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pollardMike Reiss has the transcript from the Cassel introductory press conference in KC. Their is one Q and A that stands out above all the rest. That questions was of course about Cassel’s new teammate Bernard Pollard.

Q: Do you plan on meeting with Bernard Pollard at all?
CASSEL: “Oh gosh. Now he is a teammate and I know that it wasn’t intentional. Nobody likes to see anybody go down, I’m sure including himself. I will talk to him and say hello, say thank you for the opportunity, but you never want to see anybody get hurt out there.”

Thank you for the opportunity?! I guess Cassel is keeping it real.

I think Cassel just had the word ‘opportunity on his mind because he ended up using it 8 times in the portion of the press conference I read.

In any case, forget a thank you. Send some of the millions upon millions that you are about to make Pollard’s way.


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cal-40-year-old-virginI’m sure you had a nice weekend–the Broncos…not so much.

The Broncos were the most active team this past week with the signings of Jabar Gaffney, Brian Dawkins, Correll Buckhalter, J.J. Arrington and a personal favorite of mine long snapper Lonie Paxton. That being said, the weekend would prove to have no rest in store for the busy Broncos. (more…)

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cassel-to-chiefsIn a move that truly bring Cassel full circle, Cassel is now a member of Bernard Pollard’s Kansas City Chiefs. Cassel should send some of the signing bonus he will get over to Bernard, the man who launched Cassel’s rise to stardom.

This was a deal among friends. Belichick rewarded Pioli for staying in New England when he has had numerous opportunities to leave prior to this off-season.

The Bucs, Lions and Broncos were all interested in Cassel. There was a demand for his services. The demand for Cassel was large, and large enough that the Broncos thought Cassel to be a better option than pro bowler Jay Cutler. Whether they just wanted to block the Chiefs trade and keep Cassel out of their division or truly had interest in making him a Bronco is debatable at this point. Now there is a mess in Denver and Cutler might not be the type to just let it pass. (more…)

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Today is the first day in which teams can franchise players. Each team has the ability, each year, to use only one franchise tag. The salary the team will be paying is based on the top 5 salaries of the previous year.

This year the quarterback franchise number is $14,651,000.

I can tell you what will happen unequivocally; the Patriots will franchise Matt Cassel. I have said it all along.

So after franchising Cassel, assuming the Patriots will at least look into their trading options, what teams might be looking for a quarterback? How about Minnesota, Kansas City and Detroit. Now, what are these teams options at QB? (more…)

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Patriots Wrap Up FootballI want to enlighten everyone about the Matt Cassel situation.

The Pre-season

Way back in August there was a battle for who should be the number two quarterback of the New England Patriots. The competition was between Matt Gutierrez, Kevin O’Connell and Matt Cassel.

It was not going as well for Mr. Cassel as you might expect. Here are Matt Cassel’s pre-season numbers through the 4 games:

Comp Att Pct Yds TD Int
19 34 55.9 165 0 1

What people do not know is that the fans in New England were calling for his head. Everyone was convinced that the Patriots needed to bring in a veteran. Here is a ProJo article that expresses the common sentiment in New England.

I mean, there was little else to nitpick about… that is what happens when you have an undefeated regular season the prior year.

The Season

Of course, after all that talk about who would back-up Brady, it became all too real in the very first quarter of the season. Jinx?

Fast forward 17 weeks; the Patriots defy all odds to win 11 games. However, their season is over. The big question is… since Cassel is a free agent what do the Patriots do? Is Brady even ready to come back? If he is, will he be the same player?

The Off-season

The next question is will the Patriots use the franchise tag on Cassel? Yes, 100% yes. They will not let a player whose value is peeking right now walk away. There are two reason’s they will do this. One, they will trade him and control where he goes as well as getting picks in return. Two, he will play all or part of next year while Brady recovers.

It could be said, ‘Well, what if Brady is okay? Then you are paying a back-up QB nearly $15 million to hold a clipboard.’

Not necessarily. When you franchise someone you are giving your self the right to sign him to that deal you are not actually signing the deal at that moment in time. Thus, this gives the Patriots the opportunity to trade Cassel.

The ethics of the franchise tag

The franchise tag was not created to enable a team to control where a free agent player goes. But, in essence, this is what the Patriots will be doing. This comes only months after the Patriots front office apologized at the owners meetings for previously “stretching” the rules.

The Brady behind schedule story

This past Sunday Tom E. Curran posted a story at NBC Sports saying that he has been told that Brady is well behind schedule. Later that night Peter King refuted this statement. It has become a he said, she said situation. No one has divulged their sources.

