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Here are the kinda words that came from Lackey’s mouth post game last night:

“We’ve got to find a way to score some runs it’s pretty frustrating when one pitch can lose the game for you.”

“You’ve got to find a way to score runs in the postseason. You face good pitching every night.”

“The fact we’re talking about one pitch? Let’s be honest… I felt like I did fine.”

I understand he is frustrated. Totally do but this is game 1 of series 1 of which Lackey hopes there are 2 more. You cannot go throwing your entire team under the bus. No one said it was Lackey’s fault, he pitched very well.

It has been obvious for quite sometime that Lackey has a potty mouth on the field. Last night he was visibly angered when he was taken from the mound, letting out a nice F-bomb. I thought that would be the worst that would come from Lackey’s mouth last night.

When he was asked if he wished he had that pitch back he replied, “The fact we’re talking about one pitch? Let’s be honest… I felt like I did fine”. It’s like it his first time being around baseball. You have never seen a low scoring game before, John? It happens in this sport. Don’t ruin the mojo of the entire team one game in to the second season.


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First I want to apologize for the fact that it is Friday and I am just now posting this column. Here’s a quick hitter from Kicking it with Kevin. From now on it will always be posted on Tuesdays.

I May Be Wrong But I Doubt It

1. Phil Simms, you’re a moron. Phil Simms gets the idiot of the week award for uttering this quote on Inside the NFL, “You just can’t win football games by running the ball well and playing good defense.” Umm, Phil?

2. The Vikings should trade for Jeff Garcia. Gus Ferrotte? REALLY?

3. The Bills will win the AFC East. Book it.

4. Speaking of the Bills, look for James Hardy to become more involved in the offense.

5. J.T. O’Sullivan is this weeks plug and chug fantasy player (if you’re desperate). He has the advantage of getting to torch the Lions through the air.

6. Jay Cutler will finish the season with better QB numbers than Peyton Manning and Drew Brees.

7. The Rams may be the worst team in football but the Bengals are the most pathetic.

8. Speaking of the Rams should have traded Steven Jackson. There are so many more needs to be filled on this team via the draft.

9. Aaron Rodgers is good but their offense needs to be more consistent.

10. How is it possible that the two smallest receivers in the NFL Draft this past year are looking like the best (Eddie Royal and DeSean Jackson)?

11. How is it possible that Chris Cooley didn’t realize the picture he posted of himself exposed his genitals?

The Fine Fifteen

1. Dallas Cowboys- Is Wade Phillips the Joe Paterno of the NFL?

2. Green Bay Packers- How on earth did the Lions come back and then get crushed so badly?

3. Pittsburgh Steelers- Can you still really call it a feud between the Steelers and Browns when the Steelers ALWAYS win?

4. New York Giants- Is there a deeper defense in the NFL?

5. Philadelphia Eagles- Will DeSean Jackson stop being MeSean and grow up?

6. Denver Broncos- Can Cutler keep throwing the ball 50 times a game? Can Brandon Marshall start avoiding legal trouble at some point in his life?

7. Indianapolis Colts- How is it possible that Manning still finds a way to win with offensive lineman that wouldn’t start at USC?

8. Buffalo Bills- Does Dick Jauron still look like an idiot for “reaching” on all those players in the draft?

9. Chicago Bears- Cedric who?

10. Tennessee Titans- Can Kerry Collins be Trent Dilfer for this stacked defense?

11. Minnesota Vikings- Gus Ferrotte?

12. Carolina Panthers- Will Jake Deloheme stay healthy?

13. New England- Will Matt Cassel ever throw more than a five yard check-down pass in a game?

14. New Orleans Saints- How much does this team miss Marcus Colston?

15. Arizona Cardinals- Will the Cardinals FINALLY win the NFC West?

“My Beer Drunk Soul Is Sadder Than All The Dead Christmas Trees Of The World”

1. Upon hearing that wide receiver Keary Colbert was on the trading block, the Panthers opted to trade for the receiver that they once drafted to reunite Stewart and Colbert.

2. Before the Vikings decided to start Gus Ferrotte they considered working Adrian Peterson out at quarterback.

3. The Seahawks are holding open tryouts for the wide receiver position. Vince Paple apparently didn’t pass the physical.

Emmitt Smith Quote of the Week

“The way you perform make them feel about you different. What else can you say about a defense that get together?”

