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Jason-TaylorWhen asked about his year in Washington Taylor said, ”It felt like five years, to be honest.” He went on to say that his memories of his year away from South Beach will included ”injuries” and ”snow”.

“I don’t want to slight the Redskins in any way,” Taylor said. “There were a few guys I was close to on the team up there that knew where I was throughout the whole process from the minute I got on the plane to go to D.C. last year. I’ll leave it at that.”

”Everyone should know I’m not a left end; I’m not a five-technique left end, it’s just not what I do well,” Taylor said of the Redskins utilizing him on the opposite side of the line.

All-in-all it’s nice to know that Jason will be able to wear shirts like the one above again. Only on South Beach.

Jason Taylor happy to be a Miami Dolphin again [Miami Herald]


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steelers-towels-in-washingtonThe Redkins franchise is worth an estimated $1.5 billion. Their revenue last year was by far tops in the NFL coming in at $327 million while gate receipts were a whopping $84 million. They are the proud tenants the NFL’s largest stadium. A stadium that seats nearly 92,000 fans.

It seemed that nearly half of those 92,000 made the drive down from Pittsburgh last night. It was really loud when the ‘Skins had the ball, especially on 3rd down. The Redskins even had to go to a silent count in their own stadium.

From Jason La Canfora:

In what may be the saddest testament yet to the sight of the Steelers’ fans taking over FedEx Field last night and dominating the lower bowl with all the terrible towels, the Redskins offense had to go to a silent count at times, at home, because of all the noise the visiting fans were making.

“We had to go silent at least a couple of times,” one veteran player said. “It was loud down there, especially on third down. I never seen anything like that, at home, with 90,000 people there. It seemed like they had more fans than we did. That was sad. They had guys like Troy [Polamalu] raising his arms on third down and all these people are yelling and screaming for the Steelers. It was pretty sad, man.”

Naturally I also was interested to see what some of our favorite Washington area writers were saying about the abysmal showing from ‘Skins fans last night:

From Michael Wilbon:

The Steelers left town with a victory, with Roethlisberger also smiling and not seriously hurt, and with the Redskins licking their wounds after what felt like a loss on the road. From the racket made and “Terrible Towels” being waved, Leftwich might have thought he was playing in Pittsburgh, since between 15,000 to 20,000 Steelers fans snapped up tickets and promptly took over FedEx Field in their black road jerseys. It really gets a little tiresome hearing how great Redskins fans are, only to see fans of the Cowboys or Steelers or Eagles commandeer FedEx Field. Really, they’re a very average lot, at best.

The DC Sports Bog has some estimates on the percentage of Steelers fans in the crowd.

My original guess was 15 percent, but I was mocked for going too low. Was it 20 percent? Was it 25 percent? Some writers guessed as high as 30, and the Washington Times went with 33 percent, although I still say that’s way too high. Your guess on the percentage?

I am in agreement with Wilbon. You hear how the Redskins are the most valuable franchise in the NFL (now number 2) and how great their fans are. I have never really seen it. Sure they are good maybe even better than average. How hard is that when the ‘Skins are realistically the only game in town. Just when it looked like the Steelers might be done. The team and their fans embarrassed a contender in their home stadium.

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Many people predicted the NFC East to be the best division in football and have three teams make the playoffs.  This division will not be decided until very late in the year.  The Eagles play three divisional games in the last four weeks of the season, and the Cowboys play the Giants and Eagles in the last three weeks of the season. Not to mention that the Giants and Eagles will meet for the first time next Sunday night in South Philly.

New York Giants (7-1) @ Philadelphia.  They look even better than when they won the Super Bowl.

Washington (6-2) vs Pitsburgh tonight, bye week.  Campbell doesn’t turn the ball over and Portis is running hard, that is a formula for success.

Philadelphia (5-3 vs NYG.  Their Defense is looking really good, Asante Samuel is playing great.  With a healthy offense they can make a move in the division, they need to improve their red zone offense though.

Dallas (5-4) bye week.  Their bye week cannot come at a better time, they need to get healthy and get Tony Romo back on the field.  Yesterday was the first time since 2001 that a Cowboys third string QB threw a pass in a regular season game. Yeah that QB was Ryan Leaf.

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Alexander dodging the death spire in Cincinnati, it's a metaphor... but it really happend...

With Betts out, the ‘Skins are in the market for a back. They are reportedly very interested in Shaun Alexander. Now, maybe we will find out why the Bengals decided to pass in favor for Cedric Benson. My guess is because, well, they are the Bengals and thus it was likely a big mistake to take Benson over Alexander.

