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mannyYesterday the USA Today reported that Man-Ram stated that he would like to end his career in Cleveland. Day 1 in LA and Manny just alienated the only fans he has at the moment.

“I would like to play for Cleveland one more time, to go back where I started,” said Ramirez, with the Dodgers playing their home opener Monday against the San Francisco Giants at Dodger Stadium. “I have so many good memories there, why not?”

I agree, why not? But don’t talk about it during this season. You just pretended to want to get a long term deal done in Los Angeles and now the day of the home opener Manny is setting up for his next contract. (more…)


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manny-ramirez-private-jet1Earlier this morning the LA Times was reporting that the Dodgers and Manny had closed on a deal. Now they are saying that was misrepored as they say, “a high-ranking Dodgers source says there is still work to do.”

What is apparent is that Manny is flying to LA as we speak. However Boras as has stated this morning, “I assure you, we have no deal”.

All signs point that we will have a deal later today.

The one thing that we know for sure; the Dodgers look like a second rate organization. They have been bidding against themselves for months as well as bending over backwards to please Man-Ram.

The reality is that the entire reason why no one (including the Dodgers) wants to give Manny a long term deal is not because they are afraid he can’t produce. Rather it is because they are terrified that he will no longer WANT to produce.

As we saw last year he can turn it on and off at the drop of a pin fly ball.

Manny Ramirez is flying to L.A. to meet with Frank McCourt [LA Times]

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sports-stocks1arrow-down1Frank McCourt and the Dodger’s: offer deal to Manny
McCourt and the Dodgers made an offer to free-agent Manny Ramirez on Wednesday. The offer is a similar two year deal worth $45 million but this offer gives Manny the option to become a free agent after the first season. This is a big time soft move by McCourt. Not only that but it doesn’t even make sense. Manny doesn’t want the option to go somewhere else, he could give a crap where he plays or seemingly even if he plays at all. He just wants a long term deal with guaranteed money.

arrow-down1Vick: Coming home in May
Thursday the Associated Press reported that Michael Vick will be allowed to serve the last two months of his sentence under home confinement. The reason? Because there is no room at a halfway house for him. Vick will still be on electronic monitoring and can only be allowed to leave home when approved by his probation officer. He wil be eligible for release in July.
arrow-down1Trend: High School ball stars ‘spending a year abroad’
Early this week Renardo Sidney, the 6-foot-9 senior from Fairfax, CA committed to USC. This comes after his first choice UCLA couldn’t decide if they could indeed take Sidney. According to Jeff Goodman, there’s a good chance that he’ll end up overseas, following Brandon Jennings’ brilliant path to the NBA. We will see how it works out for Jennings. If he is an NBA success story the game of college basketball will suffer a great loss of star power.
arrow-down1The Giants: short change Lincecum
It could be the best bang for the buck for any pitcher. No for any MLB player. No for any player in all of North American sports. Yesterday, the Giants agreed with right-hander Tim Lincecum on a one-year, $650,000 contract. If Lincecum becomes eligible for salary arbitration after this season, he will be all but guaranteed a ten-fold raise. Have fun while it lasts San Fran, the rental is up come September.

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manny-dodgersAfter turning down a one-year, $25 million deal from the Dodgers for his client, agent Scott Boras hinted that his client is still generating interest from other teams, including the Washington Nationals, San Francisco Giants and New York Mets.

It is somewhat true that the New York Mets, San Francisco Giants and Washington Nationals are among the teams known to be at least closely looking into the option of Ramirez in left field. However no teams seems willing to pay him more than $20 million a season. And this creates a problem due to the fact that Manny doesn’t seem willing to play for this price.

Still, some people do believe that the Mets could potentially still offer a multi-year deal for Manny.

At first, at this point, I think it is insane for a team to subject themselves to the antics of Manny. But after you scratch the surface maybe he would fit in in New Shea. (more…)

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tim-lincecumTim Lincecum become the youngest lightest player to win the CY Young in decades yesterday. The Giants official website lists Lincecum as 5’11, 170 lbs. He is also only 24 years old. With all of the contract talk as of late; think about what this kid could potentially get in free agency in the future. The bottom line: Sabathia’s left arm weights 175

manny-ramirez-west-roxbury-motorsThe Dodgers made an offer to Manny Ramirez that they knew he could refuse. This is becoming a show for the Dodger fans. Management just wants the fans to believe they are attempting to sign this guy. The biggest joke is that they added a club option year. I know General Manager Ned Collettiand owner Frank McCour do not honestly believe that this thing has a shot at getting signed. Remember 4 months ago; the whole reason Manny played his way out of Boston was the club option in his contract. The bottom line: a barrel of oil has dropped to below $60 and a barrel of Manny is heading in the same direction

82994078RM008_Los_Angeles_LKobe and his Lakers remain undefeated. Los Angeles moves to 6-0 with a victory in Dallas last night. This now gives us two undefeated teams in the NBA. The aforementioned Lakers and… those pesky Atlanta Hawks. The bottom line: clearly the Hawks are the second best team in the Eastern conference. Didn’t they prove it last Spring?

