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See how sad retiring makes Favre?

See how sad retiring makes Favre?

So when I woke up this morning at noon HST (thats 6pm Eastern) I turned on ESPN and what was the first thing I saw? Brett Favre to talk to Minnesota Vikings head coach Brad Childress. Are you serious? I was a fan of Favre on the Packers, I would have never bought his jersey, too cliched and I was not a Packers fan, but he was fun to watch, I liked his style, and he was a good guy. I lost a little respect for him when he retired, and came back, and retired again, and them came back for the Jets. Not only did I dislike the wishy-washy nature of his “retiring” but also being a Patriots fan from Massachusetts, I could not root for a Jets player. Favre then proceeds to start the season hot, and end it in disparaging fashion, Jets players in the locker room don’t like him, the front office doesn’t want him back, and come April, release him. I thought “too bad for Brett, a lack-luster end to a Hall-of-Fame career, but it is all for the better.” Now this story about his meeting with the Vikings breaks.

Its over Brett, time to hang up the pads, frame the jersey, and spend some time with wife. After his last season, it would be tough not to have a better season than that if he came back, but it is just not worth it. Now if by some miracle he comes back, has an awesome season with the Vikings, I will be the first to eat my words and apologize, but that WON’T happen. If he comes back, it will just further tarnish his reputation as a person and player. Do yourself a favor Brett, go meet with Childress, have a couple beers, reminisce about the good ole days, and fantasize about what a phenomenal thing it would be for the Vikings and yourself if you came out of retirement and led the charge to a Superbowl, but then realize its all fantasy, shake hands with Childress, thank him for the beers, and go home. You’ll thank yourself in the long run.


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Brett Favre has put his house in Green Bay on the market. It might be a sign of just how bad the market is or a sign of just how much of a “good ol’ down south country boy” Brett is; but the asking price is only $475,000. I don’t know much about Wisconsin, Green Bay or the real estate in the area but that doesn’t seem outlandish. Here are more pictures of the inside:

You’d think he could afford to keep a home in the place that has been so good to him over the years with what the Packers ahve paid him. Not to mention the endorsements from Snapper and Wrangler.

Is he really looking to get out of Green Bay that quickly that he is willing to sell in what is an obvious buyers market. He needs that half-millie right now?

Seems like a d-bag thing to do if you ask me. I’d be a little put off if I were a Packers fan.

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It’s tough to wrap up this past weekend in the sports world. There was a ton going on and some of that business is still unfinished. What did we learn so far?

  • NFL upsets continued yesterday and into the night including; Chiefs over Broncos, Tampa over Green in the battle of the Bay’s, Washington over Dallas and the Bears beating the Eagles.
  • It was also a weekend filled with dangerous hits and serious injuries.
  • Matt Bryant lead his team to a big win after enduring a tragic week.
  • Ninety-one points were scored in the Meadowlands on Sunday, including 6 TD’s from Favre.
  • The last weekend in baseball saw some crazy races that came right down to the wire.
  • The Mets collapse again and no one gets fired. The Brewers hang on to win the Wild Card after firing Yost.
  • The White Sox play the Tigers today in a make-up game. If the Sox win then they will face the Twins in a one game playoff.

  • Linehan is out and Haslett is in.
  • The Saints are back. That offense is great just like last year but will the defense be enough to hold teams under 30 points consistently. Either way it will be fun to watch.
  • The Browns and Bengals back to their old selves. Ugly stuff, Ohio.
  • The NFC East is unearthly good while the AFC West is proving to be ungodly inconstant.
  • Go White Sox! I want to see this one game playoff again this year. This could be a great post season for baseball. It seems really wide open overall.
  • No more baseball in Shea or Yankee Stadium. No post season for either. What a way to go out for the Mets… again.
  • Jay Cutler is the next Brett Favre, just uglier and more diabetic. Too soon?
  • All three of my college football picks went terribly wrong. Shocking (Those being Purdue +1, UNLV -4 and Fresno State -7.5). In my defense, I was brought into the Boilermaker’s bet by a friend.
  • It should be another great week in the sports world! Looking forward to it!

And that’s what we learned.

