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Which MLB opening week incident made you happier?

This incodent curtessy of Blue Jays fans caused the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario to suspend alcohol sales at the Rogers Centre for both of this month’s “Messin’ With Recession” games. These games allow fans to purchase tickets for $4.

So not to be shown up, Phillies fans had an incident of their own on opening day. As AJ over at Deadspin writes, “Even though the frustration of 28 championship-less years has more or less disintegrated, there’s obviously still a lot of bite with these puppies.”



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cutler-jerseyIt finally happened. After weeks of drama Cutler is out of Denver. The Cutler Bet goes to the underdog. I won! Cutler is now a Bear. McDaniels might have let go the “franchise QB” but he didn’t exactly get the shaft in return. The Broncos received Kyle Orton and three picks — including the 18th overall pick this year and a No. 1 next year.

It makes sense; two No. 1 picks for a guy who has never lost in the playoffs. Oh… he was never won a game yet either… But he has been impressive in his two full years as a starter… try under .500 with a 17-20 record.

It seems more and more like McDaniels made out like a bandit in this one. The only problem is you still don’t have a QB Josh!

More on the weekend… (more…)

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jc-romeroJ.C. Romero’s MLB career is a bit intriguing. He was drafted in ’97 by the Minnesota Twins and made his major league debut 2 years later as a reliever.  In 2000 and 2001 the Twins tried Romero as a starter. Over these 2 years he went 3-11 with an ERA around 7.00.

In 2002 the Twins moved J.C. to the ‘pen. That very year he went 9-2 in 81 appearances racking up a 1.89 ERA. However, for the next 3 years (2003-2005) he could not perform on a steady basis.

In the December 2005 he was traded to the Los Angeles Angels. That season Romero never reclaimed that dominant form. After the season he was granted free agency.

He signed with the Boston Red Sox for the start of the 2007 season. In 23 appearances Romero had a respectable 3.15 ERA. On June 8th the Red Sox removed him from the 25-man roster to make room for Mike Timlin. Whoops. Within two weeks he was released and signed by the Phillies.

That season in Philly he appeared in 51 games and had a stellar 1.24 ERA. This past season Romero kept this form to the tune of a 2.75 ERA over 81 games.

When the Phils’ picked up Romero after the Sox released him our OWS colleague Mike and I joked about how the hell Romero was making this turnaround.

Yesterday whether we got an answer or not is debatable, but we definitely got a punchline. Romero was suspended 50 games for testing positive for an MLB “banned substance”.

That is that… but I have some points to raise. This is how I thought that MLB banned substance program worked; I thought there were two separate time tables. Listed below:

Positive “prohibited substances” test result:

  • First offense: 15 to 30-day suspension or up to a $10,000 fine
  • Second offense: 30 to 90-day suspension or up to $50,000 fine
  • Third offense: One year suspension or up to $100,000 fine
  • Fourth offense: Two year suspension

Positive “steroid” test results:

  • First positive test: 50 game suspension
  • Second positive test: 100 game suspension
  • Third positive test: lifetime ban

Now if Romero is getting the 50 game suspension without pay doesn’t that sound like a steroid suspension? But, it is being reported solely as a “banned substance”. There is a pretty large difference.

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I know this is long overdue, and I was very lazy for not putting this up two weeks ago but whatever I was busy and they were on someone else’s camera.   However, here are some pictures of my experience at the Phillies World Series Championship Parade.  The Parade lasted about 3 1/2 hours.  It started at 17th and Market in Center City, then went around City Hall and went down Broad St until they hit the stadium complex.  Both the Linc and Citizens Bank Park were full of fans.  Citizens Bank Park is where Chase Utley made his great speech. World Champions….World Fucking Champions, Awesome.

img_0106 img_0111

img_0114 img_0109

img_0130 img_0083

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The Philadelphia police have reported 76 arrests to date, thus far exceeding my over/under of 25. The parade through the streets of Philadelphia is set for today at noon. The mayor has stated that he wants good behavior during the event. Bottom line: yeah, that will happen… good luck with that one

Andrew Bynum signed a $58 million contract extension to keep him in Los Angeles through the 2012-2013 season. This coming just days after Andrew’s 21st birthday. That buys a lot of strings of bowling. I had a couple friends in elementary school who through birthday bashes at bowling allies. Bottom line: if Bynum did the same, his party would likely be better

South Florida and Cincinnati showed us just how awful the Big East is. On tap this weekend, West Virginia visits Connecticut in a battle for #1. Both teams still play Pittsburgh if they can get their act together. Bottom line: one of these teams is going to get a major bowl…

Both Obama and McCain will appear on Monday Night Football this week. They will be asked questions by Chris Berman. Yeah, this can’t go terribly wrong. No better a way to spend the night immediately preceding an election but chillin’ on Monday Night Football. Bottom line: they should do a punt, pass and kick skills competition for an extra 5 electorial votes

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