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bj_rajiAccording to SI.com a source has informed them that B.J. Raji failed a drug test at the NFL Combine. It is also known that during his time at Boston College he failed a drug test prior to the 2008 season. The report states the the first failed test was due to the presence of marijuana. The reason for the second failed test is unknown at this time.

I’ll give you two guesses and you’ll only need one.

Raji is no stranger to non-football issues. He was benched during the first half of a 2006 game after throwing a punch at a Central Michigan player a week earlier. It seems like many people also over look the fact that Raji also sat out the entire 2007 season due to academic issues.

Raji is was a consensus top 10 pick in the upcoming NFL draft. Many Mock Drafters have him going in or around the top 5.

The Raiders still have the 7th pick; so if Crabtree is gone, Raji might have too irresistible of skills a rapsheet for Al Davis to pass on.

Source: Defensive tackle Raji tested positive at NFL Combine [SI.com]

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Why I voted for Charlie Manuel as Manager of the Year – (Chron.com)

“As much as it hurt to do it, I was not the least bit numerical in casting my first vote for Manager of the Year in the National League.

After all, what do you even look at?

Best record? Not a great way, there are vast talent differences.

Wins per payroll dollar spent? Not really, payroll is more closely related to a team’s average age than it is their ability.

Outperforming projections? Maybe the projections were off or the players got better on their own.

All of those are factors to consider, but in picking Charlie Manuel of the I-didn’t-then-know-that-they-would-be-World-Champion Phillies it wasn’t really a statistical decision like Cy Young was.”

Japanese team drafts teen girl – (SI.com)

High school student Eri Yoshida was drafted by the Kobe 9 Cruise, a professional team in a new independent Japanese league that will start its first season in April.

“I always dreamed of becoming a professional,” Yoshida, who is 5-feet (152-centimeters) tall and weighs 114 pounds (52 kilograms), told a news conference Monday. “I have only just been picked by the team and haven’t achieved anything yet.”

Yoshida throws a side-arm knuckleball and says she wants to follow in the footsteps of Boston Red Sox pitcher Tim Wakefield, who has built a successful major league career throwing a knuckleball.

Fassel writes Al Davis: I want to coach Raiders – (SportingNews.com)

Jim Fassel sent a handwritten letter to Oakland owner Al Davis indicating his desire to coach the Raiders, several publications are reporting.

Fassel’s letter reminded Davis of their longtime relationship and his admiration for the Raiders’ organization, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

The newspaper cites a source claiming Fassel is the first to express “real interest” in pursing the coaching position.

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trophyI don’t know why I have not been posting this on a weekly basis, but for that I apologize. I am apart of a pretty large suicide pool. For those of you who don’t know what that means, it is a pool where you pick one winner every week and you cannot use the same team twice. It sounds easy but my league started with 100 people in it and it is now down to nine and I am one of those people. Here is who I have used so far. In week order: New England, NYG, Seattle, Jacksonville, Dallas, NYJ, Tampa Bay, Houston, Philly, Carolina. As you can see I have picked some good teams but still have a lot of good teams left. This week I am looking at two games. Oakland @ Miami and Houston @ Indy. I am very confident in both Indy and Miami. Oakland has scored 6 points in the last two games and there has been some turmoil in Houston over the last week.

My Pick: Miami Dolphins.

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hall1After trading a second and fifth round pick and signing Hall to a 7 year $72 million, the Raiders have parted ways with the veteran cornerback.  The raiders have started 2-6 and were absolutely embarrassed by the falcons last week. 

Hall was apparently asked to restructure his deal but declined, leading to his release.  This move is supposed to start a string of moves where multiple Raiders will be looked at and possibly cut in the very near future. The only move that make the Raiders better would be Al Davis stepping down, he is over the hill and cannot make good personnel moves any longer.

The Raiders had already paid $8 million to Hall in a signing bonus and guaranteed veteran salary.

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I noticed we received a comment from someone at docsports.com on our NFL week 6 picks post. As has already been publicized, this past weeks NFL picks were the worst yet. They were bad. All three of us went under .500 and pretty well under for that matter.

However, interestingly enough I had a great weekend as far a sports betting goes.

It all started Saturday afternoon. I didn’t have any intention of placing a wager but I was browsing the lines over at my favorite online sportsbook and I saw that Michigan State was only laying 2 on the road against Northwestern. I’m thinking I like MSU, a lot. The line is so small because Northwestern is undefeated for the first time in forever BUT they haven’t played anyone. So I take Michigan State; and win pretty easily due to a 17-0 first quarter.

The next morning I wake up after a late night of watching the Sox blow it in extras to look at the last minute lines for NFL week 6. Now, of course I have looked at them before making the picks for this site and thus I am familiar with them. I have already had some ideas in mind. I’m still on the New Orleans bandwagon, a bandwagon that I built before the season and has seen everyone fall off. I liked them giving 6.5. They cruise, as you know, to win by 31.

At the same time I liked the Packers to bounce back against the Seahawks. The Packers were actually still getting a couple points at this point so I took them.

The Saints roll and the Packers win in a relatively decisive fashion as well. Good stuff. The last game that I liked all week was the Giants. They have looked great all around and the Browns offense is terrible. They were only laying a TD. I never like giving more than 6.5 unless I’m really, really confident. Needless to say I was not that confident and I did not pull the trigger. The Browns went on to hand the Giants there first loss. I avoided one there. If that spread had come down as opposed to moving up from -7 to -9 like it did, I might have been on it.

All in all, 3-0 for the weekend.

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Crap, I feel for Kiffin. Who didn’t see this one coming? I’m talking 20 games ago.

We have all had that crazy boss but our crazy boss’ did not have billions, access to the media. and our jobs were not in the public eye. Of course, this is in reference to Al Davis.

What were both parties even thinking in this hook up? Alright, so Kiffin is obviously going to take the career advancement, increase in pay and entry into the record books as youngest head coach in NFL history. And, Davis looks at Kiffin as someone he can completely control.

It’s like a bad one night stand. One person can’t refuse this sexy opportunity and the other is just on the rebound looking to have their way with someone if only for a fleeting moment. Since Gruden left the Raiders, Davis has been a coach-slut. Bill Callahan for 2 seasons, Norv Turner for 2 seasons, Art Shell for 1 and Kiffin for 1 and 1/4th. Now on to Tom Cable who will likely not be there next spring baring some miracle. That means there will likely have been 6 head coaches since 2002 when next season rolls around.

I have a theory. I think this is Jon Gruden’s fault.

Gruden left a solid Oakland team to take over the reins of a solid Buccaneers team. Both teams were so solid they meat in the Super Bowl in Gruden’s first season in Tamp. Al Davis seemed to go off the deep end after seeing his former coach doing so well with his new girlfriend. That girlfriend being the Tony Dungy built Bucs. So to clear this up. Gruden f’d Davis and Dungy. Now Davis is taking these out on the last 5 hood-rat coaches in Oakland.

These coaches never had a chance. Davis wasn’t looking for anything serious. He just wants to get his for a while and then move on to the next coach.

Seriously, I hope Kiffin gets a NFL (position) coaching job next season, works his way up and gets another shot down the line. And seriously, I hope Al Davis comes to his senses and hands over control. They can still prop him up at press conferences and put a mic in front of him… just don’t turn it on. Everyone will be happy, as happy as one can be in Oakland.

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