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manny-grill1The Dodgers have reportedly made Manny Ramirez an offer that would make him the second highest payed player in all of sports (behind A-Rod). The problem is that the years are where the Dodgers and Mr. Ramirez Boras might have a difference of opinion. The bottom line: this is a deal that only the likes of Boras and Ramirez could refuse.

nbaA big night of scoring in the NBA. Tony Parker had 55 in 2OT’s, Amare Stoudemire scored 49 and LeBron dropped 41 on the Bulls.The bottom line: it took 2 overtimes and 55 points from Parker for the Spurs to win their first game of the season (against the Timberwolves).

brown-faber-wecUriah Faber lost for the first time in the WEC last night to Mike Brown. Brown was a 4:1 underdog heading into the fight. Faber looked over confident and was too cocky standing up against Brown who has tremendous punching power for a 145 lber. Faber got knocked backwards (not knocked down but backwards and towards the cage) and he decided to fly back up and throw a spinning elbow. The elbow missed and Brown connected to Faber’s jaw. Faber went down and tried to cover-up but he could not recover from the punch. The bottom line: Brown is the new Featherweight champ and the WEC needs Faber to get back in the win column.

sonnen-filho-wecAlso last night at WEC 36 live on Versus; Chael Sonnen defeated Paulo Filho. As I predicted Filho looked awful. He looked like he did not want to be there and had no business being in the cage. There is definitely still lingering substance abuse and/or mental issues with Filho. It is extraordinarily sad to see a guy with that much talent having this much trouble. The bottom line: hopefully his good friends Anderson Silva, Gabriel Gonzaga and the Gracies can get him the help he needs.

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This series is slated to be a great battle. It pairs up the Central winning Cubs, the team with the best record in the NL at 97-65, and the West winning Dodgers. The Cubs have played front-runner for most of the season while the Dodgers relied on a great second half and 2 big additions at the trade deadline (Manny Ramirez and Casey Blake). This is how I see the series breaking down:

Starting Lineup: The Cubs have a well balanced attack that led the league in runs scored. They combine speed with some power and great timely hitting. The dodgers have relied on Manny Ramirez since they picked him up (53 games – 17HR, 53 RBI, .396 Avg). Because the Cubs stay after you throughout the whole lineup (even Carlos Zambranom- .337 Avg, 4 HR) they have to get the edge. They led the league in runs for a reason. Edge Cubs.

Bench: The Dodgers have a good bench with Juan Pierre giving them the ability to get hits or pinch run. In addition, Angel Berroa, Blake Dewitt, and Mark Sweeney make a pretty solid bench for the Dodgers to use. The Cubs also have a pretty solid bench. With Edmonds and Reed Johnson splitting time, that gives them a great option on the bench. Ronny Cedeno and Mark Fontenot also add to the depth in the infield. Slight Edge to the Dodgers here but not by much.

Starting Pitching: This is what will make the Cubs tough to play against. They are going to throw Ryan Dempster (17-6 2.96 ERA), Carlos Zambrano (14-6 3.91 ERA) and Rich Harden (10-2 2.07 ERA) in a short series. That doesn’t include their other 17 game winner, Ted Lilly (17-9 4.09 ERA). The Dodgers will counter with Derek Lowe (14-11 3.24 ERA), Chad Billingsley (16-10 3.14 ERA), and Hiroki Kuroda (9-10 3.73 ERA). You gotta love Lowe’s experience in the postseason but besides that, you have to give the edge to the Cubs in this category.

Bullpen: Carlos Marmol has been lights out for Chicago (2.68 ERA in 87 innings), Kerry Wood has been a steady closer (34/40 saves 3.26 ERA), and Jeff Samardzija has pitched well since being called up. The dodgers have lost one of their best set-up men, Hong Chih Kuo for the series. Joe Beimel, Johnathan Broxton, and Cory Wade have all been great all season (combined 189 innings 2.52 ERA). Their closer, Takashi Saito is back and healthy for the postseason. Both squads have a good bullpen but the Edge goes to the Dodgers with those 3 set-up men for Saito.

Intangibles: Joe Torre in the Postseason, Manny Ramirez in the postseason, Greg Maddux and Derek Lowe in the postseason. That is a lot of good playoff experience. The Cubs were 55-26 at home, they led the league in runs, On-base % and slugging. This squad also got a taste of the postseason last year.

Prediction: In the end the Cubs are too good at home to lose this series. They win the series 3-2.

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