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The Garden was bumpin’ last night with some of the best teams in the country in town for the weekend.

#1 Pitt vs. #4 Xavier
My friend and I decided to place a wager on the game to make things more interesting. We wanted to take Xavier +7 but when we contacted the bookie he said he had the line at +6.

It was like the scene in Casino when Pesci and De Niro are talking to a gambler who asks what the line is on a certain game. De Niro responds with a number .5 below the line the man received from his bookie. The man then asks aloud, “Why am I l85329035TL039_Pittsburgh_Paaying 7 then”? Which Pesci responds with, “Because your a f-cking jackoff. That’s why.”

That’s how I felt as Pitt stormed back, like a f-ing jackoff. We knew it was a busted spread but wanted the action anyways.

Karma reared it BEAUTIFUL face in the final seconds. Xavier inexplicably fouled with two seconds left (Two seconds!) sending Pitt to the line with a change to move their lead from 4 to 6.

So to make the moment even more intense, Wanamaker makes the first free throw effortlessly. Forget ‘nothing but net’, I don’t think this shot even hit the net. It was perfect. If he makes his second free throw we push and all is lost.

Remember, at this point, Pitt has sealed the deal. We are sitting near Xavier fans who are dead silent as there team has let the game slip away in the second half. Wanamaker readies himself and shots. HE BRICKS IT COMPLETELY! We stand up and shout in excitement among the Xavier fans we have been cheering with all game.



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headlineYour mind boggling headline of the day provided by the New York Times. Really Times, really?

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td-banknorth-gardenThis years East Regional is at the Garden in Boston. I happen to have a few tickets to the event.

Tickers for the East Regional are going for over $400 (in my section) on StubHub. What kind of fan would I be if I sold them though? These prices are in comparison to the other regions which are not even reaching $200.

Although each of the four regions are stacked and obviously, at this point have good games, the east region is probably the most interesting.

#1 Pitt vs. #4Xavier, Thursday @ 7:27 p.m. ET

pittThis game has the best chance of the #1 seed getting upset. Pitt is still a great team but they are making it interesting for their fans. Pitt’s Sam Young has been more than outstanding. For the Panthers to move on he is going to have to continue on his way to MOP of the Tourney.

xavierXavier, as always, is flying under the radar. The now seemingly perennial Atlantic-10 conference cream of the crop had another great season. It seems like no one knows it but they have non-conference wins over Missouri, Virginia Tech, Memphis, Auburn and Cincinnati as well as wins over Dayton and Temple. In their last tourney game they beat up on Wisconsin on the second half showing some heart after a close game up until halftime.

#2 Duke vs. #3 Villanova, Thursday @ 9:57 p.m. ET

duke1You have to think that this is a better match-up for the Blue Davils than the Longhorns were. ‘Nova is a small team just like Duke. If these teams are having good offensive nights this one could be a shootout. The only games with higher over/under’s right now are the ‘Cuse game and the UNC game.

If this game comes down to one player making a big play or two for his team, I would have to take Gerald Henderson over just about anyone in the nation.

villanovaI think I am going to where my Villanova tee to the game in hopes to get into it a little bit with some Duke fans. I’m not certain about my plans for graduate school so I wasn’t sure I’d ever get to see Duke play in person. On a similar not, it’s somewhat rare to get to see this type of national power house programs under one arena roof. Needless to say I am excited.

More on the East and the other Regionals in the coming days.

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big-east-bracketThe field is set and the bracket is out. You know it’s a hell of a tournament when Connecticut is a 3 seed! That’s right Uconn ends the season 15-3 in conference play and is thus tied with Pitt. Pitt dominated Uconn, beating them twice, and is thus granted the tiebreaker which gives them the 2 seed.

Wait, those are the two best teams in the conference. Aren’t they? Who is the 1 seed? Maybe the most overlooked and underrated team in the country are Rick Pitino’s Louisville Cardinals. They are your Big East regular season champs.689-e18d9f86d5164341bcaf7dc5350089d3standaloneprod_affiliate79_medium

After early season, non-conference, stumbles against Western Kentucky, @Minnestoa as well as UNLV; Pitino has his kids playing well at the right time.

Their next game will be Thursday at Noon against either Providence, Cincinnati or DePaul.

Wait, DePaul? The team that is at the very bottom of the Big East? 0-16 DePaul? (more…)

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cal-40-year-old-virginIt seems like some guys just can’t stay out of the news. This weekend was no exception for the media darlings that are Terrell Owens and Alex Rodriguez.

On the opposite side of the spectrum; the smaller conferences had a chance to shine as teams tried to punch their ticket to the dance.


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How do you neutralize a 7’3” shot blocking machine?

DeJuan Blair figured out that it would be very difficult for Hasheem to block shots at his normal pace if he was on the court (literally) early in Monday’s game in Hartford. That in mind, Blair played physical with Thabeet early and often. (more…)

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73154601SL005_Miami_v_NorthScott had a long list of schools eying him. He narrowed his choices down to Connecticut, Miami and Pittsburgh last week and said he would decide shortly. Miami and Pittsburgh are two of my favorite schools while Connecticut is on the exact opposite end of that spectrum.

So naturally, ever since I heard this story I was eagerly anticipating Durand’s decision. That decision came today and his decision was Miami.

Uconn was at one point thought to be the number one choice because current Huskies freshman Kemba Walker was Scott’s teammate in high school.

”When I took my visit to Miami, I knew it was the place I wanted to be.”

When you compare Miami to Hartford and Pittsburgh, there really is not a comparison at all. Miami is a natural recruiter.

So too is Coach Frank Haith really looks to be moving this basketball program to a place that it has never really been in recent years; relevancy.

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