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homer isotopesI was listening to the radio just the other day and heard a caller quote Homer Simpson before making a point. The radio host remarked something to the affect of, “Why is it that Homer Simpson seems to make perfect sense while others do not.”

I think I have found another case of this starring us right in the face. (more…)


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This piece of crap by T.J. Simers is asinine. He has penned many columns that have had people wondering why he is employed by the LA Times. This one, however, might take the cake.

Now I have no idea whether it was HGH, HCG, ABC or whatever letters of the alphabet Ramirez put into his body. I don’t care, although the mention of a female fertility drug does leave the door open for a punch line or two when he returns.

Remember this was posted today not yesterday. We do know what it was that caused the positive test and it was a female fertility drug called hCG.

Mike Fish over at ESPN.com, has a real piece of journalism: (more…)

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man-ram-steroidsThe LA Times is reporting this morning that Manny Ramirez will be suspended 50 games. Man-Ram has tested positive for performance-enhancing drugs and will be suspended starting today, The Times is reporting.

Manny is expected to attribute the test results to medication received from a doctor for a personal medical issue, according to a source familiar with matter.

Whatever. The dude was juicing. Once all of these “unexpected” names have been coming out– I knew Manny was going to be outed sooner or later.

My reasoning; Manny Ramirez’s forearms. Stick with me. When a guy has massive forearms either he lifts very often and has been doing so for quite some time… or… he is simply juicing. (more…)

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mannyYesterday the USA Today reported that Man-Ram stated that he would like to end his career in Cleveland. Day 1 in LA and Manny just alienated the only fans he has at the moment.

“I would like to play for Cleveland one more time, to go back where I started,” said Ramirez, with the Dodgers playing their home opener Monday against the San Francisco Giants at Dodger Stadium. “I have so many good memories there, why not?”

I agree, why not? But don’t talk about it during this season. You just pretended to want to get a long term deal done in Los Angeles and now the day of the home opener Manny is setting up for his next contract. (more…)

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young_manny_1991During a Q&A session at USC this past Friday Jose Canseco was asked about numerous players regarding potential steroid use. Ramirez’s “name is most likely, 90%,” on the list he said.

What this would seem to mean to me is that Canseco knows Manny did something but does not know if he actually tested positive for a banned substance during the MLB’s trial tests.

There are a million thing to be said about the characters that are, and the character of, both Manny and Jose.

That being said; how many times have Canseco been wrong about players using steroids?

Jose Canseco continues to take shots [LA Times]

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sports-stocks1arrow-down1Uconn Women’s Basketball; Undefeated, Again
On Tuesday Geno and the Uconn Women’s hoop team completed a 30-0 regular season. This is the fifth time Uconn has achieved a perfect record. That’s incredible. I suppose Geno doesn’t deserve the seven figures he makes either…
arrow-down1Packers and Brown; Zero meaningful Off-season moves
As of mid-week, neither the Green Bay Packers nor the Cleveland Browns had mad any impact in the free agent market this off-season. The Browns and Packers, who went a combined 10-22 last season, seem in no rush to turn things around. Not a single splash has been made and no one has even heard these teams in free agent talks.
arrow-down1Manny Ramirez; Says He Suffered for 8 Years in Boston
‘I won’, Manny said in his press conference on Thursday. Manny added, “Hey, sometimes it’s better off to have a two-year deal in a place that you’re going to be happy than have an eight-year deal in a place where you’re going to suffer.” So  Manny was suffering for those 7 seasons before last in Boston. He seemed to be enjoying himself before Boras convinced Manny that he could get another $100 million payday if the Red Sox didn’t have those 2 club option years; those bastard Red Sox, who put up with so much crap and catered to Manny for 7 years.

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I wanted to take a look at the richest contracts in MLB history and see exactly what the teams got in return on their investment.

This list will go from highest to lowest and the factor we are using is the average annual value on the contract.

roger-clemens-yankees1. Roger Clemens $28,000,022 (2007)
This, to this day, is the contract of all contracts. Clemens made about $4.5 million per month starting in May 2007. Odd but the biggest contract was for by far the shortest length of time; under 6 months. If you extrapolate it out he would have made over $28 million over an entire season.

The Aftermath: Clemens pitched in 18 games and went 6-6 with a 2.18 ERA. The Yankees ended up losing out to the Red Sox in the AL East race but did clinch the AL Wild Card.

2. Alex Rodriguez $27,500,000 (2008-2017)
3. Alex Rodriguez $25,200,000 (2001-2010)
A-rod signed signed with the Rangers after the 2000 season. The contract he signed was at the time the most lucrative contract in sports history. The deal was for 10-years at $252 million.

arod-texasOn February 15, 2004, the Rangers traded Rodriguez to the New York Yankees for second baseman Alfonso Soriano and a player to be named. The Rangers agreed to pay $67 million of the $179 million left on Rodriguez’s contract.

On November 15, 2007, the Yankees and Rodriguez agreed on a 10-year, $275 million contract.

The Aftermath: The Rangers decided they couldn’t afford the sufficating contract and passed it along to the Yankees. After arriving in New York, that post-season, the Yankees had a historic collapse in the ALCS. To top it all off, after the report came out, Rodriguez admitted to using banned substances from 2001 to 2003, citing “an enormous amount of pressure to perform” due to his large contract.

4 – 10 after the jump … (more…)

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