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Tonight will be the last day for Comcast subscribers to view the NFL Network. If it wasn’t hard enough to find this thing–this might do it in.

If the two sides cannot come to an agreement today the NFL Network will lose a great deal of viewership. Comcast is the largest cable company in the nation and losing their business does not bode well for the fledgling NFL Network. (more…)


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march-madness-on-demandThe Wall Street Journal had a little piece yesterday looking back on CBS’s NCAA Basketball partnership from about 10 years ago. The article appeared in the print edition. Yes, that still exists.

CBS paid $6 billion for the 11-year deal. At the time the deal was considered to be highly over-bid on CBS’ part. However, CBS has been making moves in recent years that have made some reconsider.

Last year CBS’s on-demand internet broadcasts of every game in the tournament were a hit with both viewers and advertisers. The revenue from those online advertisments along was in the $23 million range. This year CBS estimates that the revenue should break $30 million.

In total last year advertisers spent $643 million on the men’s tourney. This was up from $520 the year prior. The thing is that the terms of the CBS-contract call for the rights fees to increase each year–this year the fee is $571 million. This means that CBS needs to bring in more ad revenue to turn a profit.

CBS has sold out their online ad slots but are yet to sell out the traditional network spots. Making things harder are the fact that last years final game drew just under 20 million viewers. In 1992 the championship dre over 34 million viewers.

If you have yesterday’s WSJ, check out the original article. It’s a good quick read.

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The most unlikely of pitchman in the history of Major League Baseball; Dustin Pedroia. However, at the same time he might be the perfect player to grace the cover of MLB 09:  The Show.

One of the main consumer demographics of videogames are certainly kids. Those kids absolutely look up to Dustin. The reason why is because, often times, they don’t have to [look up to him literally].  The reigning MVP is listed at 5’9 but, as his new accolades demonstrate, he plays a lot bigger than that.

Check out the cover after the jump… (more…)

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citi_field_constructionThere are multiple reports swirling around the internet regarding the Citigroup-Mets marketing deal. This morning ESPN was still reporting that Citi was looking into the possibility of getting out of the deal. On the other hand, reputable sources said yesterday that Citi executives have assured the Mets they need not worry and the deal is intact.

Why such a big concern? (more…)

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USA TODAY’s annual Super Bowl Ad Meter results are in:


For me, I think that the Doritos ad was far and away the best of the best. The two Budweiser Clydesdale ads didn’t do it for me. It was definitely a down year, especially when Budweiser swings and misses.

As I wrote previously, Doritos ad was created by an amateur. The creator received $1 million for his efforts and now also has a critically acclaimed commercial under his belt.

I guess that’s a bit better than winning a couple hundred dollars in the annual office Super Bowl squares pool.

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sports-and-the-economySports and the Economy looks at the effect the current economic conditions are having on sports leagues, teams and fans across the country.

I have seen a number of teams across the major North American sports leagues offer gimmick nights to entice fans to spend their discretionary income to come out and see a game. (more…)

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It was announced a few months back that ESPN.com would be getting overhauled. For many sports fans this was a long time coming.  It says a lot when the world wide leader is struggling to keep readers coming back.  ESPN is doing amazing when it comes to television programming and television ad revenue. But with no one going to their website, or spending a considerable amount of time on their website if they do choose to log on, online ad revenues have suffered.

Personally, in my daily readings ESPN is not one of the websites I visit. This says a lot since I visit a large amount of sports related websites on a daily basis.

Although a new layout is a must as ESPN’s has been of lower quality for some time, it is improved content and interactive elements that would really make the difference.

It seems like ESPN’s primary concern is boosting ad revenue so we will have to see if this redesign enhances the user experience or if there is just a more advertising friendly layout implemented.

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