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joebuckThe New York Times is reporting that FOX announcer Joe Buck will host a new HBO show starting in May. This is in direct relation to Costas leaving HBO for the MLB Network. Buck is thought to help fill the void left by Costas.

Yeah, Buck for Costas, that’s an equal trade…

I was excited to see Costas on the new MLB Network. But then I realized something; who the hell even has the MLB Network? I sure don’t. Not yet at least.

Now we get just what we all need; more Joe Buck because, don’t worry, Buck will not be leaving FOX.

Buck’s new show is going to be “talk show” format, which HBO said might include a live “town-hall-style” format.

Yeah, because nothing could possibly go wrong when you put a bunch of sports fans on live HBO with Joe Buck. Have fun screening the fans, HBO. Heck, I am actually excited for this now.

Buck Gets Show on HBO [NYtimes.com]


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It was announced a few months back that ESPN.com would be getting overhauled. For many sports fans this was a long time coming.  It says a lot when the world wide leader is struggling to keep readers coming back.  ESPN is doing amazing when it comes to television programming and television ad revenue. But with no one going to their website, or spending a considerable amount of time on their website if they do choose to log on, online ad revenues have suffered.

Personally, in my daily readings ESPN is not one of the websites I visit. This says a lot since I visit a large amount of sports related websites on a daily basis.

Although a new layout is a must as ESPN’s has been of lower quality for some time, it is improved content and interactive elements that would really make the difference.

It seems like ESPN’s primary concern is boosting ad revenue so we will have to see if this redesign enhances the user experience or if there is just a more advertising friendly layout implemented.

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I didn’t have to go into work this morning so I subjected myself to the end of First Take Cold Pizza and then some NFL Live.

I listened to Trey Wingo essentially ask Mark Schlereth what the deal was with Reggie Bush and why he hasn’t been a big piece of the Saints offense. Schlereth, with his infinite wisdom, answered with “Reggie Bush is not a good football player”.

Those are  literally the first words to come out of his mouth. Nothing about injuries or Bush being a disappointment for a #2 overall pick. These just seemed like harsh words to me.

It is always a good thing when an analyst throw an opinion out there that is not predictable, especially on ESPN. However, this one made me stop what I was doing as I was a bit shocked. We are talking about a former Heisman winner and a first round pick. Someone who has 4 punt returns in 3 seasons and has proven to be a playmaker when utilized correctly. Sure he will never be an every down back but he is not a complete bust. Given he stays healthy; he will always have a spot on a team. I don’t think there is any argument, Reggie Bush is indeed a good football player. I think we could makeagreat arguement that Mark Schlereth is not a good studio analyst.

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Ken Rosenthal posted an article that essentially says that the Red Sox are too white. Rosenthal also wonders if this in combination with a past that contained allegations of racism towards the city may cause non-white free agents to shy away from signing with the team.

If not for the Red Sox’s past, if not for Boston’s reputation, the issue might not be even worth raising.

But the Sox carry a special burden.

They have a shameful history of discrimination, one that their present ownership group has tried to address. And a perception has long existed among some African-American athletes that Boston is hostile to players who are not white.

The question is not whether the Red Sox are turning away from blacks and Latins; in recent years, they have parted not only with high- profile Dominican stars such as Ramirez and pitcher Pedro Martinez, but also high-profile white players such as outfielder Johnny Damon and pitcher Derek Lowe.

The question is whether the Red Sox will lose players they want because of the makeup of their club, the perception of the city or both. Players generally seek comfort as well as money when they make career decisions.

Alright, first I think Ken just could not think of anything better to write about as this is an absurd topic. Therefore the rest of this post will follow this thinking. Hasn’t this “issue” already been laid to bed? In every sport, athletes that are not white have been actively coming to Boston (Randy Moss, Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen,, etc).

Ken, you know what will get any talented free agent to sign in Boston the same way they have for the past 8-10 years? First, money. The Red Sox are a major market team that spends money. First and foremost that will attract any player. Second, a new ownership that is dedicated to winning. That doesn’t hurt in attracting free agents.

