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nba draft knicks booThis little kid turned his thumb down when the camera hit him after the Stern announced the Knicks first pick.

It’s funny because I was watching the draft and thinking to myself about how good Jordan Hill should be in the NBA. This kid can play. Just because the New York fans did not stay up to watch him play at Arizona doesn’t mean he wasn’t a great pick. In fact he was nearly a consensus pick at that point. Once Stephen Curry went off the board, taking a guard with that 8th pick was a no go.

When Curry was picked just 1 pick before the Knicks, the crowd went nuts and erupted with boos. We knew going in that if Curry wasn’t there that whoever the Knicks picked was going to get a rude welcome.

Back to the small child who doesn’t enjoy Jordan Hills game; his father took it upon himself to turn that wrist upside right. Picture after the jumpoff… (more…)


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That’s right, verse number 3 around the 1:00 mark is indeed Stephen Curry’s worldwide rap debut. The song is a parody of Asher Roth’s “I
Love College” and appears to be about the Davidson dining commons. (more…)

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Cablevision DolansCablevision is the 5th largest cable provider in the USA. The majority of customers are in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

They have a subsidiary called Madison Square Garden, L.P. This subsidiary owns the Madison Square Garden arena as well as majority stakes in the professional sports teams that play there—the New York Knicks, New York Rangers, and New York Liberty. The subsidiary company also owns the Hartford Wolf Pack and operates Rentschler Field.

Of course these holings also include TV rights for the Knicks, Rangers, Liberty as well as the New York Islanders, New Jersey Devils and Red Bull New York.

This morning Cablevision announced the consideration of a MSG spin-off network causing shares to jump as much as 18 percent. Cablevision climbed $3.22 to $21.55 in New York Stock Exchange trading at by just 10:03 a.m. Management has since declined to give details of its plans causing shares to fall back.

Cablevision Posts Profit, Mulls MSG Spin-Off [WSJ]

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kg-stephon-marburyDoes a Marbury experiment make sense for both sides?

Starbury has made approximately $130,275,320 over his NBA career. That includes the deduction of the $2 million he gave back to the Knicks yesterday as they finally agreed on a buyout.

The current report is that once he clears waivers Friday morning Marbury will sign with the Celtics for a prorated veteran minimum of $1.3 million for the rest of the season.

Head Coach Doc Rivers was publicly opposed to the signing of Marbury a few short weeks ago but has seemingly either come around or been forced to deal with ownerships want for Marbury.

Marbury has been an issue nearly everywhere he has played. So,why would the C’s bring in a distraction such as Marbury when they have such good chemistry? (more…)

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Nate Robinson is still infatuated with the 2006 hit comedy Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Last night, co-star Will Ferrell was in the front row at the Knicks game against the Pacers and Nate wanted to give him a good show.

If being guarded by the 6’3″ Jarrett Jack didn’t make Nate look enough like a small child than this certainly did. (more…)

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How Online Gamblers Unmasked Cheaters – (CBSnews.com)

While Witteles was losing $15,000 to the apparent novice, other high stakes players began to notice improbable and endless winning streaks on Absolute Poker’s sister site, “Ultimate Bet.”

David Paredes, a Harvard grad who has made enough money playing poker to pay off his law school loan and live in an expensive New York apartment, got fleeced by a player called “Nio Nio.”

Asked how much he lost, Paredes tells Kroft, “I’m probably down somewhere in the range of $70,000 to that particular player.”

Paredes says there were other players who lost higher sums. “In the range of $250,000, $90,000, $70,000, $210,000.”

Here is the video segment from 60 Minutes.

Stephon Marbury banned from Knicks’ facilities – (NJ.com)

Stephon Marbury took barely 15 minutes yesterday to hear Donnie Walsh’s proposed exit strategy for what has become yet another publicly embarrassing situation for the Knicks. He then angrily left the MSG Training Center in his Rolls Royce with his driver and his NBA Players Association representative, but without the most important item of the day: a buyout agreement.

Hampton signs with Astros – (AJC.com)

The AJC’s David O’Brien reports that Hampton accepted less money than the Braves were offering to sign with the Astros. O’Brien also reported that Hampton is going through a divorce and wanted to be closer to his children in Arizona.

