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nba_finals_logoThe Stanley Cup Finals ratings are in from the weekend. The NBC telecast drew a 3.4 rating and a 6 share. That’s up from the 2.6 rating and 5 share that Saturday’s Game 1 drew.  Even though the NBA and many basketball fans are not getting the match-up they wanted StanleyCupFinalsLogothe ratings for the NBA Finals will shatter the NHL’s numbers.

San Antonio’s four-game sweep of Cleveland in the 2007 Finals drew a miserable 6.2 rating and averaged 9.3 million viewers. This was the lowest-rated and least watched Final series in NBA history.  This years Finals will fall short of lasts years Boston-LA match-up but I am curious to see by how much.

Viewership up for Game 2 of the Stanley Cup finals [USA Today]


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Stanley Cup Penguins Red Wings Hockey

The game was nearly complete when Malkin decided to send a message to close out game 2 in Detroit. The message was likely more to his teammates than the opposition; the Penguins will not go down without a fight. With two games this week in Pittsburgh, the series is far from over.

Evgeni Malkin fights Henrik Zetterberg, Talbot Spears Osgood [YouTube]

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kareem twitter melo

Kareem is loving the Lakers and at the clear expense of ‘Melo. These former LA players are still all about their Lakers for sure. At least Jabbar’s Laker manlove is contained within his twitter account. On the other hand we have to listen to Magic “try” to be “objective” every night after the Lakers play. And I’m almost sure ‘Melo will have something to say when he sees this. (more…)

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Bruins Hurricanes HockeyIt was 2006, after losing the first two games of the conference quarterfinal series against the Montreal Canadiens, the ‘Canes benched goalkeeper Martin Gerber in favor of rookie Cam Ward. Ward went onto compile a 15-8 record on the way to the Stanley Cup. (more…)

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Unfortunately for the San Jose Sharks the answer is yes. On Monday night a NHL game 7 took place between the Sharks and the Ducks. Just a moment after the first face-off of the game, Getzlaf and Thornton dropped gloves. Each teams star center showing the distain for each other that had been evident all series.

It was actually quite intense, not to mention a great motivating move on the captain Thorntons behalf but in the end it was not quite enough.

Unfortunately unless you were in a few select markets you probably did not see it happen live. The game was covered “nationally” by Versus but much of the nation, including the East Coast was given the Blackhawks-Flames game.

The Ducks ended up beating the Sharks and taking the series. That’s right, the eighth seeded Ducks upended the number one seeded Sharks. This seems to be becoming commonplace in San Jose.

Also on Versus, last night the Capitals won game seven against the New York Rangers. This sets up one of the match-ups I wanted to see in these playoffs with the Capitals taking on the Penguins in round 2. Playoff intesity mixed with the Ovechkin-Crosby rivalry? Dare I say, this is is watchable.

NHL announces second-round matchups [NHL.com]

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I feel like I must be loosing it but I am truly excited for the NHL Playoffs. There are such good storylines that is especially true in the games tonight.

Capitals @ Rangers

Alex Ovechkin is fast becoming a must see player. Saying that is something that is hard to accomplish is an understatement especially in the NHL.

In only three seasons Ovechkin has blossomed into a full blown star. Just as intriguing as his play on the ice is the young mans charismatic personality.

Both on the ice sheet and off Alex has become a mythical figure. Hockey purists often take aversion to his over the top goal scoring celebrations. I for one am no hockey purist. I absolutely love what Ovechkin has brought to the NHL. He is not solely a goal scorer either. He will scrap and brawl with any opposing player at any time. And that also seems to be the way he lives his life outside the arena as well—with reckless abandon.

He is simply the type of player that commands to be watched.


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fiuThis week I saw one of the best ESPN grillings interviews that I have ever seen. It was like they sat Isiah down and the firing squad went to work.

You can see him looking around like, ‘Damn where did this come from but I probably should have expected this…’

I actually feel for the guy. He is trying to do right. Heck, he is even donating his entire first year salary back to the university.

Video after the jumpoff… (more…)

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