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It’s Friday and you can’t rain on that! Truth be told, it has been a pretty miserable last few weeks as far as the weather goes here in the Northeast. Unfortunately, that includes Bethpage. (more…)


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It broke last night that Kimbo Slice has reported to the Las Vegas set of the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter to begin filming. UFC President is catching some grief for the move but he shouldn’t be.

White originally said, “Kimbo Slice sucks, like I’ve said now for the last few months. This [expletive] guy can’t fight and he got knocked out in 13 seconds by a guy who didn’t win The Ultimate Fighter.” (more…)

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Junie Browning’s little brother Rob is looking to be this season’s douche. It looks like he gets off to a good start this coming Wednesday in Episode 3.

I like these antics but you have to be able to back these actions up in the Octagon. Junie lost in the semi finals of last season and just got tapped by Cole Miller a few weekends ago at UFC Fight Night. He is now effectively on his way out of the UFC.

Hopefully his brother has better luck playing the antagonist role this season. ‘Cause you know what they say… there is nothing worse than someone who can talk shit and back it up.

[Hat tip; MMATKO]

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This season of The Ultimate Fighter was much improved over the last. The fighters seemed better thus the competition was better. At the same time there were much more entertaining antics going on in the house. No, not just Junie’s drunken (and sober) outbursts but an overall fun atmosphere from the cast.

I didn’t get a chance to give a preview for the finale that took place on Saturday but I wish I had; here were the picks I made:

fight-picksEight out of ten; not too shabby.

Anthony Johnson had the knockout of the night.


The best part of this one was that it was a rematch from this summer when Burns took home a controversial win after poking Johnson in the eye repeatedly. The last of which required surgery. Johnson was a good sport through the ordeal. In pre-fight interviews Burns came across as a real prick. I was very happy for ‘Rumble’ when this head kick found it’s mark.

In the light heavyweight final, I jumped onto the Vinny Magalhaes bandwagon even though I am a Bader fan. This one did not pay off for me. Bader was able to stop Vinny with a big overhand right not much more than 2 minutes into the very first round.

In the lightweight final, Efrain was anointed as a big underdog against Nover but I had my money on Efrain all the way. He is a all-american wrestler with a big heart. In Efrain’s preliminary fights he showed that he knew how to win and finish fights in the process. Although he couldn’t finish Nover he dominated.

Overall, the UFC put on two good shows in the span of 4 days and all for free.

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Rockets Suns BasketballThe Rockers and Suns played last night. The Rockets ended up pulling away in a decisive victory behind the shooting of T-Mac. The real story here was the physical play that led to a fight on the court. No word yet on suspensions but they are certainly coming. There were two ejections. It’s always fun to see Shaq push a pile of 6’6 men 10 feet backwards. The bottom line: no, Artest was not involved.

82994075Also in NBA action the Atlanta Hawks played the Boston Celtics in a close one. The Hawks, who led much of the game, proved that they can be a force in the East this season. But it came down to one last possession. Pierce got the ball in a play that Garnett called “Get Pierce the ball and get the hell out of the way”. Pierce elaborated a bit, “The play was to get the ball to Kevin (Garnett), and if they switched off, either hand off, or he would take the drive down the lane. But they switched and put Horford on me, and I knew I could get to my spot. I got to it and thank God, it went in.” The bottom line: these two are quite the tandem in these press conferences.

krzysztof-soszynskiOn The Ultimate Fighter, one of the favorites at 205, Krzysztof Soszynski defeated Kyle Kingsbury in the first round. The more shocking part was the method in which this defeat occurred. Krzysztof was taken down by Kingsbury. From Kingsbury’s guard Krzysztof was able to control Kyle’s head and get a right-side armbar. Krzysztof was known to have some of the best hands in the house but this adds a whole new dimension to his game. Also, making an appearance was Dan Henderson, who trains with Krzysztof in California at Team Quest. Also, Nogueira destroyed Mir in the annual coaches challenge. This year it was soccer. The bottom line: a Brazilian who has never player soccer before beat a more athletically gifted American… shocking.

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Congratulations to the Philadelphia Phillies and to our own Mike who is a live long resident of Philly and a die hard Phillies fan! As far as the game last night, maybe every baseball game should be 3 innings. That was exciting as all hell. Also, it took less than 15 minutes for the fans at Citizens Bank Park to find something to boo. That something was Bud Selig. A couple over/unders to ponder; 25 arrests, 1.5 deaths and 2.5 times the fans find something to boo at the parade. Bottom line: sh*ts going down

On The Ultimate Fighter more bad blood between Team Mirr and Team Nogueira. Mirr approaches Vinny Magalhaes, who is slated to fight later in the show, and tells him that his jiu-jitsu ground game is better than the current Interim Heavyweight Champ Nogueira. Vinny responds by calling Nog’s ground game “basic”. Nog was told by his team about this and had something to say (in Portuguese) to Vinny. Vinny denied ever saying anything negative about the champion. SPIKE was censoring the Portuguese wears which was funny. Bottom line: I wish I could speak Portuguese

Daunte Culpepper worked out for the Detroit Lions yesterday–showing just how desperate BOTH sides are. He turned down the Chiefs… how does that make the Chiefs feel? They are below the Lions in someones eye, even if it is Daunte. Bottom line: Poor Tony Gonzales.

The Oklahoma City Thunder made their home debut last night. Unfortunately they lost 87-98 to the Milwaukee Bucks. Durrant went 5-14 from the floor and scored only 12 points on the evening. I hope that the franchise in Ok City does well, meaning the fans support them. Bottom line: it’s going to be a long year in Oklahoma City

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There were well documented rumors from somewhat reliable sources that Silva was on the verge of retirement. In a recent interview with Sherdog Silva says, “Mt time is already over”. Many fans and fight experts would dispute this claim from the humble warrior but it is what it is.

Silva goes on to say that he will be done after his contract is up in June 2009. It is a six fight contract (including a fight in two and a half weeks with Patrick Cote) and will make Silva a good deal of money. None-the-less this will come as a shock to fight fans and the economically educated in general.

I, among others, wondered aloud over the past year why Silva never bothered to learn English to increase his fan base in America and in turn increase the moolah in his pockets. Think about it; for a guy who is regarded (nearly unanimously) as the single best fighter in the world, in the single fastest growing sport in the world, he is not that well know.

Why announce this now? Well, it certianly builds up these last 6 fights even more than they already were. Make no mistake; this guy is a showman. Yet he still does not seem compelled to fall in line or do anything beyond just fight and simply win.

If SIlva was to win his next six fights this would be unprecedented. He would go down as the greatest fighter ever due to the level of competition he is facing. On top of that, winning 6 more fights would likely put both the Middleweight and Light Heavyweight straps around his waist. Wrap your mind around that one.

I am going to enjoy watching Anderson for the next 9 months because we might not see someone like him ever again in this sport. It will be a pleasure and an honor just as it has been for the past several years.

Anderson Silva can be seen tonight on the Ultimare Fighter reality series (for the first time ever) on SPIKE TV at 10 PM Eastern time.

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