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Well as we enter the final week of the regular season of the NFL, I have only 2 suggested lines.

NY Giants moneyline over the Minnesota Vikings (+245).  I feel like the way the Giants have been playing as of late, it is tough to tell who will show up, but with a big win over Carolina last week, I think they have a little momentum and +245 on a team that has been so good this year is tough to pass up.

Carolina Panthers -2 against the New Orleans Saints (even).  I think Carolina takes this by a touchdown, but with a spread of 2 they are covered with a field goal anyway.

-Always remember kids, only gamble what you can afford-


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nflWeek 15 kicks off tomorrow night with a rematch of the 2005-2006 NFC Champiosnhip game between the Bears and Saints in Chicago.  Both teams come in at 7-6 as the loser will be all but eliminated from playoff contention.  The Bears still have a shot to come back and win the NFC North but the saints cannot win their division.  The Saints are 1-5 on the road this season, Bears should win this one.

The Eagles could very well be in the wild card lead by the end of the eagles1weekend.  They are currently behind Dallas and Atlanta who play the Giants and Buccaneers respectively, while Philly hosts Cleaveland on Monday Night.  Who thought that after the tie in Cinicinatti and getting throttled in Baltimore?

afc-eastMiami can win the AFC East.  They are tied with the Patriots and Jets atop the division, with a date in East Rutherford to face the Jets in week 17. They don’t have a tough road to get there either, they host San Francisco and go to KC before that matchup.  You have to commend this squad for what they are doing this season, especially Chad Pennington and Tony Sporano.

The Panthers can play their way into the top seed in the NFC by winning panthersout.  After running all over the Bucs on Monday night, for 299 yards the Panthers have put themselves in good position to make a deep playoff push.  You wouldn’t want to go to Carolina in January as they are 7-0 at home this season. 

The Broncos can win the AFC West with a win or a San Diego loss.  Why are both Western Divisions so bad?

slatonHow good are this years rookie running backs? There are 3 in the top 10 in the NFL in rushing. Those being (in order) Chris Johnson with 1,094 yds, Matt Forte with 1,081 yds and Steve Slaton with 1,024 yds.  That group doesn’t even have the #4 overall pick Darren McFadden who hasn’t been able to get on the field enough to be productive.

Enjoy the excitement of December football.

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I noticed we received a comment from someone at docsports.com on our NFL week 6 picks post. As has already been publicized, this past weeks NFL picks were the worst yet. They were bad. All three of us went under .500 and pretty well under for that matter.

However, interestingly enough I had a great weekend as far a sports betting goes.

It all started Saturday afternoon. I didn’t have any intention of placing a wager but I was browsing the lines over at my favorite online sportsbook and I saw that Michigan State was only laying 2 on the road against Northwestern. I’m thinking I like MSU, a lot. The line is so small because Northwestern is undefeated for the first time in forever BUT they haven’t played anyone. So I take Michigan State; and win pretty easily due to a 17-0 first quarter.

The next morning I wake up after a late night of watching the Sox blow it in extras to look at the last minute lines for NFL week 6. Now, of course I have looked at them before making the picks for this site and thus I am familiar with them. I have already had some ideas in mind. I’m still on the New Orleans bandwagon, a bandwagon that I built before the season and has seen everyone fall off. I liked them giving 6.5. They cruise, as you know, to win by 31.

At the same time I liked the Packers to bounce back against the Seahawks. The Packers were actually still getting a couple points at this point so I took them.

The Saints roll and the Packers win in a relatively decisive fashion as well. Good stuff. The last game that I liked all week was the Giants. They have looked great all around and the Browns offense is terrible. They were only laying a TD. I never like giving more than 6.5 unless I’m really, really confident. Needless to say I was not that confident and I did not pull the trigger. The Browns went on to hand the Giants there first loss. I avoided one there. If that spread had come down as opposed to moving up from -7 to -9 like it did, I might have been on it.

All in all, 3-0 for the weekend.

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It’s tough to wrap up this past weekend in the sports world. There was a ton going on and some of that business is still unfinished. What did we learn so far?

  • NFL upsets continued yesterday and into the night including; Chiefs over Broncos, Tampa over Green in the battle of the Bay’s, Washington over Dallas and the Bears beating the Eagles.
  • It was also a weekend filled with dangerous hits and serious injuries.
  • Matt Bryant lead his team to a big win after enduring a tragic week.
  • Ninety-one points were scored in the Meadowlands on Sunday, including 6 TD’s from Favre.
  • The last weekend in baseball saw some crazy races that came right down to the wire.
  • The Mets collapse again and no one gets fired. The Brewers hang on to win the Wild Card after firing Yost.
  • The White Sox play the Tigers today in a make-up game. If the Sox win then they will face the Twins in a one game playoff.

  • Linehan is out and Haslett is in.
  • The Saints are back. That offense is great just like last year but will the defense be enough to hold teams under 30 points consistently. Either way it will be fun to watch.
  • The Browns and Bengals back to their old selves. Ugly stuff, Ohio.
  • The NFC East is unearthly good while the AFC West is proving to be ungodly inconstant.
  • Go White Sox! I want to see this one game playoff again this year. This could be a great post season for baseball. It seems really wide open overall.
  • No more baseball in Shea or Yankee Stadium. No post season for either. What a way to go out for the Mets… again.
  • Jay Cutler is the next Brett Favre, just uglier and more diabetic. Too soon?
  • All three of my college football picks went terribly wrong. Shocking (Those being Purdue +1, UNLV -4 and Fresno State -7.5). In my defense, I was brought into the Boilermaker’s bet by a friend.
  • It should be another great week in the sports world! Looking forward to it!