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I May Be Wrong But I Doubt It

1. This weeks Idiot of the Week award goes to William Clay Ford Sr. (with Al Davis as a close second). William Clady Ford Jr. has stated that he would like to fire GM Matt Millen but he does not have the power to do so and that his father is continuing to stick behind Millen. This may be the worst run franchise in the history of football. It’s like Clay Ford Sr. hates to win and just keeps Millen around because he enjoys yucking it up with him on gameday. I swear, Matt Millen doesn’t even have scouts, just Mel Kiper. Honestly, how many “Millen Man Marches” and losing seasons (seven under Millen) and first round wide receiver busts can one owner endure before changes are made? I’d love to buy the Lions and just clean house.
2. I’d be willing to bet that the Green Bay Packers regret trading away Defensive Tackle Corey Williams to the Browns now. This whole defense, particularly the defensive line, looked exhausted and flat warn out towards the end of the Sunday Night game. Added depth, especially from a huge contributor like Williams was last year could have made a big difference.

3. Ken Whisenhunt should be the object of scorn and derision in Arizona for electing to the punt the ball back to the Redskins instead of trusting his offense. After punting the ball the Redskins never surrendered the ball and simply ran out the clock. When you have two of the leagues best wide outs and a veteran two-time league MVP quarterback, shouldn’t this be a no brainer?

4. Assuming Lane Kiffin gets fired, good for him for holding out and making Al Davis have to pay him the two million dollar termination clause coming his way. I can see Mike Shannahan hiring Kiffin as some sort of consultant just to stick it to Al Davis and to pump Kiffin for information.

5. Darren Sproles should be nicknamed Mighty Mouse. True story.

6. The Falcons will continue to win and play well if they can keep Matt Ryan from throwing more than twenty times a game. Michael Turner sure has opened up the play-action pass in this offense.

7. I wonder how much Brett Favre is regretting coming out of retirement now?

The Fine Fifteen

1. Dallas Cowboys- Is there any doubt that Terrell Owens wants to win a Super Bowl this year? Though Owens was shut down by the Packers, he made unseen contributions via blocking for Marion Barber and more importantly, Felix Jones’s touchdown. He even chased down safety Nick Collins sixty yards from the opposite side of the field when Tony Romo threw a costly interception in the end zone.

2. New York Giants- Why do the Giants always have to make it hard on themselves? Every time I watch the Giants play I’m reminded of that Eli Manning quote where he talks about how the Giants love to win in tough situations (ex: They couldn’t win the NFC Championship in the fourth quarter on the chip shot field goal, they had it win it in overtime with the long field goal). Maybe it’s the mark of a great team, but how much adversity can one team take? I mean the Cincinnati Bengals in overtime…really?

3. Philadelphia Eagles- Can Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook stay healthy? The Eagles defense terrorized Ben Roethlisberger all day. However, after McNabb was knocked out of the game, Kevin Kolb replaced him and quickly threw an interception. I know this is a bit obvious, but if this team is going to continue to compete, these two offensive cogs must stay healthy for the whole season and beyond.

4. Green Bay Packers- Didn’t Aaron Rodgers look quite Favrean with that jump pass to Greg Jennings? In case you missed it Rodgers was about to be sacked when he jumped in the air and slung the ball side armed to Jennings for a first down…in between two defenders. That being said this whole team looked beat down in the fourth quarter and ready to go home. Also, Al Harris may be out for the season which could spell trouble for the Packers with the lack of depth Green Bay already has in their secondary.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers- Will Ben Roethlisberger be the next quarterback taken victim by lack of blind side protection, scratch that, any protection? On a team as deep as this, how can the offensive line be this terrible and go unaddressed? I mean NINE sacks? Come on. I know Illinois running back Rashard Mendenhall was an absolute steal and hard to pass up, but either Virginia Tech offensive tackle Duane Brown in the first round or USC guard Chilo Rachal in the second round instead of Limas Sweed, might have been the better choices. Protecting your franchise quarterback ought to be priority number one.

