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arrow-down1Fassel to coach in UFL

Former New York Giants coach Jim Fassel will be the coach of Las Vegas’ team in the United Football League. Fassel went 60-56-1 while coaching the Giants from 1997 to 2003. He took New York to the Super Bowl following the 2000 season, where it lost to the Baltimore Ravens.

arrow-down1Edgerrin James done in ‘Zona
People close to the team seem certain that James is gone. James would cost the Cardinals $5 million in 2009 if he stayed. James should thank Coach Wiz for at least letting him salvage a bit of his free agent marketability in the playoffs. Before that, in the last 10 weeks of the season James carried the ball a whopping 32 times. At least he has fresh legs…

arrow-upPat reaches the Summit
If we are going to talk about women’s college basketball, we are going have the dumbest headline possible. Pat Summit, head coach of the Lady Vols, reached 1,000 wins for her career last night. I don’t care if you have a thousand wins in DIII field hockey or 1,000 wins against your buddy in NHL 2009; 1,000 wins at anything is damn impressive. It is certainly worth the 4 sentences and 30 seconds I spent writting about it here. Congrats, Pat.

arrow-down1George St-Pierre’s slippery slope
BJ Penn’s camp have filed an official grievance against GSP’s corner. This story is taking away from what should be the biggest win in GSP’s career. It is detrimental because there is so much pointing towards some foul play; the fact that the athetic committing had to speak with GSP’s corner during the fight and also including the picture of GSP’s cornerman with Vaseline in his hand. Let’s hope the win was legit. This is a dangerous, dangerous thing to do it it’s true because someone could get very badly hurt.


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Well as we enter the final week of the regular season of the NFL, I have only 2 suggested lines.

NY Giants moneyline over the Minnesota Vikings (+245).  I feel like the way the Giants have been playing as of late, it is tough to tell who will show up, but with a big win over Carolina last week, I think they have a little momentum and +245 on a team that has been so good this year is tough to pass up.

Carolina Panthers -2 against the New Orleans Saints (even).  I think Carolina takes this by a touchdown, but with a spread of 2 they are covered with a field goal anyway.

-Always remember kids, only gamble what you can afford-

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This week there really aren’t any lines that jump out at me, but I am taking the following two:

Carolina Panthers moneyline over the New York Giants (+160). The Giants have been less than their usual stellar lately, and Carolina is coming off a couple big wins.

Atlanta Falcons +3 against the Minnesota Vikings (even). If this was in Atlanta, I would take the moneyline (+150) but I am not that confident in Atlanta away from home.

-Always remember kids, only gamble what you can afford-

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eagles2Week 15 ended last night with a convincing win for the Eagles over the lowly Browns.  Donovan McNabb has played great since he was benched in Baltimore throwing 7 TDs compared to one int.  It also helps that they have found a balance between the run and pass.  The eagles are 3-0 in those three games and have put themselves in a position to make the playoffs.  In order to do that they need to win out and have Tampa lose to either San Diego or Oakland or have Atlanta lose to Minnesota or St. Louis.  Who would have thought that after that tie in Cincinatti? Or the embarrassment in Baltimore?

The Carolina Panthers can win home field advantage in the NFC playoffs if they win in the Meadowlands on Sunday night.  That would be huge for a giantspanthersteam that finished its home schedule 8-0 on the season.  They will be facing a reeling Giants team that has lost two in a row to the ‘Boys and Birds without Plaxico Burress and Brandon Jacobs, but it seems like Jacobs will be back for this one.  Crazily enough if the Giants lose this week and the Vikings win, the Week 17 matchup between the Vikings and the Giants would then be for 2nd in the NFC for the all important bye week.

afc-east1The AFC East continues to intrigue everyone as the Jets, Patriots, and Dolphins are all 9-5.  The Jets control their own destiny, if they win out they win the division.  The only problem with that is the Jets have to play on the west coast this weekend, traveling to Seattle.  On the year they are 0-3 in the western time zone losing to San Diego, Oakland, and San Francisco.  In my perfect world the Jets and Dolphins would win this week and then Chad Pennington would march into the Meadowlands and beat the Jets for the division crown on the last day of the season.  On a side note, our hearts go out to the Cassel family after his father’s passing last week.  What a courageous and inspiring effort from Matt in Oakland on Sunday.

