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I didn’t have the easiest time getting out of bed this morning. Hey, it happens. However, I’m thinking that David Stern is sprawled out somewhere, passed out after an all night binger.

Last night he, as we all did, watched the lowly Orlando Magic hold off the Cavs in overtime. This either sets the stage for a lack luster NBA Finals or the greatest comeback in the NBA Playoffs have seen in years. (more…)


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UFC 98: Evans (+160) vs Machida (-200)

It’s such a friendly betting line. Whether you believe Evans or Machida will win, these numbers beg you to put your money where your mouth is. Sherdog always has some pros pick the fights.

I like what Gabe Ruediger had to say:

I think Machida will win. I think his style will eventually force Rashad to initiate. Machida will counter and use his footwork to ensure that he fights his fight. I’m not sure which round — although something is telling me third — but Machida will win.

It’s actually something that you see a lot of people saying–Machida is always patient and if he can bait Evans to go for something a little wild… that could be all it takes for Machida to capitalize.

It’s hard not to put money on the undefeated Evans when you see a +160 next to his name though.

Full weekend line-up (more…)

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glen davis game winner pushThe Big Baby was the unlikely hero in game 4 for the Celtics.

Davis made a 21-foot jumper as time expired to give Boston a 1-point victory. What people might tend to forget is that Davis also hit a jumper in the final minute to put the Celtics up 1-point.

After the Finals concluded last year, Doc Rivers told the Big Baby to develop a jump shot in the 15 foot range. That is exactly what Davis did and it was on display once again Sunday night.

davis pushBig Baby not only gave the C’s fans a night to remember but in the process gave a small boy a story to tell on Monday morning.

After hitting the game winner, Davis ran up the sideline just beyond the Magic bench. Here he came into contact with a small child whom he abruptly tossed aside. The kid had some mass to him but Davis is no small fry.

If you haven’t noticed the Big Baby tends to get exceedingly excited sometimes.

Thanks to CelticsBlog for the animated GIF.

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Eddie House is one of those extremely streaky shooters. When he is on he is unstoppable. And when he isn’t he could star in the D-league. Maybe it is because of these hot and cold streaks but when Eddie gets hot he has a tendency to jump around the court throwing his arms up and yelling. I could see how this could get under an opponents skins.

That being said, it was a bit of a shock to see Skip To My Lou smack House in the head. House drained a three right in Alston’s face. I mean right in his grill. House’s elbow might have come down and grazed Alston–but that was solely a product of how close Alston was covering House. A second later Alston slapped House in the back of the head.

Not long after the incident, you could see that Alston knew he screwed up big time.

Alston should be gone for game 3. This puts the Magic backcourt at even more of a disadvantage; if that was even possible. Rondo dropped another triple-double last night.

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86012979JD002_BOSTON_CELTICI think this Bulls-Celtics series has given justification to the whole “where amazing happens” playoff promo.

The series has shattered the old seven-game series overtime record. The teams have seen a total of 7 overtime periods where the previous record was a mere 4. It almost seems impossible for the final game to not come down to the final seconds.

These games remind me of the Heat-Knicks playoff series from the ’90s. Most of all it reminds me of that moment when the brawl broke out and PJ Brown took control.  I was a PJ Brown fan back then when he was taking swings at Charles Oakley. And it was all capped off last year when he helped the C’s get back to the top of the NBA mountain.

Video after the jumpoff… (more…)

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Props to Denise Richards for having a sense of humor….And those funbags.


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Tonight’s Hawks-Heat game has still not sold out as of early this afternoon. Monday’s game in Atlanta did sell out the 19,000 or so seats at Phillips Arena. However, for tonight’s game there are still about 2,000 seats available.

Even the photo above. which is from the Hawks official website, depicts a Phillips Arena with only a scattering of fans at best. Similarly, the Heat have yet to sell out their upcoming 2 games in Miami.

What a disappointment for the NBA and these two franchises. It is one thing if in these times ticket sales are tough but the playoffs should be a different story.

Tickets remain for tonight’s Hawks game [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

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