6. Tennessee Titans- Is it possible that this team is the 2008 version of the 2001 Baltimore Ravens? Will Kerry Collins actually make it to another Super Bowl? Hilarious comment by Deion Sanders last night on NFL Gameday Final. NFL Network shows a clip of Collins throwing an interception and then shows him running ten yards for a first down. Rich Eisen exclaims, “He’s doing his best Vince Young impression (i.e. running for a first down)!” Sanders responds, “He already did that when he threw the pick!” Damn.

7. Denver Broncos- Can the Broncos offense keep saving their defense in nail biters for the remainder of the year? This offense is unbelievable and in fact is statistically on pace with New England’s offense from last year. The defense, however, is horrendous. At times on Sunday the Broncos ran a 3-4 defense with 4-3 personnel (the Broncos have not run a 3-4 since Wade Phillips was their head coach). If this doesn’t signal that there is a defensive problem, I don’t know what does. Quick point, more credit needs to be given to the Broncos offensive line, particularly rookie Ryan Clady, who is playing like a seasoned veteran at left tackle.

8. Jacksonville Jaguars- Is this where the Jacksonville Jaguars begin to turn it around and become this years version of the San Diego Chargers? This team just seems too talented to be 1-3. On a side note, I’m addicted to NFL Gameday Final and for those of you who missed it Maurice Jones-Drew thanked Deion Sanders for his uplifting text message to the team and credited Sanders with helping to motivate the team this week. According to Jones-Drew, the Jaguars now look at themselves as 1-0 instead of 1-3.

9. Buffalo Bills-Can this team win the AFC East and go deep into the playoffs? Though this team is young and has no real superstar standout players, they work well as a unit. No one man is bigger than the team and I think that makes them dangerous.

10. Indianapolis Colts- Is it possible that we’re witnessing the demise of the two long time AFC power houses? Doubtful, but Manning’s road to the Super Bowl or the playoffs for that matter has sure gotten tougher.

11. Minnesota Vikings- Do the Vikings really think that Gus Frerotte can get it done for them the entire season? The defense is outstanding and Adrian Peterson is a monster but saying that Frerotte can be what Brad Johnson was for the Buccaneers when they won a Super Bowl is quite a stretch.

12. San Diego Chargers- Will LT keep being so “classy” even though the team is 1-3? Phillip Rivers appears to be carrying this team and has finally stepped into his own but if the team loses again I forsee another “I’m so frustrated” rant from the “classiest” guy in the NFL.

13. Tampa Bay Buccaneers- Did Brian Griese really throw the ball 67 times? Maybe John Gruden loves collecting quarterbacks so much because he think their arms will fall off halfway through the season.

14. New England Patriots- Are the Patriot’s enjoying their humble pie? Its all well and good to talk about eating humble pie when you’re blowing teams out, but I’m curious to see how the Patriots rebound after Ronnie Brown ran and threw all over them. Something tells me this will be a different Patriot team after the bye week.

15. Washington Redskins- Will the Redskins miss the playoffs sheerly because they are in the NFC East?

Notes: I know that Baltimore is undefeated but they are starting a rookie quarterback from a DI-AA college.

“My Beer Drunk Soul Is Sadder Than All The Dead Christmas Trees Of The World”

1. William Clay Ford Senior has finally decided to fire Matt Millen and is reportedly replacing him with Emmitt Smith. Emmitt has stated that his first act as GM is to trade for quarterback Matt Hassel. (http://www.profootballtalk.com/2008/09/14/emmitts-new-name-of-the-week)


From Big Baby Bas- “Should the Rams really have traded Stephen Jackson for picks? Since 2000, almost all of their high draft picks, obviously excluding Jackson, have been defensive players who did not pan out (Archuletta, Damione Lewis, Anthony Hargrove, Jimmy Kennedy). Why let one of the few remaining bright spots on the team go for picks when u clearly don’t have the scouting dept to do ne thing with them?”

