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See how sad retiring makes Favre?

See how sad retiring makes Favre?

So when I woke up this morning at noon HST (thats 6pm Eastern) I turned on ESPN and what was the first thing I saw? Brett Favre to talk to Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress. Are you serious? I was a fan of Favre on the Packers, I would have never bought his jersey, too cliched and I was not a Packers fan, but he was fun to watch, I liked his style, and he was a good guy. I lost a little respect for him when he retired, and came back, and retired again, and them came back for the Jets. Not only did I dislike the wishy-washy nature of his “retiring” but also being a Patriots fan from Massachusetts, I could not root for a Jets player. Favre then proceeds to start the season hot, and end it in disparaging fashion, Jets players in the locker room don’t like him, the front office doesn’t want him back, and come April, release him. I thought “too bad for Brett, a lack-luster end to a Hall-of-Fame career, but it is all for the better.” Now this story about his meeting with the Vikings breaks.

Its over Brett, time to hang up the pads, frame the jersey, and spend some time with wife. After his last season, it would be tough not to have a better season than that if he came back, but it is just not worth it. Now if by some miracle he comes back, has an awesome season with the Vikings, I will be the first to eat my words and apologize, but that WON’T happen. If he comes back, it will just further tarnish his reputation as a person and player. Do yourself a favor Brett, go meet with Childress, have a couple beers, reminisce about the good ole days, and fantasize about what a phenomenal thing it would be for the Vikings and yourself if you came out of retirement and led the charge to a Superbowl, but then realize its all fantasy, shake hands with Childress, thank him for the beers, and go home. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.


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matthew-staffordSo as I sit sipping a glass of Bulleit Bourbon trying to relax after a long day of work, I log onto Yahoo Sports and see that Matthew Stafford will indeed be the number one overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft, and could make $78 million over the next 6 years, with $41.7 guaranteed.  Holy Shit.

I am all for everyone making as much money as they possibly can in any way they can, but $41.7 million guaranteed on a guy who has never taken a pro-snap in his life is borderline ridiculous.  I don’t hold it against Stafford or his agent in any way, I mean hell, more power to him, but the Lions, and the NFL contracts for first round picked rookies in general is getting a little out of hand.

As many of you know, one of the issues on the upcoming Collective Bargaining Agreement in the NFL is going to be whether or not rookie pay should be more strictly regulated.  I am all for it.  I don’t think that NFL players should make less, if a team is willing to pay them, and has cap room, pay them… as long as they have proven themselves in the NFL.  How many players like Tim Couch have been drafted, payed well, and done a whole bunch of nothing as a pro.  Basically I have no problem with a player like Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Troy Polamalu, or Wes Welker making millions per year.  I just don’t think that rookies, no matter how good they are expected to be, should be the highest paid player on the team.

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I am sure by now everyone has heard that Josh McDaniels is the new head coach of the Denver Broncos (See 2 articles below), so I am not here to give you the inside story or breaking news, instead I am going to give pure opinion on the hire.

Oddly enough, my two favorite NFL teams are the Broncos and the Patriots, so this is an interesting situation.  I don’t like to see McDaniels leaving New England; he has done great there, and would continue to do so if he stayed.  At the same time I am not entirely thrilled to see him go to Denver.  Granted a presence such as his will do wonders for a young quarterback like Cutler (assuming McDaniels is not just a product of Belichick , Brady, Cassel, and the WR’s), but right now, an offensive minded coach is not really what the Broncos need.  I was personally hoping the rumors of Spagnuolo as a possibility would come true, because he has done wonders as the Giants defensive coordinator, and let’s be blunt, the Bronco’s defense is, well, a joke.

I am not saying McDaniels does not have the potential to be better than the Shannahan of late (he was losing his touch), but I think the Broncos could have done better, and I would have liked to see McDaniels stay on in New England.

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Survivor Pool Picks

So I have no idea why I did not start posting this earlier, but I am involved in a survivor pool, rules are as follows.

Picks must be in midnight before first game of the week.
You must pick the moneyline winner, no spreads involved.
You cannot pick a team more than once.
A no-pick, late pick, or repeat pick is an automatic strike.
Winner take all.

So far here are my picks:
Week 1: Eagles over Rams, W 38-3
Week 2: Giants over Rams, W 41-13
Week 3: Bills over Raiders, W 24-23
Week 4: Panthers over Falcons, W 24-9
Week 5: Titans over Ravens, W 13-10
Week 6: Redskins over Rams, L 17-19
Week 7: Texans over Lions, W 28-21
Week 8: Jets over Chiefs, W 28-24
Week 9: Bears over Lions, W 27-23
Week 10: Cardinals over 49ers, W 29-24
Week 11: Dolphins over Raiders, W 17-15
Week 12: Steelers over Bengals, W 27-10
Week 13: Cowboys over Seahawks, W 34-9
Week 14: Patriots over Seahawks, W 24-21
Week 15: Colts over Lions, W 31-21

This week I am taking the Saints over the Lions.  As of now I am 14-1, hoping to move to 15-1.  So if you are still alive in a suicide pool or a survivor pool, my recommendation would be to go with the Saints if they are available.

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This week there really aren’t any lines that jump out at me, but I am taking the following two:

Carolina Panthers moneyline over the New York Giants (+160). The Giants have been less than their usual stellar lately, and Carolina is coming off a couple big wins.

Atlanta Falcons +3 against the Minnesota Vikings (even). If this was in Atlanta, I would take the moneyline (+150) but I am not that confident in Atlanta away from home.

-Always remember kids, only gamble what you can afford-

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So this week I didn’t really find any good lines, but it wouldn’t be the same watching football without some small risk.

I am not necessarily recommending these lines, but these are the lines I am taking this week.

Minnesota Vikings moneyline over the Arizona Cardinals (+155). I feel this game could go either way, so this is a risky bet.

Denver Broncos moneyline over the Carolina Panthers (+270). This one is almost guaranteed not to pan out, but I love the Broncos, and if it does, it will hit big.

Again, not recommending either of these bets, but I always enjoy wagering a little.

-Always remember kids, only gamble what you can afford-

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sports-and-the-economySports and the Economy looks at the effect the current economic conditions are having on sports leagues, teams and fans across the country.

basic_ppfIt has long been thought by many that sports are recession proof. Fans for many teams will always come to games and thus these teams will be able to shell out money for talented players (see the Sabathia deal).

However, the NFL announced today that they would be cutting about 150 jobs after the Super Bowl. This coming from the most successful of all the major North America sports leagues.

The NFL. has a total of about 1,100 employees. These employees are located at the NFL’s New York headquarters, at NFL Films in New Jersey and their Los Angeles office that is home to something called the the NFL Network as well as NFL.com.

It’s tough to take that the current economic climate still allows for CC Sabathia to get a $160 million contract while (I’m going to hate myself for using this reference) ‘Joe the Plummer’ is getting laid off over at NFL headquarters.

The payroll for NFL players has ballooned to over $4.5 billion while those 150 jobs that the NFL is cutting will likely not even amount to close to eight figures (less than $10 million); in other words smaller than the signing bonus that Plaxico is going to have to give back to the Giants.

I guess it is a common lesson in allocation of resources. Who would have thunk-it but apparently the NFLPA (players union) is a bit stronger than any union over at the NFL Network or NFL.com.

All we can hope for now is that Adam Schefter is on the NFL’s short list of recession casualties.

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