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the hangover shots on vegas rooftopForget Transformers 2, I am hung up on The Hangover. From to of the creative geniuses of Four Christmases comes this Summers first big comedy. Yes, that’s right Four Christmases… I never saw it but I can only imagine how awful it is..

A little programming note; OWS will be shutting down early this coming week. We are going to be switching servers and slowly unveiling an updated design with an anticipated full launch on Monday July 6th.

Now on with the shenanigans… (more…)


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It’s Friday and you can’t rain on that! Truth be told, it has been a pretty miserable last few weeks as far as the weather goes here in the Northeast. Unfortunately, that includes Bethpage. (more…)

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zach morrisThis week will go down in history as the time Mark-Paul Gosselaar did Fallon’s late show as Zack Morris from Saved by the Bell.

This show is hit or miss and this bit is a gigantic hit. Hilarious.

The rest of the festivities after you jump it… (more…)

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Turn that frown upside-down Dwight… it’s Friday!

The best part about Game 1 were the Van Gundy’s comments. First Jeff said during the game when asked about Stan not wearing a tie; “When you look like us there really is no good look.”

Then after the game during Stan’s post game presser he absolutely tore Jameer Nelson to shreds. I wonder if the reason why he didn’t play so well is because he hasn’t played since February. Stan needs to look himself in the mirror for who to blame on this one–he is the one who played Nelson for 23 minutes in game one of the Finals after 5 months away from the court.

The next game is not until Sunday, as the NBA attempts to milk the Finals for all they can.


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kareem twitter melo

Kareem is loving the Lakers and at the clear expense of ‘Melo. These former LA players are still all about their Lakers for sure. At least Jabbar’s Laker manlove is contained within his twitter account. On the other hand we have to listen to Magic “try” to be “objective” every night after the Lakers play. And I’m almost sure ‘Melo will have something to say when he sees this. (more…)

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UFC 98: Evans (+160) vs Machida (-200)

It’s such a friendly betting line. Whether you believe Evans or Machida will win, these numbers beg you to put your money where your mouth is. Sherdog always has some pros pick the fights.

I like what Gabe Ruediger had to say:

I think Machida will win. I think his style will eventually force Rashad to initiate. Machida will counter and use his footwork to ensure that he fights his fight. I’m not sure which round — although something is telling me third — but Machida will win.

It’s actually something that you see a lot of people saying–Machida is always patient and if he can bait Evans to go for something a little wild… that could be all it takes for Machida to capitalize.

It’s hard not to put money on the undefeated Evans when you see a +160 next to his name though.

Full weekend line-up (more…)

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Saturday night ESPN is premiering Spike Lee’s new movie called Kobe Doin’ Work. It is a Spike Lee picture. It runs about an hour and a half and will air commercial free on ESPN at 8 PM EST.

For those who may not be around in prime time on Saturday night, it will re-air at midnight as well as 2 AM (with commercials).


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