And that’s what we learned.

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Today is Wednesday September 17.

1920-The National Football League organizes in Canton, Ohio. 12 teams pay $100 to join the association.

1947-Jackie Robinson named rookie of the year

1961- Minnesota Vikings first NFL Game, beating the bears 37-13

1967- New Orleans Saints first NFL game, losing to the Ram 27-13

1984- Reggie Jackson hits #500 as a California Angel

1993- Nolan Ryan records his final ML Strikeout, #5,714, striking out Angels catcher Greg Myers.

1996- Hideo Nomo No-hits the Rockies at Coors Field, winning 9-0. He struck out 8 and walked 4.

2004- Barry Bonds hits his 700th Home Run off of San Diego’s Jake Peavy

Happy Birthday to Mark Brunell, George Blanda, Dan Haren, John Franco, Phil Jackson, Rasheed Wallace, and Alexander Ovechkin

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When the opening lines came out on Monday, the first thing that stood out to me was the Saints @ Redskins game on Sunday at 1 o’clock. Even today as I have seen some books giving the Redskins a point, (and also some giving the Saints a point) I don’t care. I think the Saints are going to cover any spread under 3 easily.

It isn’t so much how poorly the ‘Skins played against the Giants; I thought and still am not unconvienced that they are going to be a solid team this year. It also is not a product of how well the Saints played this past week. They did not play that well.

The last couple days it has come out that Marques Colston is not playing and will be out for several weeks. The question is; can a division 1AA, third year player have enough of an impact on this game to swing people from putting action on the Saints? I love throwing in the 1AA thing (and yes I still call in 1AA). I;m a big Colston fan but there are other weapons in New Orleans.

That being said, I think the Saints will improve upon last week’s performance. Their offense, and Brees in particular, are big play machines. They had three plays of 39 yards or more that resulted in a touchdown in week one. None of which were to Colston. Sure his presence as a number 1 wide out and a thousand yard gainer the past two years played a role. None the less I just love the Saints in this contest. One point of improvement that the Saints must make is in the run stopping department. They cannot let Portis run wild; and believe me the ‘Skins will give Clinton plenty of chances to get it going (i.e. their passing game is a bit suspect).

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Ahhh NFL preseason. Or as I like to view it as, fantasy football scouting.

Arizona vs. New Orleans


Matt Leinart QB– Much like wide receivers, the third year is typically the year when quarterbacks break out. Judging from yesterday’s preseason game, Leinart may not have gotten that memo. Though Kornheiser couldn’t help mentioning Leinart’s beer bong escapades he also kept praising Leinart’s passing. Each major pass I saw Leinart complete was to wide open receivers. The rest of the time he was either running (well, Bledsoing) due to the lack of a solidified offensive line (and oft penalized) or trying desperately to get rid of the ball to anyone in front of him. Even if a quartback is 7/8, a one-yard pass to inflate numbers does not count. Additionally, these are the saint cornerbacks we’re talking about.

Draft Opinion: Continue to monitor during the next three preseason games. Could be worth drafting thanks to Fitz and Anquan Boldin.

Tim Hightower RB Draft this rookie in your fantasy football leagues. He had a fantastic two series against a very much improved Saints front seven. Anytime someone can run on Charles Grant, Will Smith, and Sedrick Ellis, color me impressed. Ken Whisenhunt is very high on this rookie. High enough to cut Marcel Shipp. Thus, Hightower will see much more action, especially in goal situations. Furthermore, since Edge is approaching the magical age of thirty in which running backs begin to break down and get injured, Hightower could end up being the starter and a steal in the late rounds.

Draft Opinion: If you can get him towards the end of your fantasy draft, pull the trigger.

Steve Breaston WR Was a great return man last year and is reportedly having a phenomenal camp. Had a good game and looked great in the number two role opposite Fitz. Will win the number three receiver job.

Draft Opinion: Based upon past history, Anquan Boldin will get injured for a 1-3 games sometime this season. Also, with the trade rumors still persisting, Breaston could again be a good late round guy to draft that could end up a good fantasy play for spot duty.

New Orleans

Drew Brees QBLooked fantastic. Much improved from his first four games last year.

Draft Opinion: Obviously a good draft option.

Reggie Bush RB– Reggie had a tough game. The two runs over five yards he did have both got called back because of holding. The speed is still there. However, he appears to still have a tough time running between the tackles.

Draft Opinion: Bush is looking like an overrated number two fantasy running back and actually a W/R and nothing more. Keep monitoring his preseason progress.

Robert Meachem WR- Had good statistical game. However, I was must impressed when he hit an extra gear to catch up to an overthrown Mark Brunell pass for a sixty yard touchdown. He has the potential to be the number two receiver opposite Marcus Colston and could easily win that role with guys like David Patten as his competition.

Draft Opinion: Could be a good late round flyer

Adrian Arrington WR- See Meachem above.

Final Conclusion: Out of this game you can take away that Hightower is a potential sleeper and Drew Brees appears back in form.

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