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On the night of the shooting, Plax was reportedly at the HeadQuarters club prior to making his way over to the Latin Quarter where the actual incident occurred.

HeadQuarters claims to be a classy, high-end strip club located in Manhattan but that isn’t going to stop Plaxico from being Plaxico.

A New York Post source says that Plaxico was already known at the club for being a “cheap customer”, who was “very rude, conceited, full of himself”. He is the “celebrity” known for giving as little as $20 for a lap dance and this is one of the most disliked patron of the club.

On this night Burress and company went upstairs to the VIP room where they indulged in Patron and turkey from the buffet. Hey, it was Thanksgiving weekend right?!

The sources also claim that, on this night, Burress was seen groping and hugging workers. At the end of the night Burress and his entourage left with 3 girls but did not tip the staff.

So Burress is out 48 hours before a game, at a strip club, when he has a wife, with money, jewelry and a gun. Worse still is the fact that among these childish antics the 31 year old is a cheap bastard.

I’m surprised he didn’t ask for some Sauza Tequilla (retails at under $20) instead of Patron. Oh wait, he didn’t pay for the Patron or tip. What’s 20% of a $o.oo bill? Ah I see, I guess we found Plax’s logic there.


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sports-and-the-economySports and the Economy looks at the effect the current economic conditions are having on sports leagues, teams and fans across the country.

basic_ppfIt has long been thought by many that sports are recession proof. Fans for many teams will always come to games and thus these teams will be able to shell out money for talented players (see the Sabathia deal).

However, the NFL announced today that they would be cutting about 150 jobs after the Super Bowl. This coming from the most successful of all the major North America sports leagues.

The NFL. has a total of about 1,100 employees. These employees are located at the NFL’s New York headquarters, at NFL Films in New Jersey and their Los Angeles office that is home to something called the the NFL Network as well as NFL.com.

It’s tough to take that the current economic climate still allows for CC Sabathia to get a $160 million contract while (I’m going to hate myself for using this reference) ‘Joe the Plummer’ is getting laid off over at NFL headquarters.

The payroll for NFL players has ballooned to over $4.5 billion while those 150 jobs that the NFL is cutting will likely not even amount to close to eight figures (less than $10 million); in other words smaller than the signing bonus that Plaxico is going to have to give back to the Giants.

I guess it is a common lesson in allocation of resources. Who would have thunk-it but apparently the NFLPA (players union) is a bit stronger than any union over at the NFL Network or NFL.com.

All we can hope for now is that Adam Schefter is on the NFL’s short list of recession casualties.

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kwk21NFL Kickin’ it With Kevin

It’s been about two weeks since I last posted. Sorry for the delay.

I May Be Wrong But I Doubt It

1. Roger Goodell is baffling to me. I have always been a fan of his but it bothers me that if a quarterback is nudged it’s a 15 yard penalty and you hear one of the announcers talk about how important it is to protect the health of the players. Yet, off the field, players such as Marshawn Lynch commit crimes such as hit and runs and have no repercussions. To me this says, the NFL values the health of players more than that of its viewers.

2. Speaking of Goodell, I don’t understand how Pacman Jones is allowed to be in the NFL again or how he keeps giving players like Leonard Little the benefit of the doubt (Little killed someone from drinking and driving and then was busted again for drinking and driving soon after) but does not alot the players in the StarCaps scandal the same mercy. Now I understand that a diuretic can be used as a masking agent for steroids but I’m rather suspect when the banned substance is not on the label for StarCaps and the fact that StarCaps was previously not a banned substance in the NFL. Furthermore,the so called steroid hotline is continually down so the players were unable to check on the updated status of StarCaps. Additionally, it’s a rather hard to sell to me that the Williams’ were using this to mask steroids and not to lose weight and meet their weight roster bonuses. However, what most irritates me is the fact that Grady Jackson was not suspended because he stated that he was using StarCaps to help his heart. This would be akin to telling your boss that you were fooling around with a coworker in the kitchen because it helps your prostate. I thought the point behind a suspension is that one was using a banned substance, not WHAT it was being used for. Regardless of the use, it is still banned. Talk about a lack of even handed justice.

3. Phil Savage is a terrible GM and should be fired. First, Savage trades away the Brown’s first and third round picks for Brady Quinn because Derek Anderson and Charlie Frye are (in his eyes) not franchise quarterbacks. Soon after, Anderson performs well and is on the table for trade bait. However, instead of recognizing the value in trading Anderson for a first and third round draft picks and going with Quinn as the starter, Savage gives Anderson a rather large contract and deems him the starter with Quinn waiting in the wings. Anderson then has a poor season and now it looks like the Browns will have to cut him before his 5 million dollar roster bonus is due in March and end up getting nothing for him. This could have all been prevented if Savage had merely done his job from the beginning as a talent evaluator. He obviously sees Anderson play in practice, drills, and games but lacked the ability to see his flaws. A good GM would have been able to evaluate Anderson and understand why he performed well in a few games last year but not down the stretch and realized that his performances in weeks 16 and 17 were a more accurate reading of his abilities. To borrow from one of Mr. Savage’s emails, “Go [work for someone else], F#*@k you.”