I think it is not beyond the realm of possibilities that the Patriots might be placing this notion out there so they can justify the use of the franchise tag.

Regardless, the Patriots will be franchising Cassel.

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Three week seventeen games will be moved from 1:00 p.m. EST to 4:15 p.m. EST.

On CBS, the Dolphins @ Jets game will now have a late-afternoon kickoff. while Jacksonville @ Baltimore has also has been moved to a 4:15 p.m. EST start. On FOX, the Dallas @ Philadelphia game has been moved to 4:15 p.m. EST as well. The Broncos @ Chargers game will be the Sunday night game on NBC.

AFC East

The Dolphins control their own destiny. They win and they take the division, just one year after going 1-15. The Patriots need to win and either the Dolphins or Ravens lose. The Jets need a victory coupled with a Patriots and or Ravens loss.

The Patriots could potentially be the first team since the new playoff format in 1990 to have 11 wins and not make the playoffs.

AFC West

The resurgent Chargers earned the right to play for the division title yesterday with help from the faltering Broncos. That’s right, 15 weeks after the Chargers were screwed out of a win against Denver, those same Broncos will travel to San Diego in a re-match for the whole sha-bang.


I don’t think I’ve routed for the Chargers since Natrone Means suited up in the mid-9o’s.

NFC East

The Cowboys can clinch a playoff birth with a win while the Eagles clinch the wild card with a win against Dallas and losses by Tampa Bay and Chicago.

First, of all this is going to be a heck of a week of games; so much on the line. However, as a Patriots fan, it is awful not controlling your own destiny. The thought of having 11 wins and not making the playoffs is a very difficult one to deal with. A sentiment that Matt Cassel reiterated this morning on the radio.

The AFC West  should forfeit their playoff spot to the AFC East. Even the lowly Bills who are 0-5 in the division are 4-0 against the AFC West.

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eagles2Week 15 ended last night with a convincing win for the Eagles over the lowly Browns.  Donovan McNabb has played great since he was benched in Baltimore throwing 7 TDs compared to one int.  It also helps that they have found a balance between the run and pass.  The eagles are 3-0 in those three games and have put themselves in a position to make the playoffs.  In order to do that they need to win out and have Tampa lose to either San Diego or Oakland or have Atlanta lose to Minnesota or St. Louis.  Who would have thought that after that tie in Cincinatti? Or the embarrassment in Baltimore?

The Carolina Panthers can win home field advantage in the NFC playoffs if they win in the Meadowlands on Sunday night.  That would be huge for a giantspanthersteam that finished its home schedule 8-0 on the season.  They will be facing a reeling Giants team that has lost two in a row to the ‘Boys and Birds without Plaxico Burress and Brandon Jacobs, but it seems like Jacobs will be back for this one.  Crazily enough if the Giants lose this week and the Vikings win, the Week 17 matchup between the Vikings and the Giants would then be for 2nd in the NFC for the all important bye week.

afc-east1The AFC East continues to intrigue everyone as the Jets, Patriots, and Dolphins are all 9-5.  The Jets control their own destiny, if they win out they win the division.  The only problem with that is the Jets have to play on the west coast this weekend, traveling to Seattle.  On the year they are 0-3 in the western time zone losing to San Diego, Oakland, and San Francisco.  In my perfect world the Jets and Dolphins would win this week and then Chad Pennington would march into the Meadowlands and beat the Jets for the division crown on the last day of the season.  On a side note, our hearts go out to the Cassel family after his father’s passing last week.  What a courageous and inspiring effort from Matt in Oakland on Sunday.

Pittsburgh’s latest 4th quarter (allbeit controversal) has put them in position to play for home field advantage in the AFC playoffs.  They will play for it pittsthis weekend against the Titans, after Tenessee lost to Houston last week.  It won’t be as easy for the Titans either becuase Albert Haynesworth will be out until at least the playoffs.  In my eyes this is one of the most impressive regular seasons, Pittsburgh has put together. Here are some of their wins: Baltimore twice, Dallas, Washington, and New England.  Most of these wins have come without Willie Parker and with a banged up Big Ben.

chargersbroncoaLastly, the AFC West still stinks.  The Chargers beat the Chiefs somehow 22-21 to keep their sorry playoff hopes alive while the Broncos are now 0-2 in clinching the division after they got killed in Carolina.  Maybe the Bills are exactly what they need, but I would rather it come down to week 17 when the two teams matchup. Please NFL, LET ED HOCHULE DO THE GAME.

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