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michael-jordan-bobcatsMichael Jordan is reportedly interested in buying a majority stake in the Charlotte Bobcats. MJ is already a minority owner with Bob Johnson retaining majority ownership in the team. Johnson is the founder of BET and purchased the rights to the expansion team for $300 million in 2003. Jordan’s official title is Managing Member of Basketball Operations.

Unfortunate for Johnson, Forbes recently valued the team at $284 million. Forbes also says that MJ made around $45 million just this past year alone. If you extrapolate that number over a few decades (subtract some hefty gambling losses) you have a very wealthy man who could put together an ownership group to realistically purchase the Bobcats. (more…)


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signed_ESPN_magazineESPN is going to put the online website for ESPN the Magazine behind a paywall. The transition will take place this summer.

Of course, anyone who is familiar with ESPN.com knows that the magazine’s online presence accounts for only a very small portion of ESPN’s content. AllThingsD.com say that ESPN reps tell them that it is actually less than 10%.

This really won’t affect the daily habits of most sports fans. I would assume that this is an effort to drive more readers to the print copy of the magazine by throwing in “exclusive” online access with the subscription price. The odd thing is that they already have this with their ESPN Insider feature. Maybe it will coincide with Insider–it seems odd right now–but details are not fully available at this time.

The worst part might be the loss of Lil’ Wayne’s blog which was a featured in ESPN the Mag’s online section. Turrible.

ESPN Tries Rebuilding The Pay Wall For Its Magazine [AllThingsD.com]

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charlotte bobcatsRobert Johnson, the owener of the Charlotte Bobcats, is making a push to find prospective buyers. The search is spearheaded by Galatioto Sports Partners, Galatioto began an active campaign just a few weeks back to identify potential buyers for the NBA franchise in Charlotte.

Sounds gamerous; being the owner of an NBA franchise. However, the Bobcats might not be the best investment.  The team has yet to turn a profit, and projections based on the Bobcats books point towards additional losses over the next few seasons.

The attempt to get someone in Charlotte to notice their existance the team cut ticket prices by about 17% for the 2009-10 season. According to a league attendance report I found; the Bobcats ranked 26 out of 30 teams in average attendance this past season. (more…)

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YMCA-ComcastChief executive officer Brian L. Roberts said in response to a question at the cable company’s annual shareholder meeting yesterday morning that Comcast Corp. has no plans to sell its majority ownership stakes in the Sixers and Flyers due to the weak economy.

He also stated during the meeting that the company has about $31 billion in debt, which they plan to pay off over a 15 year term.

$31 billion? Daaaamn.

$31 billion can buy you a lot of things. It could buy you about 516 million Philly cheesestakes . It could also pay for the World Champion Phillies opening day payroll a whopping 292 times. Not to mention they could pay for Elton Brand’s contract 387 times.

Comcast won’t sell stake in Sixers, Flyers [Philly.com]

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att park san franThe Giants have installed a new $1 million VoIP telecommunications system from ShoreTel at AT&T Park. Iironically they abondoned their old system which was provided by, yes, AT&T.

The old system cost the team $490,000 per year to run. On the other hand, the new system at the ballpark will run the team just $135,000 a year.

If you have every used a VoIP phone–they are incrediblely clear. The quality is unmatches, especially on calls within the same network.

When questioned about the pricing $1 million price tag, Giants CIO Bill Schlough said that the annual savings, he expects the new system to pay for itself in only three years.

This is part of an entire technology overhaul that the Giants and other teams are currently undertaking. Going to these new ballparks is no longer an outing just to see a ballgame.

I hear that the Giants told Lincecum that he would be demoted to telecommunications repair duties after his shaky start. It seems to of worked as he has won 3 of his last 4!

SF Giants bring new tech out to the ballpark [CNET]

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Cablevision DolansCablevision is the 5th largest cable provider in the USA. The majority of customers are in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

They have a subsidiary called Madison Square Garden, L.P. This subsidiary owns the Madison Square Garden arena as well as majority stakes in the professional sports teams that play there—the New York Knicks, New York Rangers, and New York Liberty. The subsidiary company also owns the Hartford Wolf Pack and operates Rentschler Field.

Of course these holings also include TV rights for the Knicks, Rangers, Liberty as well as the New York Islanders, New Jersey Devils and Red Bull New York.

This morning Cablevision announced the consideration of a MSG spin-off network causing shares to jump as much as 18 percent. Cablevision climbed $3.22 to $21.55 in New York Stock Exchange trading at by just 10:03 a.m. Management has since declined to give details of its plans causing shares to fall back.

Cablevision Posts Profit, Mulls MSG Spin-Off [WSJ]

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Tonight will be the last day for Comcast subscribers to view the NFL Network. If it wasn’t hard enough to find this thing–this might do it in.

If the two sides cannot come to an agreement today the NFL Network will lose a great deal of viewership. Comcast is the largest cable company in the nation and losing their business does not bode well for the fledgling NFL Network. (more…)

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