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I’m pretty sure this is Stoudemire’s real twitter account. I have good information that is the confirmed account of Amar’e BUT is he just messing with everyone. That is the next question.

I personally think his agent told him he was going to “the Golden State” and Stoudemire wrongly assumed that meant the Lakers.

There is a team that plays in the NBA called the Golden… State… Warriors.., Amar’e. They have been in your division for the past 7 years…


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The key match-up we have all been overlooking…

NBA Finals JJ and Adam Basketball88095582ADB007_LAKERS_MAGIC

Two of the best college basketball players of the last decade plus! Unfortunately, I think there might be a better chance of seeing Morrison on the floor before Redick. After J.J.’s 3/11 and 8 points in 62+ minute Finals performance thus far, he didn’t get off the pine last game.

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kareem twitter melo

Kareem is loving the Lakers and at the clear expense of ‘Melo. These former LA players are still all about their Lakers for sure. At least Jabbar’s Laker manlove is contained within his twitter account. On the other hand we have to listen to Magic “try” to be “objective” every night after the Lakers play. And I’m almost sure ‘Melo will have something to say when he sees this. (more…)

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The clip above is a promo from Dream Season: 23 & 24. ESPN aired the hour long short film the other night. It is a great watch that documents the past year from the shoes of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. This is the kind of thing a sports league loves–gigantic stars, in their primes, battling.

That is whu David Stern must have been crapping his pants this morning at the NBA headquarters in New York. This can’t really happen can it? Could BOTH the Lakers and Cavaliers lose in the conference finals?

Sure the Magic have Dwight Howard, the charismatic defensive player of the year. Still, no one wants to see that. I want Kobe vs. LeBron. This match-up won’t just happen every year in the playoffs. Think about it; when Lebron is in New York he will still be in the Eastern Conference. On the other hand, Kobe is destine to finish his career in LA, the Western Conference. The only way they will meet is in the NBA Finals.

Yes LA won game one but they did not look like the better team for the majority of the game. A definite cause for concern going into game to for Lakers fans. I’d love to see a Los Angeles-New York final series down the road. Nonetheless, this is the year to see LeBron approaching his apex battle against Kobe at his.

For the time being we are going to be witness to two potentially great conference finals.

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When I first heard the report of the Broncos interest in USC quarterback Mark Sanchez I was tickled. I guess I was wondering what exactly McDaniel’s plan is. I would go as far to speculate whether McDaniel’s even knows what his own plan is. Then I think about it rationally and assume that this report must be false.

My last thought was that maybe this is a test for new starting QB Kyle Orton. Well lets see how he did…

Orton was on the Dan Patrick Show this morning. He was asked about the Sanchez to Denver rumors:

“That’s what I hear. This is the NFL and you’re always going to have competition, especially at this position. Whoever it is, we’re going to have three quarterbacks in here and whoever it is my mindset won’t change. I play this game to compete. I love the competition of it. You have to be self motivated and like I said it doesn’t matter who’s in here. I want to prepare as hard as I can and play the best football that I can”

Some one is getting a gold star under “Correct things to say” on the Josh McDaniel’s big board!

Much more importantly the girl with Sanchez at the Laker’s game… she is Jennifer Mueller. Jennifer was a freshman this past year at USC. She is from the great state of Jersey and runs track. She also seems to have a love for partying.

The University of Southern California… what a life…

Kyle Orton Talks About Mark Sanchez Visit [PredominantlyOrange.com]
Mark Sanchez At Lakers Game With USC Track Star
[Busted Coverage]

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83009817KD004_DENVER_NUGGETThe Lakers are hands down the best team in the NBA this season. The Cavs have that incredible record at home but the Lakers are head and shoulders above them and every other team.

In the playoffs though, anything can happen in those 7 game series. We saw a dominant Celtics, with home court, team struggle with lesser teams last year.

A Lakers team without a healthy Bynum is still the favorite for the title. If you don’t believe it based on this years regular season–all you have to do is go back 10 months and see how Kobe plays when the spotlight is on.

However, a Lakers team with a somewhat healthy Andrew Bynum could runaway with the title.

Bynum is making his return at this moment as Denver visits Los Angeles. Currently he has played nearly 10 minutes as the game is at the beginning of the 2nd quarter.

Remember when no one understood why Jerry West drafted some lanky 7-footer out of HS… I think we all see what Mr. West was thinking. He is the logo of the league after all–I guess he knows what he is doing.

Photo of Bynum entering the arena tonight carrying two Nike boxes and his knee brace after the jumpoff… (more…)

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sports-and-the-economySports and the Economy looks at the effect the current economic conditions are having on sports leagues, teams and fans across the country.

Kobe Bryant gets paid about $22 million annually from the Los Angeles Lakers. On top of that base, Fortune Magazine estimates that in 2007 Kobe made $16 million in endorsements.

Like many athletes today Kobe has an official website. It is located at kb24.com. I’m not going to lie, as far as athlete website go, it’s pretty damn nice.

FanHouse via LAballtalk reported that Kobe is now offering a “premium membership” to KB24.com. Here is what you receive for your $49.95:


I’m all about free market economics. I love capitalism, totally belive in it. However, I have to call a spade a spade. This is insanity.

First, why does Kobe need an extra couple grand? Second, who the heck is going to buy this?

Other athletes are blogging for free at sites like Yardbarker or have their own personal webspace like Chris Cooley. Cooley sells ads and pushes endorsements, and again, that is all totally fine. But he does not have the balls to charge FANS of his to read his thoughts and buy his crappy t-shirt. Cooley instead has a plug for a charitable cancer research organization.


vanessa_bryantIf you remember, Cooley also took a picture of his junk and posted it to his blog (by mistake) earlier this season. For $49.95 I better be getting “all access” to  Kobe, his wife Vanessa and maybe even some exclusive footage from that night back in 2003 in Denver. You remember the one. Too soon?

People are going through some really tough times financially. The current economic state is not one to relish. People all across the country are looking for ways to supplement their normal income. If Kobe really sees fit to charge the already hurting NBA fan for access to his thoughts, to shake his hand and a t-shirt… than so be it. It just doesn’t give an already unlikeable guy anymore credibility in the humanitarian department.

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