Response- Great point. The St. Louis Rams have consistently been one of the worst teams with regard to building through the draft, or building period for that matter. From the first to the seventh round the Rams have consistently hit busts. Scott Linehan is clearly on his way out and it is clear the Rams are going to and should clean house and start from scratch. Granted, Jackson is a bright spot on the team when he is not hurt and actually on the field. However, from a management standpoint, giving a six year 44.8 million dollar to a twenty-six year old running back that has had injury issues in the past is not the right move if a team is looking to rebuild. As many teams have demonstrated, finding running backs in the second or later rounds/undrafted is just as a effective as getting them in the first (see Marion Barber III, Ryan Grant, Clinton Portis, Frank Gore, Willie Parker, Brandon Jacobs, Michael Turner, Selvin Young/Andre Hall). Furthermore, having Jackson without the offensive line to block for him minimizes his true effectiveness. Thus, by the time this team finally rebuilds, Jackson will be hitting that magical running back wall of thirty.
All that being said, a team has to start somewhere and high priced free agents and large contracts have been established as the unsuccessful way to go about it. Thinking from the mind of a hopefully effective GM (goes back to the cleaning house bit), I would rather have two first round picks this year and ideally draft a left tackle (Michael Oher, Eugene Monroe, or Andre Smith all come to mind) to protect Marc Bulger and help with the run game and a defensive leader to team with DE Chris Long such as MLB’s James Lauranitis or Ray Maualuga and move Will Witherspoon back out to SLB . Then, I would drafting a running back in the third or fourth round (possibly C.J. Spiller or Javon Ringer). In my opinion, this would go a long way in helping a team that is losing by on average by 29 points a game, than giving 44.8 million dollars to a running back with no one to block for him and a defense/offense that is so ineffective that the Rams will consistently be playing from behind and thus unable to run the ball anyway.

Bright spots are great, but winning puts fans in the seats.
Thanks for the comment. Hope this answered your question.

Non Football Quote of the Week (Courtesy of How I Met Your Mother)

Lily: “How can you sleep with bimbos and still be in love with Robin?!”
Barney: I don’t get what you mean? That’s like asking how ants carry 300 times their body weight yet root beer floats are still delicious? I mean are the two even related?”

And I’m Out. Comments as always are welcome.

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Ever too early rookie of the year projections.

AFC- Eddie Royal WR Denver Broncos. Who are teams going to double team now, Royal or Brandon Marshall? I was tempted to put Chris Johnson here but the turmoil in Tennessee made me think otherwise.

NFC- Matt Forte RB Bears. At 6 foot 2 this kid will keep shredding offenses and bowling defenders over.

I May Be Wrong But I Doubt It

1. Mike Ditka, you’re a moron. According to Ditka, Chris Johnson of the Tennessee Titans was a fourth round pick and the Titans were smart for finding such a great value in the later rounds. Is it really that hard to get paid millions of dollars to be an ESPN broadcaster and not know about current NFL players?

2. As I said before, Jay Cutler is the real deal. He looked completely in control against the Oakland Raiders. This is his team.

3. The Jets are not THAT good. They nearly lost to the Miami Dolphins and one of Favre’s touchdowns was complete luck…or Favre magic depending on who you ask.

4. Start the countdown on days that go by until Randy Moss becomes a cancer.

5. Dear Vince Young. People will still ridicule you if you retire. Especially for the tattoo on your back that makes no sense if you’re not a football player. (Hint: It looks just like the back of his jersey. V. YOUNG with a giant 10 on his back). Grow up and deal with the pressure, Aaron Rodgers has it way worse than you. Oh and while you’re at it, spend some time learning how to make reads.

6. I can’t believe that Terrell Owens was penalized for mimicking Usain Bolt coming out of the starting blocks after scoring his first touchdown of the season. The ground is not a prop. The NFL needs to relax.

7. Speaking of Terrell Owens, he will pass Cris Carter next week on the All-Time Touchdown list, making him second, behind Jerry Rice. By the end of his career Owens will be Canton bound and his antics won’t matter.

8. Trent Edwards will end up being the best quarterback from his draft class. Book it.

9. The Browns should have traded Derek Anderson when they had the chance. Overrated.

10. I said this during pre-season and I’ll say it again. Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers will have statistically similar years, but Rodgers will have more wins.