4. Just pointing this out, but Mark Kiszla stole my Kickin’ it with Kevin article name on his site. http://www.denverpost.com/kickinit. Recently OWS was linked to broncotalk.net due to the fact that my younger brother writes for their site. Coincidently, soon after, a Denver Broncos beat writer for the Denver Post who reads BroncoTalk changes his column name to “Kickin’ it with Kiz.” Way to steal from another writer Kiszla. Maybe you should be a bit more original since you actually get paid to write for a living and I do it for fun as a part time gig. And just so there is no confusion, I have been using the column name Kickin’ it with Kevin for 5 years. The professional thing to do is at the very least thank me and credit me when you steal my material. Journalism 101.

The Road to Tampa

1. New York Giants- Is it just me or does this team perform all the better after losing star players? This year the Giants traded Jeremy Shockey, lost Osi Unemyora for the year, lost Plaxico Burress for the year, and Michael Strahan retired and they are better for it. Go figure.

2. Tennessee Titans- Was this the worst year for Thanksgiving football or what? I figured the Lions would keep it close but the thumping the Titans gave them was unbelievable. There was even a Vince Young sighting!

3. Pittsburgh Steelers- How is it that year after year this defense churns out pass rushers? James Harrison and Lamar Woodley are both in the top ten in sacks this year. Now if they could only churn out protection for Big Ben…

4. Indianapolis Colts- Don’t you get the feeling that the Colts are prepping for a monster run in the playoffs? This by far has been Manning’s most impressive year. Manning is coming off an injury and is dealing with a rag tag offensive line, a hurt Joseph Addai and is still finding ways to win. When the Colts are finally healthy they will be scary.

5. Carolina Panthers- Does Steve Smith have ups or what? Every time I watch him play I’m in disbelief that he is only 5’7-5’8.

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Is it just me or is Barrett Ruud one of the most underrated middle linebackers in the NFL?

7. Baltimore Ravens- The year of the rookie quarterbacks.

8. Denver Broncos- How do you beat the Jets and Falcons in their own back yard and lose to the Raiders at home?

9. New York Jets- What happened to that stout Jets run stopping defense?

10. Atlanta Falcons- Matt Ryan is the real deal. I’ll admit I was not on the Matt Ryan bandwagon at the beginning of the season but he has continually proved me wrong. What an impressive season the Falcons are having.

11. New England Patriots- How big will Matt Cassell’s free agent contract be?

12. Dallas Cowboys- Is this team for real? I feel like they’re just pretending to be a threat.

“My Beer Drunk Soul Is Sadder Than All The Dead Christmas Trees Of The World”

1. How on earth can Plaxico Burress shoot himself with a Glock? Glocks have double click triggers meaning the trigger has to essentially be pulled twice before it is fired.

And I’m Out. Comments as always are welcome or feel free to email me at ObsessedwithKevin@gmail.com

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burress_plaxicoIn this clip of Burress making his way into the Police station to turn himself in there is something that strikes me odd…

This man, who has had both ankle and hammy issues and been listed as ‘probable’ for a seemingly gazillion straight weeks, does not have crutches nor does he seem to be in any discomfort. Dude, just got shot in the thigh and hes walking around a lot better than he was during training camp!

Burress has long been know for playing through injuries. I am not sure how substantial any of them truly were but I can imagine a bullet to the thigh is up there.

A couple of things that I’ve heard regarding this situation that I have not seen being widely reported…

1. The gun was a Glock semiautomatic pistol

2. Burress was wearing sweatpants to the club on Friday night

3. Burress had a drink in one hand when the pistol went tumbling to the ground and fired hitting his thigh

4. The club was Latin Quarter in Manhattan

5. The first thing Burress said was to Antonio Pierce and was, “It hurts! It hurts!”

6. When Plax got to the hospital at Cornell he said his name was “Harris Smith” and that the injury had occurred at an Applebees

7. The club does not allow weapons and has metal detectors–thus Plaxico had to bribe his way in with the gun

8. The reason Burress gave for needing the weapon… “he had a lot of money and jewelry on him”

I’ve been a huge Plaxico fan since his Pittsburgh days coming out of MSU but I think this is the end of the line in New York for Burress. I would expect the Giants to recoup much of his $10+ million signing bonus and say see ya later to Plaxico as soon as the legal system runs it’s course.

