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tom brady throws a football

Cameras, that were suppose to be covering the NCAA Lacrosse National Championship, somehow found their way onto Tom Brady at Gillette Stadium yesterday. Brady was at the stadium because the team starts OTAs today.

Reportedly the next time camera’s will be allowed inside the facility will be on Thursday. It’s nice to know that Brady will be tossing something other than Gisele around in the coming weeks. And, hey, if nothing else this is a nice reminder that football is only a mere months away.


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Apparently, when the paparazzi photog would not turn over his film, reports say, Gisele’s security force opened fire as the photographers fled.

I’ve always been on of those people who will “de-tag” photos on the facebook when I am unhappy with them for whatever reason. This weekend, it would appear, Gisele and Tom took that idea one step further.

More photos after the jumpoff… (more…)

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cassel-to-chiefsIn a move that truly bring Cassel full circle, Cassel is now a member of Bernard Pollard’s Kansas City Chiefs. Cassel should send some of the signing bonus he will get over to Bernard, the man who launched Cassel’s rise to stardom.

This was a deal among friends. Belichick rewarded Pioli for staying in New England when he has had numerous opportunities to leave prior to this off-season.

The Bucs, Lions and Broncos were all interested in Cassel. There was a demand for his services. The demand for Cassel was large, and large enough that the Broncos thought Cassel to be a better option than pro bowler Jay Cutler. Whether they just wanted to block the Chiefs trade and keep Cassel out of their division or truly had interest in making him a Bronco is debatable at this point. Now there is a mess in Denver and Cutler might not be the type to just let it pass. (more…)

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Sure  Citigroup’s stock  plunged today, as well as the stock market overall, after the Treasury agreed to convert $25 billion of preferred Citi shares into common stock in a THIRD rescue attempt.

Citi still has the new Mets Stadium, so it ain’t no thang. It’s only money, right? Billions and billions of dollars, but money none-the-less. F-IT, it’s the weekend! (more…)

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For those unfamiliar with Google News; it is a feature in which Google compiles a list of top news stories and links to them. But often times the news article might not have the best picture or any picture at all. Thus, for this reason, Google will very commonly use a different source for the picture than the original article.

As you can see below the “Blackhawks-Ducks Preview” article is by USA Today while the image is courtesy of the National Post.

Today I checked Google News as I usually do and I found an odd article-picture combo.


Now there are a number of explanations here.

Maybe Tob Brady is behind the wheel of that plow. Although it seems unlikely since Gisele was spotted feeding Tom in Mexico this weekend. Picture after the jump…


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Patriots Wrap Up FootballI want to enlighten everyone about the Matt Cassel situation.

The Pre-season

Way back in August there was a battle for who should be the number two quarterback of the New England Patriots. The competition was between Matt Gutierrez, Kevin O’Connell and Matt Cassel.

It was not going as well for Mr. Cassel as you might expect. Here are Matt Cassel’s pre-season numbers through the 4 games:

Comp Att Pct Yds TD Int
19 34 55.9 165 0 1

What people do not know is that the fans in New England were calling for his head. Everyone was convinced that the Patriots needed to bring in a veteran. Here is a ProJo article that expresses the common sentiment in New England.

I mean, there was little else to nitpick about… that is what happens when you have an undefeated regular season the prior year.

The Season

Of course, after all that talk about who would back-up Brady, it became all too real in the very first quarter of the season. Jinx?

Fast forward 17 weeks; the Patriots defy all odds to win 11 games. However, their season is over. The big question is… since Cassel is a free agent what do the Patriots do? Is Brady even ready to come back? If he is, will he be the same player?

The Off-season

The next question is will the Patriots use the franchise tag on Cassel? Yes, 100% yes. They will not let a player whose value is peeking right now walk away. There are two reason’s they will do this. One, they will trade him and control where he goes as well as getting picks in return. Two, he will play all or part of next year while Brady recovers.

It could be said, ‘Well, what if Brady is okay? Then you are paying a back-up QB nearly $15 million to hold a clipboard.’

Not necessarily. When you franchise someone you are giving your self the right to sign him to that deal you are not actually signing the deal at that moment in time. Thus, this gives the Patriots the opportunity to trade Cassel.

The ethics of the franchise tag

The franchise tag was not created to enable a team to control where a free agent player goes. But, in essence, this is what the Patriots will be doing. This comes only months after the Patriots front office apologized at the owners meetings for previously “stretching” the rules.

The Brady behind schedule story

This past Sunday Tom E. Curran posted a story at NBC Sports saying that he has been told that Brady is well behind schedule. Later that night Peter King refuted this statement. It has become a he said, she said situation. No one has divulged their sources.