The Fine Fifteen

1. Dallas Cowboys- Don’t you get the sense that you’re watching a Pro Bowl game when this team takes the field?

2. Green Bay Packers- How much is Mike Nolan kicking himself for drafting Alex Smith over Aaron Rodgers?

3. Pittsburgh Steelers- Will Willie Parker keep this pace up? Furthermore, is this the team to beat in the AFC now?

4. New York Giants- If Eli thought that every regular season game was a playoff game, would he look like Tom Brady did last season?

5. San Diego Chargers- Are the Chargers one more injury away from free falling in the AFC West? This team just doesn’t seem like they want it.

6. Jacksonville Jaguars- When will this team finally step up and be the team it appears on paper it is?

7. Indianapolis Colts- When will Peyton’s rust wear off?

8. Chicago Bears- Will the Bears be able to run the ball as well as they did Monday night for the rest of the season and keep Kyle Orton from throwing the ball?

9. Denver Broncos- Is their newly found stellar offense enough to overcome their poor defense and catapult Denver into a playoff spot?

10. Philadelphia Eagles- Will McNabb last the whole season? Will Desean? If so the Eagles could be scary.

11. Minnesota Vikings- Can this team afford to wait for Travaris Jackson to grow up? Did Adrian Peterson even miss Bryant McKinnie?

12. Buffalo Bills- How much better will this offense be with Jason Peters back next week?

13. Carolina Panthers- Are the Panthers actually going to be good this year? Can you believe that Mike Williams 2.0 Dwayne Jarrett actually had a catch in this game?

14. New Orleans Saints- Is Reggie Bush destined to be a mediocre version of Marshall Faulk?

15. Tennessee Titans- What in the world is going on with Vince Young?

“My Beer Drunk Soul Is Sadder Than All The Dead Christmas Trees Of The World”

1. Vince Young is thinking about joining the Double Stuff Oreo league that both Manning’s are in. Much less pressure on who wins or loses.

2.. The reason why Cleveland was given so many prime-time games is because the American public loves to watch four quarters of the Browns getting blown out.

3. DeAngelo Hall allowed fellow Virginia Tech alumnus Eddie Royal to destroy him on Monday Night Football because he wanted to make, “a Tech rookie look good for once.”

4. Upon hearing that Reggie Bush forces girlfriend Kim Kardashian to run sand dunes to stay in shape Romeo Crennell devised a new workout plan for Shaun Rodgers.

5. The NFL game that the guy at the airport is watching on his laptop in the new NFL Network commercial is much more interesting than Marissa Miller leaning over his shoulder.

Games to Watch

The best games this week will be Denver versus San Diego and of course the NFC East showdown between the Cowboys and the Eagles.

And I’m Out. Feel Free to Comment!

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If you happened to catch the Brett Favre train wreck of a press conference yesterday evening you are lucky. It isn’t everyday you get to see something so painful. I want to dissect some of the comments from the Brett Favre portion of the press conference.

First of all what Brett doesn’t understand is that this is the Jet’s press conference in regards to their signing of Brett Favre. This is not the Brett Favre variety hour,special or talk show. This entire press conference made Favre look even more selfish and unstable than he already did. I know what you are saying, I didn’t think that was possible either. Here we go…

Brett was asked about how Packer fans and “Brett Favre fans” should feel.

“…It was a lot of fun for me. I think it was made clear this offseason that they were moving forward. Some things happened in between that. That’s OK. And it’s time for me to move forward…”

They were moving forward? You retired! Were they suppose to cancel the season? Should the NFL have folded operations?

“…I think the fans will continue to be Brett Favre fans. That may be some that say no. And for those people, maybe they were not diehard Brett Favre fans to begin with…”

I think Brett is confused at why 70,000 people came to Lambeau for the past 16 years. If you weren’t there Brett, 69,999 of them still would have been there. They are Packer fans not Favre fans!

Bret was asked about the #4 being retired in Green Bay.