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Oh how the mighty have fallen. It was about five years ago when Milloy told us that “you can’t feed your family off of Super Bowl rings”. This was just before he ended up signing with the Bills in 2003 as the Patriots went on to win their second Super Bowl.

Early this morning Milloy was arrested and charged with a DUI in Atlanta.

I know it was a tough loss to the Bucs but come on. Lawyer, can you feed your family off that two grand you had to post for bail?

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Culpepper sent a rather glum email to NFL Network’s lovable Adam Schefter this morning. I don’t know if we are suppose to feel bad for this guy or not. This is a man who 4 seasons ago lit up the league throwing for 39 TD’s and a 111 QB rating. In turn this made me take him with my #1pick in fantasy the following season. You know that season, the one where he destroyed his knee and underperformed greatly. So greatly as a matter of fact, the Vikings went on a 6 game win streak after Culpepper went down.

So as you can see, it is clear that it is fine to make light of this situation. I don’t even have to touch upon the party boat incident.

So here goes:

“…Since I was not given a fair chance to come in and compete for a job, I would rather move on and win in other arenas of life…”

Come on! Who uses that expression!? Arenas? Maybe his agent wrote it… oh wait, Dante is Dante’s own agent and now he can’t get a job. Good move, Dante.

I saw he is going to be a member of the Los Angelos Avengers or hey, maybe he’ll even go North and be the newest Toronto Argonaut by November.

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More on the Tatum Bell and Rudi Johnson saga from mlive.com. Rudi has responded to the situation. “Underwear, socks, credit cards and money. He left my money clip with no money in it he should’ve taken the clip, too. It’s quite stupid if you ask me.”

As stated earlier Johnson said that he saw Bell take his bags on surveillance tapes at the Lions facility.

“All of this happened after he got released and came in and got some stuff out of his locker,” Johnson said. “That’s when he scooped the bags up, some real shyster, conniving stuff.”

In regards to pressing chargers Johnson says, “I’m not going to the police for this one. I don’t need anybody else, I can handle it.”

Snap. Here’s how the match-up shakes down:

Tatum Bell
213 lbs.
Age: 27

Rudi Johnson
Age: 28

That’s even. Keep in mind where these two guys played before; Denver and Cincinnati… just a thought.

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Bolt not only has the clear-cut better name but he is quite the character. After his 100 meter race Bolt reveled that he doesn’t exactly have the most conventional diet for a runner. He said. “I woke around 11am and decided to watch some TV and had some nuggets.” Some nuggets? This guy is a Wendy’s commercial waiting to happen. “Then I slept for a couple of hours more. Then I got some more nuggets and came to the track.” What the… dude, loves nuggets.

Bolt was asked to comment on the way he finished the 100 meter, “I like to to do that for the crowd. I just love dancing. You have to enjoy yourself to stay relaxed. When I made that gesture going over the line, I was just having fun. That is just me. I didn’t even know I’d beaten the record until after the lap of honor.”

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President Mike Brown, April 3, 2008:

“Chris Henry has forfeited his opportunity to pursue a career with the Bengals. His conduct can no longer be tolerated. The Bengals tried for an extended period of time to support Chris and his potentially bright career. We had hoped to guide him toward an appropriate standard of personal responsibility that this community would support and that would allow him to play in the NFL. We acknowledge those fans who had concerns about Chris; at the same time we tried to help a young man. But those efforts end today, as we move on with what is best for our team.”

Coach Marvin Lewis, July 2008

“I’m not interested. I don’t think it would be productive for our football team. You have to be a productive part to be an NFL player, and there’s responsibilities to being an NFL player. It’s a privilege, it’s not a right. There’s a lot that comes with being an NFL football player.”

And now today, it is official, Henry is back in Cincy. These are the kinds of things that you don’t see with franchises that are associated with winning. Yes, the owner is the one who is in charge and writing the checks but it reminds me of an old quote.

“If they want you to cook the dinner at least they ought to let you shop for some of the groceries.”

Parcells was right. These are the types of disputes that make players not take a coach seriously and that is the exact thing that is creating Cincy to be a laughingstock in the NFL. The players clearly do not respect their superiors.

I feel bad for Marvin Lewis. Hopefully someone will give this man another shot after this ship finally implodes.

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