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In the shocker of all shockers Uconn Junior Hasheem Thabeet will enter the upcoming NBA draft.

It was mainly the fact that Thabeet seemed in no rush to get back to hasheem-twitterConnecticut for the final weeks of classes that tipped me off. However the kicker was that although Hasheem had made it back East this past week, he just made it back to Uconn yesterday.

This past week he was in Miami eating at the Forge and also took in a Knicks-Heat game courtside. He made it up the coast to New York. Before heading back to school, one of the nights out brought him to the same club as Michael Phelps. Reportedly Phelps went up to Hasheem to congratulate him and Thabeet had not a clue who he was.

Michael Phelps dives into New York City club scene [NY Daily News]
UConn Junior Thabeet: I’m Ready To Go Pro [WFSB; Hartford, CT]


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When asked about coming back for his Senior season Thabeet said, “I’m not sure. I don’t have a schedule. I was looking forward to play on Monday. So far I don’t have any plans.”

Bull. My friend, Thabeet is as good as gone and he very well should be.

Uconn could be losing nearly all of their core players–and are definitely losing a great deal of them without question.

AJ Price and Jeff Adrien are going to be 2nd round draft picks. Stanley Robinson is a Junior but is already projected to be a potential second round draft pick (believe it or not).Apparently this assessment is based solely on athleticism. I think Kemba Walker will be back, however there is an outside shot that he could get word he will be drafted and he could take off.

Who knows how Dyson’s knee is going to recover? As you can gather, this team is not going to be nearly as good as they were this year. Even regardless of the fact that the team is going to be completely different, Thabeet simply has nothing more to gain.

In 2007 Thabeet was predicted to be a first round pick. In 2008 he was predicted to be a lottery pick. This year he is a top 3 pick almost without question and if not for Blake Griffin we could be talking #1 overall.

I don’t know who was whispering in Thabeet’s ear the past 2 seasons to stay in school but he made, probably himself, as well as Hasheem a lot of guaranteed money by doing so.


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bracketThe person who is winning your bracket pool at this moment is likely the one with the best insight into the Tourney. I’m not bias at all–but as you might have guessed, I am that guy.

Going into yesterday, and coming out of yesterday, I have a a first place bracket in all three of the pools I am in.

I have three of the four final four teams correct including ‘Nova. The only problem; I had Louisville winning it all. Looking back that was probably a bad pick. The odds of them making it to the Final Weekend AND winning it all… probably pretty slim.

So it took until the final weekend but my bracket busted out yesterday afternoon as the Spartans dismantled, my pick to win it all, the Cardinals.


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Nate Miles (left) with UConn's Hasheem Thabeet at the Hartford Pro-Am this past summer.

As you know Adrian Wojnarowski and Dan Wetzel over at Yahoo! Sports broke a story yesterday that the University of Connecticut violated NCAA rules in the recruitment of former guard Nate Miles.

The report claims that the university representatives “provided [Miles] with lodging, transportation, restaurant meals” and also far exceeded the constraints of contacting a high school junior including phone calls and text messages.

I’m not ready to throw Coach Calhoun under the bus as quickly as some people seem to be. I’ve heard that the entire legacy that Coach Calhoun has created is tarnished now. I can’t go that far yet. It’s unfortunate to say but this stuff happens at every major program–it’s just a matter of who gets caught.

I am no fan of the Huskies but have the utmost respect for the man. That being said; things looks very shady in this situation.


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sports-stocks1arrow-down1Uconn Women’s Basketball; Undefeated, Again
On Tuesday Geno and the Uconn Women’s hoop team completed a 30-0 regular season. This is the fifth time Uconn has achieved a perfect record. That’s incredible. I suppose Geno doesn’t deserve the seven figures he makes either…
arrow-down1Packers and Brown; Zero meaningful Off-season moves
As of mid-week, neither the Green Bay Packers nor the Cleveland Browns had mad any impact in the free agent market this off-season. The Browns and Packers, who went a combined 10-22 last season, seem in no rush to turn things around. Not a single splash has been made and no one has even heard these teams in free agent talks.
arrow-down1Manny Ramirez; Says He Suffered for 8 Years in Boston
‘I won’, Manny said in his press conference on Thursday. Manny added, “Hey, sometimes it’s better off to have a two-year deal in a place that you’re going to be happy than have an eight-year deal in a place where you’re going to suffer.” So  Manny was suffering for those 7 seasons before last in Boston. He seemed to be enjoying himself before Boras convinced Manny that he could get another $100 million payday if the Red Sox didn’t have those 2 club option years; those bastard Red Sox, who put up with so much crap and catered to Manny for 7 years.

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Calhoun rifles off some gems in there.From the “not a dime back” to the “I make a lot more than that” comment. The person who asked Coach Calhoun these questions regarding his salary and the states deficit is actually a Uconn

Ken Krayeske

Ken Krayeske

Law Student. He has a website here. His name is Ken Krayeske.

Anyone who frequents this site knows, as a fan of college athletics, I dislike Uconn. That should make this argument and opinion that much more valuable.

While I am not aware of any public records that can back up Coach Calhoun’s claim that the University of Connecticut’s basketball program brings in $12 million a year for the school, there are some other points that need to be looked at.

The University of Connecticut is a “state school” and thus is  state funded. However, the athletic department is self-sufficient. The state does not support the athletics program at most public universities and Uconn is no exception. This means Coach Calhoun’s salary does not come from the school or state funds. It comes directly and solely from the athletic department’s budget.

A little background on Ken; he is a left-wing radical political activist. Krayeske was arrested during the 2007 inaugural parade for Republican Gov. M. Jodi Rell. (more…)

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Greg Monroe drives to the bucket past Thabeet

It was the Big East conference opener last night. After Uconn’s big win over Gonzaga you could have expected a let down game against lowly Fairfield last week the day after Christmas but not against Big East rival Georgetown.

It is not like in some years past where Uconn’s non-conference schedule was a joke–they have already beat 3 ranked teams. Those teams being Miami (FL), Wisconsin and Gonzaga. This goes to show just how good the Big East is going to be this year.

And take a look at the Hoya’s upcoming Big East and non-conference schedule:

Mon, Dec 29 – at (2) Uconn
Sat, Jan 3 – (3) Pittsburgh
Mon, Jan 5 – (7) Notre Dame
Sat, Jan 10 – Providence
Wed, Jan 14 – (13) Syracuse
Sat, Jan 17 – at (5) Duke
Thu, Jan 22 – West Virginia

This is followed up by three conference road games in one week at Seton Hall, Cincinnati and Marquette. A tough road for a very solid team who now has a big time marquee win.

Another big bright spot in the game was the play of Freshman Greg Monroe for Georgetown. He has an all around game; can play inside against a defender the caliber of Thabeet and can also shoot the college three.

A notable problem with Uconn has been their carelessness with the ball. Which is a somewhat shocking problem for a team with such great guards; AJ Price, Jerome Dyson, Craig Austrie and Kemba Walker. That could be their downfall this season as they make a national championship run.

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