“…I hadn’t really thought about it. I’m sure it will at some point. You know what? They talk about statues and they talk about having streets and I’m not just talking about me. They have that throughout sports. That’s not what it’s about with me. It’s great. It’s like records. I think back to the records that I’ve gained at Southern Miss, I look back, my experience there is much more important than the records. When and if that ever happens, great. I don’t feel like I need a jersey retired, a statue, a street named after me or anything like that for people to remember me or for me to feel like I’ve done something. I think the way I’ve played and the way I’ve handled myself is the most important thing…”

The beginning and end of this snippet are great. The way you have handled yourself is the most important thing? This is a joke right. Where would you like me to start on that one? How about a quote that came from Favre not 2 minutes later.

“…I think my interest at first, I’m sure we all know, was to stay within our division. Maybe that was a little bit of vindictive nature, or whatever, competitive nature, whatever. I think in the end, that was probably the wrong motive and I realized that was not going to happen…”

Now I see what Brett meant of the way he carries himself.

“…To me the most important aspect of winning is chemistry. You can have the best players possible, doesn’t guarantee wins. Chemistry, how you play together. And I think the Giants are a good example of that. They started off shaky this year. Same guys but at the end of the year they got better…”

Wait a second! Now you are praising the Giants at a Jet’s celebratory press conference!? This guys really has no concept of crossing lines.

“…I said last year and the year before that was probably the most talented team I’d ever played on…”

By doing this same retirement song and dance for each of the last 3 years you single-handedly got yourself chased out of town. Good job.

Now this is how the press conference ended:

“..But you know what? There’s nothing like Green Bay fans. That team is going to be good, with or without me and it really serves no purpose to continue talking about it. I know you will try to fuel the fire throughout this season but, once again, I’m here for one reason and that’s to help the Jets win. And I don’t think they need to be asked questions about it. I hope that they are left alone so they can deal with what we have to do. And the same thing for Green Bay. At some point it has to be let go.”

So his closing statement starts out with kissing the Green Bay fans asses. Then goes to kissing the Green Bay team’s asses. Oh wait, what is this unfamiliar word in the middle of this blurb “J-E-T-S” and winning in the same sentence. Okay, maybe Brett does get what the point of this press conference should be. Oh now, hold on, back to the Favre drama and no more mentions of dedication to the Jets or Jet fans.

Favre is nothing more than a hired gun at this point. How sad for a guy who will tell you just how well he handles himself and now he has become a person that even the Packers can’t do business with anymore. Maybe Brett needs to rethink this. Just retire. Again.

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“If I could kill two people I’d kill Brett Favre twice.”

Brett Favre to the Jets eh?  Maybe now I can finally stop TIVOing NFL Total Access and fast forwarding through all the discussions of what everyone from Rich Eisen to Warren Sapp thinks about the War on 4 just to get a small glimpse of other training camps.  This just in!  Brett Favre is walking!  This just in!  Brett Favre got in his car!  This just in!  It’s an SUV not a car.  Give me real football already.

As training camps fly by, NFL Preseason is now upon us.  Soon enough rosters will be cut from 80 to 53.  Lost in the whole Favre and the Art of the Midlife Crisis are the various NFL rookies and veterans fighting for a roster spot on a day-to-day basis.  As many have already pointed out, there are 2,500 other players in the league besides Favre.  The Jets will be at best 8-8 this year and probably finish third in the AFC East.  Let’s move on shall we?

You Say Tomato…I say I’m Awesome

John Gruden will sign Chad Pennington.  He won’t be able to resist the option of formulating an entire offensive line of quarterbacks.

The Vikings or the Dolphins would be wise to move in on Pennington once he is waived.

According to Roger Goodell it’s ok for Marshawyn Lynch to plead guilty to hitting a woman with his car but not ok for Brandon Marshall to allegedly slap his girlfriend.  So cars are ok, not fists.  I understand the suspension of Marshall, and admittedly he deserves it.  I would much rather see him beating corners and not women.  However, the lack of consistency with Goodell’s rulings could eventually prove to be quite the problem.  Marshawyn Lynch hit-and-run (nothing), Lofa Tatupu DUI (nothing), Kevin Faulk possession of marijuana (nothing), the list goes on and on.  In order to be the don dapper of football he is attempting to be, consistency in his rulings is a must.

If I were the Cowboys or Eagles I would make a last ditch offer at Anquan Boldin.

Tune in next time for my team-by-team Rookie Preview.

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