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Both ESPN and FOX SPORTS are reporting that Plaxico Burress was “accidentally” shot on Friday night at a night club in New York City. He spent Friday night in the hospital and was released Saturday morning.

UPDATE: ESPN has reported that Plaxico told the Giants that he shot himself accidentally at a club in Manhattan.

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NFL Kickin’ it With Kevin

You Say Tomato, I Say I’m Awesome

1. This weeks Idiot of the Week award goes to Pete Kendell for catching a deflected pass and then trying to run with it only to fumble the ball and have it taken back for a touchdown. Dear Pete, you weigh over 300 pounds and are a guard. Fall on the ball like you were taught, not bumble around like a moron and cost your team an easy three points before half-time.

2. Apparently the Cowboys think that 11 (Roy Williams) plus 81 (T.O.) equals Super Bowl, not 85 plus 81. Sorry Chad. Learn to shut your mouth.

3. Marvin Lewis will be gone by the end of the season. Rod Marinelli may not be.

4. Speaking of doubt, was there ever any that Pacman would make a mistake yet again in Jerry Jones’s island of misfit toys (T.O. and Tank Johnson to name two off the top of my head).

5. Brad Johnson will be the Bubby Brister to the Cowboys season. That is, he will minimize errors and get the team by until Tony Romo is back.

6. Is it just me or was Pacman one of the most overrated corners in the history of the NFL? I’m still baffled that Jerry Jones though so highly of his skills that he employed constant security to ensure his good behavior. I would do that for Deion Sanders or Champ Bailey, not Pacman Jones. Too bad he didn’t envision Pacman fighting his own security. Some people never learn.

7. After all Tony Gonzalez has done for the Chiefs, it’s classless of Carl Peterson to not trade him to a contender towards the twilight of his career.

8. I love Jay Cutler, but he needs to stop chucking it to Brandon Marshall when he is somewhat open and other players are WIDE OPEN. It’s like watching Daunte Culpepper or Tom Brady heave it to Randy Moss when they shouldn’t.

9. Speaking of the Broncos, can you believe that Michael Pittman was their first 100 yard rusher this season?

10. Chris Long is going to be a monster. In fact, he reminds me of a better younger Patrick Kerney. While I was watching the Redskins-Rams game I kept noticing his presence all over the field. It seemed like he was in on every play. Can he get some help?

The Sweet Sixteen

1.Tennessee Titans- Can the Tennessee Titans really be the best team in the NFL? Will the Titans have to make Albert Haynesworth believe he’s in a contract year, every year for this type of performance?
2. New York Giants- How strange was their loss to the Cleveland Browns? Also, what are these bizarre rumors swirling around that Plaxico might get cut?

3. Pittsburgh Steelers- Will Big Ben stay healthy with an offense line that might rival David Carr’s line’s ineptness his rookie year?

4. Buffalo Bills- Will this defense be ready after the bye or will they get torched again a la Kurt Warner?

5. Indianapolis Colts- Is Peyton’s swagger back again? Is Marvin’s?

6. Washington Redskins- Will Clinton Portis continue to carry this team on his back all season?

7. Dallas Cowboys- Is getting Roy Williams going to be the solution to stop this team from imploding or just a band-aid?

8. Jacksonville Jaguars- Will this team decide what its identity is?

9. Denver Broncos- Will this defense decide whether it is a 4-3 or a 3-4? Will this defense ever show up?

10. Philadelphia Eagles- Is anyone else noticing that Broderick Bunkley is quietly having a great season?

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- When is Jon Gruden going to realize that Jeff Garcia is much better than Brian Griese?

12. New Orleans Saints- Is it time to stop labeling Reggie Bush as a bust? How cool is Drew Bree’s mimicking of the movie 300 when he screams, “We are NEW ORLEANS” to get his team pumped up?

13. San Diego Chargers- Will LT stop whining about being injured and gut through it?

14. Atlanta Falcons- With such a suffocating running game, will Matt Ryan continue to impress when the running game gets shut down?

15 (tie) Green Bay Packers- Can this team keep surviving with such a depleted secondary?

15. (tie) Arizona Cardinals- Should the Cardinals have traded Anquan Boldin after all?

“My Beer Drunk Soul Is Sadder Than All The Dead Christmas Trees Of The World”

1. Upon hearing that Brad Johnson would be starting for the Dallas Cowboys next week, Chad Pennington called him to have a who has the weakest arm contest.

Arrested Development Season One

[at the prison]
Barry Zuckerkorn: Are all the guys in here… you know? [referencing gay inmates]
George Sr.: Oh, no, no. No, not all of them.
Barry Zuckerkorn: Yeah. It’s never the ones you hope.
George Sr.: Hope?
Barry Zuckerkorn: Think.

And I’m Out. Comments as always are welcome.

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