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AL East standingsThe AL east is finally back to normal—for now at least.

Yesterday, the Rays gave up a 10 run lead to the lowly Indians. A-rod went 5-5 at the plate. The Jays lost their 7th straight game.

After all of this the Red Sox and Yankees are one and two in the standings with the falling Blue Jays just a half game behind New York. (more…)


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Maybe the Daily News and the Yankees need to rethink their ad placement.

Last night Yankee fans were allegedly told by Stadium staff that the game was canceled and that they should go home. Around 9 PM the first pitch ended up being thrown as the Yankees did not want to have back to back off days.

After an entire article defending the Yankee fans and bashing the Yankee Stadium staff, the Daily News wants you to buy your Yankee tickets through their site.

Yankees fans told Red Sox game cancelled, not let back into Stadium [NY Daily News]

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Say what you want about Jon Miller’s announcing style. Like him or not, Jon Miller was very excitable as he was witness to one of the rarest plays in all of baseball. This was a nice change of pace after listening to Joe Buck call Saturday afternoons contest.

Buck has long been known to show little emotion in extraordinary times. Watching/listening to Ellsbury steal home, I couldn’t help but wonder what it would have sounded like on FOX.

One of the most intriguing plays in all of the game and I wouldn’t put it past Buck to not even elevate his voice one bit. On a similar note, look at JD Drew’s reaction… an ever so slight head nod. Get excited JD, get excited.

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The Times has a great feature that shows the inner working of the New Yankee Stadium.  It’s quite spectacular. Now I know what $1.6 billion plus buys you nowadays.

Maybe most impressive is the amazing Mohegan Sun sponsored bar/restaurant that overlooks center field.


Check out the full 3D flash feature for yourself.

Yankee Stadium: A New Monument [NY Times]

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Joe Torre showing some cleave

joe-torreTorre looked as if he rolled out of bed yesterday morning to have a small press conference. The point of the little media get together was to assure everyone that he wanted Manny to be a Dodger this coming season.

Also high on the list of priorities was showing how ‘lax things are in LA in comparison to New York… he let his shirt do the talking.

I’m not saying the shirt was completely unbuttoned… BUT… I am yet to see visual proof of any buttoning, at all,  on the part of Torre.

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It has been an interesting offseason for many of Major League Baseball’s marquee free agents. And when I say interesting I mean, things aren’t going so well…

Some lofty expectations, sometimes brought on by agents and sometimes by the players themselves, seem to be leaving some people with some bruised egos.


Andy receiving word that he just lost $4.5 mil.

Andy Pettitte
The 36-year-old hurler was perturbed when the Yankees wanted to cut his salary from $16 million to $10 million.

Pettitte and the Yankees agreed yesterday to a $5.5 million, one-year contract.

The guaranteed money is less than half New York’s original $10 million offer. However he can make an additional $6.5 million in bonuses. This includes $4.5 million based on innings and $2 million based on days on the active roster. While he would earn the entire amount if he pitches 210 innings and doesn’t go on the disabled list. So for Andy that’s four and a half million dollars down the drain.


'Tek with accused mistress Heidi Watney

Jason Varitek
The curious case of Jason Varitek. ‘Tek now has until Saturday to sign the offer placed on the table by the Sox.

The offer is a one-year offer for a guaranteed $5 million with a dual option for 2010. This means that the Sox have a $5 million option on the Jason for that season; should the team decline to exercise the option, Varitek subsequently can return to the team at a salary of $3 million. (more…)

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One time will be doing some serious last minute Christmas spending. Reaction as more news becomes available.

Nationals reportedly up the ante for Teixeira (Boston Globe)
Yankees lurking in Teixeira hunt (ESPN)

Update: Yankees sign Teixeira to 8 year $170 $180 million deal

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