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james harrisons pitbull patron

Harrison’s agent says the super bowl hero’s 2-year old son was bitten on the thigh after his mother let their pitbull out of its pen Thursday afternoon. Also hurt during the incident were the mother and the player’s massage therapist.

Anytime you have to keep a dog in a cage it is probably an unsafe environment for a 2-year old.

Harrison’s nickname is “pitbull”. Thus, of course, James needs to have a pitbull to represent how tough he is. Believe it or not the pitbull is named Patron. The beast is pictured above. (more…)


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Super Bowl XLIII Football

James Harrison, spent, on the ground of the endzone after running back that 100 yard interception. I have to say I was in a similar place after that play…

When I first saw the ball land directly in the hands of Harrison I was ecstatic. A moment later I was thinking what I always think when a defensive player gets their hands on the ball, ‘Go down! Don’t fumble after making a great play!’

I then quickly realized that was not an option. Harrison had room, lots of room. He was going to go for as far as his legs could carry his massive 245 pound frame. I stood up and yelled for him to keep going as Breaston gained ground.

As he flopped into the endzone I was near hysterical. Why? No not because it’s a great story that this perennial practice squad-er was the NFL’s defensive player of the year. Rather, because I made an insane prop bet that Harrison would win Super Bowl MVP. (more…)

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Mike Reiss spoke to a league spokesman who had this to say:

“[McGahee] had completed the catch and was a runner. Helmet-to-helmet contact is legal in that situation as it is for any ball carrier (running back, quarterback, or receiver). Helmet-to-helmet contact is prohibited against defenseless players (defined as a receiver in the process of making a catch or a quarterback in the act of passing).”

This incident was a legal hit by definition. This is a great analysis of the way it is laid out in the rule book. Still, Ryan Clark doesn’t sit well with me. The Steelers are one of my favorite teams in the NFL and have been for a decade. That being said, I still cannot seem to root for this guy.

This hit seemed close to the “launching yourself” definition which I don’t even know if it is illegal anymore. I know it was at one point. That was my only problem with it.

If you recall, Clark layed a huge, dirty hit on Wes Welker back in Week 13.

This hit on Sunday was not nearly as dirty but it was just as dumb. Clark put not only McGahee but also himself in danger. Clark, who ended up on his back for several minutes, had just as good a chance of hurting himself as he did McGahee. In my mind, it is pure stupidity on Clark’s behalf.

I would have been hard pressed to feel bad for Clark had he been seriously injured or, better yet, had he ended up having to miss the Super Bowl.

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This week the two games are drastically different. In the AFC we have two of the favorites all season. On the other hand, in the NFC we have a match-up that no one would have believed prior to the season (Arizona) or even midway through (Philly).

I believe I am 5-3 so far in the playoffs as far as picks go.


A home playoff game in Arizona? On Championship weekend? Really?

I’m not even going to think about the on the field, football aspects within this match-up. You have to take into account the total body of what is happening to accurately assess the outcome.

Arizona is playing out of their minds. That is something that you cannot account for when looking at stats or even looking at the entire season they have played. Remember the Giants last year? This team stumbled into the post-season but once their they have been playing some of their best ball.

Like a good novel, I have a plot twist. You think I’m on the Cardinals but…

You have to look even deeper now. Philadelphia is the current home of the World Series Champion Phillies. They broke the Philadelphia championship drought this fall. Now look at the New England Patriots and Boston Red Sox of this decade. Dominate in both sports. History always has a way of repeating itself. Philly has been to 5 NFC Championship games now. What better story than both major Philly teams breaking their loosing streaks in the same year?!

Karma Pick: Philly


I’ll actually talk a bit of football regarding this one. This is a football game. A defensive battle between the number one and number two ranked defenses in the NFL this year. Hard hitting and tough old school football for the true football fanatic.

I think that you honestly have to give the edge to the Steelers in every aspect of the game.

One of the more important keys might be that the Steelers have the superior running game with Willie Parker which has proven to be a key aspect of being able to beat the Ravens. Last week Chris Johnson was averaging 6.5 yards per carry before having to leave the game due to an injury.

The teams that the Ravens lost to in the regular season (Steelers, Giants, Titans and Colts) all have dynamic running games. They add an additional dimension to the game that the Ravens older linebackers must account for. It also looks like Suggs will not be able to play and if he does make it on the field he will not be near 100%.

I have thought that the Ravens would be in this game for weeks and weeks. On the outset I saw that the spread in this game was Ravens +6 and I thought that they would certainly at least keep it close. Upon thinking further about it this week I now see the Steelers running away with this one.

The Pick:  Steelers

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Some tough games to pick are on the slate for this weekend. They should be some damn good ones though.


These two teams played in week 5 and the Titans won 13-10 on a late TD drive. The Ravens are considerably better now. Back in week 5 they had just lost in Pittsburgh, went to  Tennessee and lost and went on to lose in week 6 in Indy–giving them a 3 game losing streak against some tough teams.