I think it is not beyond the realm of possibilities that the Patriots might be placing this notion out there so they can justify the use of the franchise tag.

Regardless, the Patriots will be franchising Cassel.

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NFL Kickin’ it With Kevin

You Say Tomato, I Say I’m Awesome

1. This weeks Idiot of the Week award goes to Pete Kendell for catching a deflected pass and then trying to run with it only to fumble the ball and have it taken back for a touchdown. Dear Pete, you weigh over 300 pounds and are a guard. Fall on the ball like you were taught, not bumble around like a moron and cost your team an easy three points before half-time.

2. Apparently the Cowboys think that 11 (Roy Williams) plus 81 (T.O.) equals Super Bowl, not 85 plus 81. Sorry Chad. Learn to shut your mouth.

3. Marvin Lewis will be gone by the end of the season. Rod Marinelli may not be.

4. Speaking of doubt, was there ever any that Pacman would make a mistake yet again in Jerry Jones’s island of misfit toys (T.O. and Tank Johnson to name two off the top of my head).

5. Brad Johnson will be the Bubby Brister to the Cowboys season. That is, he will minimize errors and get the team by until Tony Romo is back.

6. Is it just me or was Pacman one of the most overrated corners in the history of the NFL? I’m still baffled that Jerry Jones though so highly of his skills that he employed constant security to ensure his good behavior. I would do that for Deion Sanders or Champ Bailey, not Pacman Jones. Too bad he didn’t envision Pacman fighting his own security. Some people never learn.

7. After all Tony Gonzalez has done for the Chiefs, it’s classless of Carl Peterson to not trade him to a contender towards the twilight of his career.

8. I love Jay Cutler, but he needs to stop chucking it to Brandon Marshall when he is somewhat open and other players are WIDE OPEN. It’s like watching Daunte Culpepper or Tom Brady heave it to Randy Moss when they shouldn’t.

9. Speaking of the Broncos, can you believe that Michael Pittman was their first 100 yard rusher this season?

10. Chris Long is going to be a monster. In fact, he reminds me of a better younger Patrick Kerney. While I was watching the Redskins-Rams game I kept noticing his presence all over the field. It seemed like he was in on every play. Can he get some help?

The Sweet Sixteen

1.Tennessee Titans- Can the Tennessee Titans really be the best team in the NFL? Will the Titans have to make Albert Haynesworth believe he’s in a contract year, every year for this type of performance?
2. New York Giants- How strange was their loss to the Cleveland Browns? Also, what are these bizarre rumors swirling around that Plaxico might get cut?

3. Pittsburgh Steelers- Will Big Ben stay healthy with an offense line that might rival David Carr’s line’s ineptness his rookie year?

4. Buffalo Bills- Will this defense be ready after the bye or will they get torched again a la Kurt Warner?

5. Indianapolis Colts- Is Peyton’s swagger back again? Is Marvin’s?

6. Washington Redskins- Will Clinton Portis continue to carry this team on his back all season?

7. Dallas Cowboys- Is getting Roy Williams going to be the solution to stop this team from imploding or just a band-aid?

8. Jacksonville Jaguars- Will this team decide what its identity is?

9. Denver Broncos- Will this defense decide whether it is a 4-3 or a 3-4? Will this defense ever show up?

10. Philadelphia Eagles- Is anyone else noticing that Broderick Bunkley is quietly having a great season?

11. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- When is Jon Gruden going to realize that Jeff Garcia is much better than Brian Griese?

12. New Orleans Saints- Is it time to stop labeling Reggie Bush as a bust? How cool is Drew Bree’s mimicking of the movie 300 when he screams, “We are NEW ORLEANS” to get his team pumped up?

13. San Diego Chargers- Will LT stop whining about being injured and gut through it?

14. Atlanta Falcons- With such a suffocating running game, will Matt Ryan continue to impress when the running game gets shut down?

15 (tie) Green Bay Packers- Can this team keep surviving with such a depleted secondary?

15. (tie) Arizona Cardinals- Should the Cardinals have traded Anquan Boldin after all?

“My Beer Drunk Soul Is Sadder Than All The Dead Christmas Trees Of The World”

1. Upon hearing that Brad Johnson would be starting for the Dallas Cowboys next week, Chad Pennington called him to have a who has the weakest arm contest.

Arrested Development Season One

[at the prison]
Barry Zuckerkorn: Are all the guys in here… you know? [referencing gay inmates]
George Sr.: Oh, no, no. No, not all of them.
Barry Zuckerkorn: Yeah. It’s never the ones you hope.
George Sr.: Hope?
Barry Zuckerkorn: Think.

And I’m Out. Comments as always are welcome.

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