I’m wondering how Alexander really looked when he worked out for the Bengals. He has not be healthy for quite sometime now. So, sure there is a very good chance that he is not prepared and the ‘Skins won’t even be able to sign him. At the same time I wouldn’t exactly be shocked it he comes into Washinton and takes a productive role as a backup.

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Yes, that's Leonard Davis... you'll have to read to the end to find out why

Today the NFC east has shown an element of weakness. Early Washington got beat at home by an awful St. Louis Rams team, currently the Cardinals are up 10 against the Cowboys and the Eagles are only up one in the 4th against the 49ers. What’s next the Browns beat the Giants tomorrow night? I’d be all sorts of surprised if they even keep it close to be honest.

The Eagles need to hang on and win to maintain the frantic pace of this division but the Cowboys could be in trouble as well. They have the Rams then the Bucs the next two weeks, do able. After that they are at the Giants and at the ‘Skins with a bye in between. Even with the bye that is no easy task. That is were we will see if they can hang. The Giants have a very hard (maybe the hardest) second half schedule.

It’s nuts but every team is still in this race. It is going to be incredibly fun to watch.

More importantly, Aikman was just mentioning how his two little girls love the Jonas Brothers. I can picture Troy singing along.

Now the ‘Boys just scored, don’t call this one just yet. Haha Leonard Davis of the Cowboys via the Cardinals just got called for taunting after the TD. He’s a lineman, STFU bro.

This is the intro to the Officoal Leonard Davis homepage:

6’6 365 lbs briefly describes the BIGGEST man in the NFL. Your favorite lineman is Leonard Davis.

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Chris Cooley might want to stay out of Philly for the foreseeable future. He has posted some words directed at Eagles fans on his blog:

The last two weeks have been so much fun to be a part of this team and yesterday It sounded so good listening to all the Philly fans booing their beloved Eagles in their own stadium. Nothing could have been better watching those fans sulk on their way home after they egged our buses driving in, screamed “sucks” after every player on our starting offense was introduced, and then proceeded to talk shit to us all day. I rejoiced driving away watching sorry stragglers flip off our bus with tears in their eyes. Just another win in Philly for the Skins.

That must have been a great feeling after a great road win but honestly I wouldn’t mess with the fans of Philadelphia. They are happy now with that NLDS win but this will get back to them and maybe next time they won’t be kind enough to use eggs. These are some battery throwing comments if I’ve ever heard some.

Also is it dumb if I think this is a good, classy locker room cheer?

Lastly, a monkey could pick games straight up and get the vast majority correct. Here are Cooley’s picks. Not bad but have some guster and pick against the spread, Chris.

‘Chris Cooley is just a normal bro’ is a weekly column that looks into the lives of Chris and Christy Cooley (since that seems to be what Chris wants).

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Chris Cooley is going to rock out with his... playbook out...

Warning, beware of innuendo.

How perfect. Just last week I wrote the first installment of “Chris Cooley is just a normal bro“. Now, this weekend Chris posted a picture of his wang on his blog, by mistake, while trying to post a picture of th Redskins playbook. The best part is this quote from Redskins head coach Jim Zorn (well I suppose it depends who you ask):

“My first thought is to just make a team-wide statement and talk about it,” said Zorn, who will speak with players before the team begins preparations to face the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday at FedEx Field. “It’s not just Chris, anybody can do that, and we’ve just got to make sure that these guys are using” common sense.”

My original idea was to have a different picture of Christy Cooley in each edition of this weekly post. After seeing Chris’ offensive package, that idea has not wavered. No Cooley privates on this site unless they belong to Christy.

What is worse; that Chris took a picture of what should be a private playbook or that Chris took a picture of what should be his private privates? On top of the fact that the entire sports community has seen it, much more importantly it would appear that Coach Zorn has seen the photo first hand. Although he did not reference Cooley’s actual debriefing just the debriefing of their playbook.

The team meeting tomorrow should be priceless. It’s like when you and your team or you and your group get a talking to from a professor or superior but it’s really only one member of the party that is the true recipient of the verbal lashing. How the hell do you keep a straight face Wednesday morning when Coach talks to the team about never taking pictures of their offensive units.

There is the obligatory Christy Cooley picture, although it doesn’t seem to be the important story here. What a couple though! Match made in heaven!

‘Chris Cooley is just a normal bro’ is a weekly column that looks into the lives of Chris and Christy Cooley (since that seems to be what Chris wants).

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