In the past decade the Red Sox have had stars of Hispanic heritage; Pedro Martinez, Manny Rameriz and David Ortiz. They have had the most Jewish players on the field at the same time ever; Gabe Kapler, Adam Stern, and Kevin Youkilis. African American players have become more and more rare but the Sox did sign Coco Crisp two years ago to a major deal. Now the Red Sox have had luck with Caucasian players in there farm system; Dustin Pedroia, Jed Lowrie and Jonathan Papelbon. Seems like a pretty diverse cast of character over the past decade.

It is utterly silly to think that the race of the current roster or something the Bill Russell said decades ago will have a profound effect on the Red Sox signing new talent.

I reiterate, that seemingly, the point of the article is that the Red Sox could likely have problems acquiring non-white talent due to their current roster. However, Rosenthal even backs down and doesn’t seem to believe himself though out the post. He ends by saying:

The Sox’s agenda is winning. They would be foolish to start acquiring mediocre non-white players to achieve greater racial balance. But frankly, my opinion doesn’t matter. The players with choices will decide.

Ken, your opinion does matter. You are a Senior Writer at Fox Sports. With the MLB playoffs in full swing it seem odd that this is best, most important thing you can blog about? I just though that this bologna had been layed to rest especially with Moss and Garnett (as far as African American players) and the Red Sox having many Hispanic players during this ownership group.

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Take a deep breath.

8:30 – How I Met Your Mother [CBS]
9:00 – Ravens vs Steelers [ESPN]

TBD – Twins vs White Sox [TENTATIVE]

3:00 – Brewers vs Phillies [TBS]
6:30 – Dodgers vs Cubs [TBS]
10:00 – Red Sox vs Angels [TBS]
10:00 – The Ultimate Fighter 8 [SPIKE]

2:30 – MIN/CWS vs Rays [TBS]
6:00 – Brewers vs Phillies [TBS]
9:30 – Dodgers vs Cubs [TBS]
11:00 – The Ultimate Fighter 8 replay [SPIKE]

6:00 – MIN/CWS vs Rays [TBS]
9:30 – Red Sox vs Angels [TBS]

12:00 – College Football [ALL]
6:30 – Phillies vs Brewers [TBS]
8:00 – EliteXC: Kimbo vs Shamrock [CBS]
10:00 – Cubs vs Dodgers [TBS]

1:00 – NFL early games [CBS, FOX]
4:00 – NFL late games [CBS, FOX]
8:00 – NFL Sunday Night Football [NBC]
TBD – Rays vs MIN/CWS [TBS]
TBD – Angels vs Red Sox [TBS]

Note: There are also potentially watchable college football games Tuesdaym Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I have left them off to decrease confusion and a sense of overwhelmed-ness.

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Couldn't find a picture of Weezy on the tennis court but my sources tell me that's a Bruins cap...

Lil’ Wayne is now blogging for ESPN. Apparently he approached them with the idea during an unrelated interview. Lets take a look. I write damn casually and I know I make grammatical mistakes due to both a lack of proofreading and stupidity but lets just see what Weezy F. Baby has for us.

I don’t watch nothing but sports—no movies, no news, no television shows—so I thought this would be fun.

Oh, it definately will be!

As a Packer fan, it’s been pretty good so far. Aaron Rodgers has been wonderful, man. He’s handled everything, and way more than just the football part. Of course it helps the Jets aren’t doing nothing.

Damn, too late, I definitely would have liked to hear Weezy’s thoughts on the Favre saga. Who cares what Mort thinks.

My fantasy team is now 2-1. I’m fifth place in the league right now but movin’ up. I won my last game by a great margin.

Got a couple things here. Imagine being the 40-something editor for ESPN the Magazine that has to edit this. I doubt Wayne wrote ‘I won my last game by a great margin.’ I wouldn’t even say that, can’t picture Lil’ Wayne saying it either.

Now, I wonder who is in this fantasy league. Mack Mane? T-Pain? Currency?

Besides the Packers, my favorite teams are the Red Sox, the Lakers and the Boston Bruins. I also love tennis.

I don’t know what the most surprising part of this sentence is. You’d think it’s the tennis fan coming out but I might go with the Bruins. I have lived within reach of the Bruins all my life and have been to all of 1 game. Love to see the Sox and Bruins love though. This might make me a Bruins fan this season. Go Patrice!

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