The Titans biggest pro has to be that they are rested while Baltimore had to play their physical style of game play just last weekend. The Ravens best asset is still their defense even if not fully rested.

The Ravens cause for concern has to be the rookie QB going against a good Titans defense. On the other hand the Titans have not been playing meaningful games the last several weeks. That can sometimes hurt a team.

The Pick: Ravens


Most people are not giving the Cardinals a snow balls chance in Phoenix to win this game. I’ll tell you right now I’m not picking them straight up but I wouldn’t bury them just yet.

They could be getting as many as 10 points by kick off. The Cardinals already kept it close in Carolina earlier this year and now they have to be playing with even more confidence.

That being said, there is not much to say. The Panthers are the better team.

The Pick: Panthers


I give the Eagles the best change at getting the road win this weekend. They already beat the Giants in New York in week 14.

It’s hard because you never know which Eagles team is going to show up or should I say which McNabb. At the same time the Giants have struggled for several weeks now.

One key is is Brandon Jacobs is truly healthy. In the Giants loss to the Eagles he was held to 52 yards.

The Pick: Eagles


The big question; is Roethlisberger healthy? I do not think that it is going to matter THAT much. The Steelers passing game is not what is going to win the game for them. Compared to last week, I don’t think that the Chargers running attack is going to be as affective against the Steelers.

If this ends up being an ugly, low scoring game again then you have to think that the Steelers and their defense have the upper hand.

The Pick: Steelers

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eagles2Week 15 ended last night with a convincing win for the Eagles over the lowly Browns.  Donovan McNabb has played great since he was benched in Baltimore throwing 7 TDs compared to one int.  It also helps that they have found a balance between the run and pass.  The eagles are 3-0 in those three games and have put themselves in a position to make the playoffs.  In order to do that they need to win out and have Tampa lose to either San Diego or Oakland or have Atlanta lose to Minnesota or St. Louis.  Who would have thought that after that tie in Cincinatti? Or the embarrassment in Baltimore?

The Carolina Panthers can win home field advantage in the NFC playoffs if they win in the Meadowlands on Sunday night.  That would be huge for a giantspanthersteam that finished its home schedule 8-0 on the season.  They will be facing a reeling Giants team that has lost two in a row to the ‘Boys and Birds without Plaxico Burress and Brandon Jacobs, but it seems like Jacobs will be back for this one.  Crazily enough if the Giants lose this week and the Vikings win, the Week 17 matchup between the Vikings and the Giants would then be for 2nd in the NFC for the all important bye week.

afc-east1The AFC East continues to intrigue everyone as the Jets, Patriots, and Dolphins are all 9-5.  The Jets control their own destiny, if they win out they win the division.  The only problem with that is the Jets have to play on the west coast this weekend, traveling to Seattle.  On the year they are 0-3 in the western time zone losing to San Diego, Oakland, and San Francisco.  In my perfect world the Jets and Dolphins would win this week and then Chad Pennington would march into the Meadowlands and beat the Jets for the division crown on the last day of the season.  On a side note, our hearts go out to the Cassel family after his father’s passing last week.  What a courageous and inspiring effort from Matt in Oakland on Sunday.

Pittsburgh’s latest 4th quarter (allbeit controversal) has put them in position to play for home field advantage in the AFC playoffs.  They will play for it pittsthis weekend against the Titans, after Tenessee lost to Houston last week.  It won’t be as easy for the Titans either becuase Albert Haynesworth will be out until at least the playoffs.  In my eyes this is one of the most impressive regular seasons, Pittsburgh has put together. Here are some of their wins: Baltimore twice, Dallas, Washington, and New England.  Most of these wins have come without Willie Parker and with a banged up Big Ben.

chargersbroncoaLastly, the AFC West still stinks.  The Chargers beat the Chiefs somehow 22-21 to keep their sorry playoff hopes alive while the Broncos are now 0-2 in clinching the division after they got killed in Carolina.  Maybe the Bills are exactly what they need, but I would rather it come down to week 17 when the two teams matchup. Please NFL, LET ED HOCHULE DO THE GAME.

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So since my update the Miami Buffalo game has moved to a 1 point spread, not that much movement, but now Miami is losing 1 point, glad I got my money on them while it was a pick-em.

This week I am only going with only 2 lines.

Jacksonville moneyline over the Bears (+250). Not saying it is anywhere near a safe bet, Jacksonville has been playing terribly, but eventually they need to win, and who better to pull it off against than the Bears, another team that is impossible to tell how they will do each week.

The second line is Dallas moneyline over Pittsburgh (+155). Again it is a risky moneyline, Dallas and Pittsburgh are both teams that are getting back on track from rough spots, both QB’s are getting hot, Pittsburgh’s D is phenomenal but at the same time TO and Romo have been clicking.

What I did was parlay the two together, even a measly $5.00 bet on the parlay would win you $40.00 if Jax and the Cowboys both win. Both very possible wins, and risking 5 to win 40? Why not?

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