Pittsburgh’s latest 4th quarter (allbeit controversal) has put them in position to play for home field advantage in the AFC playoffs.  They will play for it pittsthis weekend against the Titans, after Tenessee lost to Houston last week.  It won’t be as easy for the Titans either becuase Albert Haynesworth will be out until at least the playoffs.  In my eyes this is one of the most impressive regular seasons, Pittsburgh has put together. Here are some of their wins: Baltimore twice, Dallas, Washington, and New England.  Most of these wins have come without Willie Parker and with a banged up Big Ben.

chargersbroncoaLastly, the AFC West still stinks.  The Chargers beat the Chiefs somehow 22-21 to keep their sorry playoff hopes alive while the Broncos are now 0-2 in clinching the division after they got killed in Carolina.  Maybe the Bills are exactly what they need, but I would rather it come down to week 17 when the two teams matchup. Please NFL, LET ED HOCHULE DO THE GAME.

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sports-and-the-economySports and the Economy looks at the effect the current economic conditions are having on sports leagues, teams and fans across the country.

basic_ppfIt has long been thought by many that sports are recession proof. Fans for many teams will always come to games and thus these teams will be able to shell out money for talented players (see the Sabathia deal).

However, the NFL announced today that they would be cutting about 150 jobs after the Super Bowl. This coming from the most successful of all the major North America sports leagues.

The NFL. has a total of about 1,100 employees. These employees are located at the NFL’s New York headquarters, at NFL Films in New Jersey and their Los Angeles office that is home to something called the the NFL Network as well as NFL.com.

It’s tough to take that the current economic climate still allows for CC Sabathia to get a $160 million contract while (I’m going to hate myself for using this reference) ‘Joe the Plummer’ is getting laid off over at NFL headquarters.

The payroll for NFL players has ballooned to over $4.5 billion while those 150 jobs that the NFL is cutting will likely not even amount to close to eight figures (less than $10 million); in other words smaller than the signing bonus that Plaxico is going to have to give back to the Giants.

I guess it is a common lesson in allocation of resources. Who would have thunk-it but apparently the NFLPA (players union) is a bit stronger than any union over at the NFL Network or NFL.com.

All we can hope for now is that Adam Schefter is on the NFL’s short list of recession casualties.

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nygThe Giants are hands down the best team in the NFL.  After beating Washington 20-7 in DC on an emotional day for the ‘Skins, Sean Taylor’s Induction in the ring of honor.  Eli Manning had his first 300 yard day of the season without Burress


The New York Jets came up small after 2 convincing road wins over New England and Tenessee in losing to the confusing Broncos 34-17.  Last week it looked like The Jets were going to be in line to afcget a first round bye, but after they lost and the Steelers dominated the Patriots, it looks it is the Steelers to lose.  Something to ponder still: the Jets play San Fran, Buffalo, Seattle, and Miami while Pittsburgh plays Dallas, Baltimore, Tenessee, and Cleaveland.

williamssThe Minnesota Vikings are winning the NFC North at 7-5 but their season could be determined tomorrow by the NFL.  Their two defensive tackles, Pat and Kevin Williams, are looking at possibly being suspended for faling a drug test for a banned diuretic.  If the two are suspended the heart and soul of the Vikings defense will be surely missed and the division title will not come as easy.

How good is the NFC South?  The Panthers went into Lambau and won 35-31, Atlanta went into San southDiego and won 22-16 and Tampa beat New Orleans at home 23-20.  The Panthers and Bucs are tied at 9-3 and play on Monday Night next week while Atlanta is 8-3 and travel to New Orleans.  I think the Bucs are the most complete team in this division but any team can pull away and win it.  Good luck winning at anyone’s home stadium in this division as the teams are a combined 22-2 at home so far.

cadillacCarnell Williams scored a TD in the Bucs win over New Orleans culminating a long road back to playing after blowing out a knee.  It was his first TD in 14 months.


Additional Stuff: Tonight is the first time Monday Night Football will show the Houston Texans.  The last time MNF was in Houston Rodney Hampton led the Giants over the Oilers in 1994.

Tampa Bay and New England will play in London next year.

Ken Dorsey will start for the Browns next week after losing Derek Anderson.

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