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AL East standingsThe AL east is finally back to normal—for now at least.

Yesterday, the Rays gave up a 10 run lead to the lowly Indians. A-rod went 5-5 at the plate. The Jays lost their 7th straight game.

After all of this the Red Sox and Yankees are one and two in the standings with the falling Blue Jays just a half game behind New York. (more…)


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Parking officials in St. Petersburg are recommending that Rays fans get to tonight’s sold-out home opener against the Yankees two hours early to avoid traffic problems.

Welcome to relevancy Tampa. It might be a short stay but I hope it’s pleasant.

A few other suggestions for those traveling into St. Petersburg tonight; don’t forget to ‘gas-up’ your horse and buggy before heading into the city. Also bring a fifty cent piece to buy a Coke at the stadium, it’s suppose to be a hot one.

In defense of Tampa’s fans; maybe if they didn’t play in a glorified warehouse built in the late 80’s, they would be more enthused about showing up on a beautiful 80 degree night.

Going to Rays’ game tonight? Better get there early [Tampa Bay Tribune]

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Major League Baseball has announced that Game 5 will not be played Tuesday but rather Wednesday at 8:37 ET due to inclement weather.

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The700Level has a great photo from last night’s game 1 in Tampa St. Petersburg. Immediately when I saw this play last night I thought to myself that would never have just happened in Philadelphia… Boston… New York… etc.

We are talking about a 1 or 2 run game at the time (I forget what inning this was in and it is not worth hunting for). We are talking about a game 1 in the playoffs. We are talking about a playoff series called the World Series.There is a bit on the line here.

Looking at the picture, there’s one d-bag in a mesh hat who is letting Howard post up on him with terrible position. You have a second d-bag “fan” in the visor just looking to not take it in the face. (Note: it might be a female, might be a dude, I dunno but I do know they are wearing a visor indoors at a night game so they clearly think it is a good fashion statement) How does this happen?

First of all, Howard is reaching into the stands making it legal for a fan to play the ball as long as they are not unnecessarily rough. Secondly, F-it. It’s the World Series. Do you want to go down as the reverse-Bartman?

The “fans” of the Rays are not gaining any respect from me with behavior like this. The only thing worse would be if visor-fan had a cowbell in her hands.

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Home Run Derby has a nice post that puts the Phillies ball girls against the Rays Team. I am posting this because I was in the process of writing something very similar. Bastards.

Just as HRD states, it is truly a lot harder to find pics of the Rays Team girls than Phillie Ball girls. I believe the consensus is that the Phillies ball girls get the win; which is where my ‘research’ looked to be heading too. Don’t get me wrong the Rays Team has some lookers including Oliva who I think I have a thing for…

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For real; the Backstreet Boys will sing the National Anthem at the Trop in game 1 of the World Series. This would be an unpopular choice for most sports fans 10 years ago when they were relevant but now it is just a utterly bizare choice. And the man resposible for this is… Darcy Raymond.

Darcy can be found here on the book or here on linkedin so you can message him and ask him why in the world he made this choice. I have already done so–and of course, I will post any response I get.

Here is Darcy’s bio from the Rays website, highlighted are the ridiculous parts:

Darcy joined the Rays in January 2006 in the newly created position of Vice President of Branding and Fan Experience. He is re-sponsible for developing a breakthrough fan experience at Tropi-cana Field, as well as overseeing the team’s branding strategy.

Nicknamed “D-Ray”, he has extensive consumer products and branding experience includ-ing five years with Procter and Gamble, the last two as a Brand Manager. He also led all marketing efforts as Vice President of Marketing for Mamma.com, a search engine company. In the summer of 2005, he developed marketing plans for Warner Home Video.

Darcy has an MBA from Harvard Business School. He also holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Concordia University‘s John Molson School of Business, in Montreal.

A proud native of Montreal, Darcy is fluent in French and was a hardcore Expos fan.

What is the “break-through fan expereince” that is taking place at Tropicana field? Where the cowbells this fuckers idea?

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This photo was posted by the Big League Stew yesterday over on Yahoo! It is unfortuantely very blurry but it is BJ Upton getting a smooch from what would appear to be his girlfriend after the Rays clinched the American League pennant.

This brings me directly to a story I was told this past weekend about BJ’s brother Justin of which this photo reminded me.

Apparently, Justin was partying on Cape Cod this summer while the Diamondbacks were in town playing the Red Sox. Justin, like many other great MLB players, has ties to the Cape Cod League. He apparently misses his friends so dearly that the night before the team had a game with a 7:05 start, Justin was out until 4 in the morning partying it up with some Cape girls. He was so fond of one of the females that he offered to fly her out to Arizona to come visit and see him play.

That is awesome. To be able to just fly a prospective girl out, across country after just meeting her at some random party. We are talking about a 21 year old kid with a $6 million contract. Must be unreal.

Justin has yet to live up to his #1 overall pick potential or his brother’s unavoidable future superstar-dome but he has shown flashes. But hey, it’s the little things in life like playing drinking games in Harwich, Yarmouth or Orleans. Or just offering to fly women all over the country, women that you don’t even know their last name.

Again this story is second hand but doesn’t it seem very likely to have happened? I know I’d do the same if I was Justin.

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