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vince wilfork contract

In the midst of a high stakes contract negotiation Wilfork is staying positive:

“I’m not looking to sign this big-time, going-down-in-history, the best contract there is. I want to be comfortable, but at the same time, I want to be with the guys that I go to war with. That’s Ty Warren, that’s Richard Seymour, that’s [Tedy] Bruschi, that’s Richard Seymour. I don’t think I’ll find any better group of guys or coaches out there. So I don’t want to leave. I’m pretty sure we’re going to do everything in our [power] to make it work.”

That’s a lot of love being through around by Vince. This coming from a guy who is argueably better than Haynesworth. A guy who is the most important piece to the Patriots 3-4 defense. And a a guy who just watched Haynesworth sign a $100 million deal.

Wilfork is younger and has stayed healthier than Haynesworth. He has nearly as many tackles in two fewer seasons.

They are certainly two different players. That said, Wilfork can be the anchor in any teams 3-4 for years to come. He is not only an extraordinarily valuable piece to the Patriots defense but might truly be invaluable.

Wilfork continued to present himself as a great player and teammate…



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rex ryan jetsRex Ryan might want to shut his mouth–he isn’t in Kansas Baltimore anymore and he doesn’t have Ray Lewis and that defense to back him up.

Rex Ryan spoke to the New York media about the boldness of some of his team. On Monday, Kerry Rhodes, via his Twitter account, said, “We will be the best defense in the league this year.” When asked about his thoughts on the tweet Ryan said,  “I’m excited about that comment.”

Ryan also stated, “I never came here to kiss Bill Belichick’s rings… I came here to win, let’s put it that way…. I’m certainly not intimidated by New England or anybody else.”

The Patriots host the Bills in week one of the “Greatest Offense Ever Version 2.0 Tour”. Week two they travel to none other than the New kiss the rings bitchYork Jets stadium for their first meeting of the season. So, week one the Bills gets to feel the wrath of a hungry Brady who hasn’t seen the field in 12 months. Fun. Then the Jets get to try and slow down the “Greatest Offense Ever” after stating they are “the best defense in the league.”

Over/under Patriots point total week one and two combined: 60


Rex Ryan says he and his New York Jets aren’t intimidated by New England Patriots [NJ.com]

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Wilfork is entering the final year of the six-year contract he signed as a rookie in 2004. Wilfork will make $2.2 million this season. Of course this is undoubtedly much less than a top tier linemen. Not only that, but Vince has to have visions of Haynesworth money dancing in his head.

Also in the last season of his deal is Richard Seymour. In 2006, he signed one of the most lucrative deals for a d-linemen; a four-year agreement worth $30 million and almost $24 million in bonuses. (more…)

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tom brady throws a football

Cameras, that were suppose to be covering the NCAA Lacrosse National Championship, somehow found their way onto Tom Brady at Gillette Stadium yesterday. Brady was at the stadium because the team starts OTAs today.

Reportedly the next time camera’s will be allowed inside the facility will be on Thursday. It’s nice to know that Brady will be tossing something other than Gisele around in the coming weeks. And, hey, if nothing else this is a nice reminder that football is only a mere months away.

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cassel-to-chiefsIn a move that truly bring Cassel full circle, Cassel is now a member of Bernard Pollard’s Kansas City Chiefs. Cassel should send some of the signing bonus he will get over to Bernard, the man who launched Cassel’s rise to stardom.

This was a deal among friends. Belichick rewarded Pioli for staying in New England when he has had numerous opportunities to leave prior to this off-season.

The Bucs, Lions and Broncos were all interested in Cassel. There was a demand for his services. The demand for Cassel was large, and large enough that the Broncos thought Cassel to be a better option than pro bowler Jay Cutler. Whether they just wanted to block the Chiefs trade and keep Cassel out of their division or truly had interest in making him a Bronco is debatable at this point. Now there is a mess in Denver and Cutler might not be the type to just let it pass. (more…)

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Today is the first day in which teams can franchise players. Each team has the ability, each year, to use only one franchise tag. The salary the team will be paying is based on the top 5 salaries of the previous year.

This year the quarterback franchise number is $14,651,000.

I can tell you what will happen unequivocally; the Patriots will franchise Matt Cassel. I have said it all along.

So after franchising Cassel, assuming the Patriots will at least look into their trading options, what teams might be looking for a quarterback? How about Minnesota, Kansas City and Detroit. Now, what are these teams options at QB? (more…)

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We aren’t saying it’s true, that it’s close to happening or even at all realistic. However, credible sources say that there is not evidence that it ISN’T happening.

The rumor is that Weis wants out of South Bend and would be welcomed back in New England as Belichicks offensive coordinator. Well why is Gruden the guy for Notre Dame? Well, Gruden seems to want to coach this year rather than take a year off. Although no one really seems to be able to get a grasp on his thoughts or intentions. Plus, back in 2007 Gruden was linked to Notre Dame after an awful start to the season by Charlie Weis. Obviously these reports never came true but there does seem to be some indelible connection between the two parties. (more…)

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