As a Braves fan, are you sympathetic with Hampton’s plight and thus understand his decision to leave the Braves, or would you have rather have him around in ‘09 now that he’s finally healthy? In an informal poll since the story broke Monday evening, more than 65 percent of the 3,500 respondents said it was time for Hampton to move on.

United Football League has eye on Mike Vick – (NYDailyNews.com)

Is there football life for Michael Vick after his scheduled release from federal prison next summer?

According to Michael Huyghue, commissioner of the United Football League that is set to launch next fall, the answer is yes.

“I do think he would be the type of player that would be a great player for this league,” Huyghue told the Daily News, echoing remarks he made to Sports Illustrated in August. “I still continue to believe that we might prove to be the best type of buffer for a player like Michael Vick before he returns to the NFL. Obviously there are some things that would have to happen. No one has a crystal ball. Presumably he would still be suspended.”

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Our NBA preview continues with a lookat the Atlantic Division.

Boston Celtics: Last year 66-16, NBA Champs

Starting Five:PG Rajon Rando SG Ray Allen SF Paul Pierce PF Kevin Garnett C Kendrick Perkins Key Reserves: Leon Powe, Patrick O’Bryant, Eddie House, Tony Allen, Glen Davis, and their mascot Brian Scalabrine

Projections: The Celtics are a great team with an unbelievable bench. Powe gives them great energy off the bench.  The big three of Allen, Garnett, and Pierce are still there and will carry them through the season.  We will see how they react to being the hunted in the much improved Eastern Conference.  I also think Allen will struggle this year. I really like Rondo, especially if he can knock some shots from the outside.

Player to watch: Rajon Rondo

New Jersey Nets:  Last year 34-48, 10th in the east

Anticipated Starting Five: PG Devon Harris SG Vince Carter SF Bobby Simmons PF Yi Jianlian C Josh Boone Key Reserves Keyon Dooling, Sean Williams, Eduardo Najera

Projections: This team is in a bit of transition. After trading away Kidd and Jefferson they look weaker. I have been a Devon Harris fan but he and Carter cannot carry this team.  We will see what this team can do. They do have one positive: they will play the Knicks 4 times.

Player to Watch: Josh Boone

New York Knicks: Last year 23-59 14th in the east

Anticipated Starting Five: PG Chris Duhon SG Jamal Crawford SF Quentin Richardson PF David Lee C Zach Randolph Key Reserves: Eddy Curry, Stephon Marbury, Mardy Collins, Nate Robinson, Danilo Galinari

Projections: The Knicks are bad and Mike D’antoni will not help that much, at least not yet.  This team is a joke and has been for a couple of years.  It’s too bad also, the garder is an amazing place but it doesn’t matter when that is the product they put on the floor.  Maybe they will get Lebron in 2 years.

Player to Watch: Chris Duhon

Philadelphia 76ers: Last year 40-42, 7th in the east.

Starting Five: PG Andre Miller SG Andre Iguodala SF Thaddeus Young PF Elton Brand C Samuel Dalembert Key Reserves: Lou Williams, Kareem Rush, Reggie Evans, Theo Ratliff, Royal Ivey, Donyell Marshall, Mareese Speights

Projections: This has been one of the teams to watch in the Eastern Conference after a great offseason.  There is no doubt the sixers will be good but I think it will take sometime.  I don’t see them running out of the gate that strong but they will gel sooner or later. I really like them to push for a first round home playoff series. I see big contributions from their bench also.

Player to Watch: Lou Williams

Toronto Raptors: Last year 41-41, 6th in the east

Anticipated Starting Five: PG Jose Calderon SG Anthony Parker SF Jamario Moon PF Chris Bosh C Jermaine Oneal Key Reserves: Andrea Bargnani, Jason Kapono, Kris Humphries Joey Graham

Projections: The Raptors are good. They do have some glaring weaknesses though, depth is the biggest one.  Roko Ukic is their backup PG?? Their starting five is good maybe even better that good but with essentially two power forwards, can they play inside at all.  They are going to make the playoffs but they still have a lot of questions to answer.

Player to Watch: Jamario Moon

Projected Standings

1. Boston Celtics

2. Philadelphia 76ers

3. Toronto Raptors

4. New Jersey Nets

5. New York Knicks

Key newcomers: Elton Brand (Phi), Jermaine Oneal (Tor), Yi Jianlian (NJ), Mike D’Antoni (NY)

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