LeBron dropped 41 on the Bulls.The bottom line: it took 2 overtimes and 55 points from Parker for the Spurs to win their first game of the season (against the Timberwolves).

brown-faber-wecUriah Faber lost for the first time in the WEC last night to Mike Brown. Brown was a 4:1 underdog heading into the fight. Faber looked over confident and was too cocky standing up against Brown who has tremendous punching power for a 145 lber. Faber got knocked backwards (not knocked down but backwards and towards the cage) and he decided to fly back up and throw a spinning elbow. The elbow missed and Brown connected to Faber’s jaw. Faber went down and tried to cover-up but he could not recover from the punch. The bottom line: Brown is the new Featherweight champ and the WEC needs Faber to get back in the win column.

sonnen-filho-wecAlso last night at WEC 36 live on Versus; Chael Sonnen defeated Paulo Filho. As I predicted Filho looked awful. He looked like he did not want to be there and had no business being in the cage. There is definitely still lingering substance abuse and/or mental issues with Filho. It is extraordinarily sad to see a guy with that much talent having this much trouble. The bottom line: hopefully his good friends Anderson Silva, Gabriel Gonzaga and the Gracies can get him the help he needs.

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