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Some tough games to pick are on the slate for this weekend. They should be some damn good ones though.


These two teams played in week 5 and the Titans won 13-10 on a late TD drive. The Ravens are considerably better now. Back in week 5 they had just lost in Pittsburgh, went to  Tennessee and lost and went on to lose in week 6 in Indy–giving them a 3 game losing streak against some tough teams.

The Titans biggest pro has to be that they are rested while Baltimore had to play their physical style of game play just last weekend. The Ravens best asset is still their defense even if not fully rested.

The Ravens cause for concern has to be the rookie QB going against a good Titans defense. On the other hand the Titans have not been playing meaningful games the last several weeks. That can sometimes hurt a team.

The Pick: Ravens


Most people are not giving the Cardinals a snow balls chance in Phoenix to win this game. I’ll tell you right now I’m not picking them straight up but I wouldn’t bury them just yet.

They could be getting as many as 10 points by kick off. The Cardinals already kept it close in Carolina earlier this year and now they have to be playing with even more confidence.

That being said, there is not much to say. The Panthers are the better team.

The Pick: Panthers


I give the Eagles the best change at getting the road win this weekend. They already beat the Giants in New York in week 14.

It’s hard because you never know which Eagles team is going to show up or should I say which McNabb. At the same time the Giants have struggled for several weeks now.

One key is is Brandon Jacobs is truly healthy. In the Giants loss to the Eagles he was held to 52 yards.

The Pick: Eagles


The big question; is Roethlisberger healthy? I do not think that it is going to matter THAT much. The Steelers passing game is not what is going to win the game for them. Compared to last week, I don’t think that the Chargers running attack is going to be as affective against the Steelers.

If this ends up being an ugly, low scoring game again then you have to think that the Steelers and their defense have the upper hand.

The Pick: Steelers


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The Arizona Cardinals might be the worst team to see playoff action in recent memory.

Who is going to be the lucky team that gets to play the Arizona Cardinals in the first round of the playoffs this year? Arizona is nearly locked up at the 4th seed (but could still get the 3 spot with a couple of Viking losses) and will play the 5th seed.  Right now, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the lucky winners.

The Cardinals packed it in two weeks ago after clinching the worst division in football. Both the NFC and AFC west divisions are jokes this year. That 5th seed looks more and more friendly.

In fact, the AFC East team that doesn’t get in (Jets, ‘Phins or Pats) should just get the 4 seed in the NFC. F- it.

Also, as you know, the Panthers and Giants week 16 game is for the #1 seed in the NFC. This also means that whoever is the number one seed gets to be on the Cardinals/Bucs side of the playoff bracket which is seemingly a better place to be than the potential Minnesota/Atlanta side.

It looks like that NFC #1 seed have a great shot at hosting the NFC Championship game on January 20th. Current odds to win the NFC Championship; Gitans 7:4 and Panthers 2:1.

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burress_plaxicoIn this clip of Burress making his way into the Police station to turn himself in there is something that strikes me odd…

This man, who has had both ankle and hammy issues and been listed as ‘probable’ for a seemingly gazillion straight weeks, does not have crutches nor does he seem to be in any discomfort. Dude, just got shot in the thigh and hes walking around a lot better than he was during training camp!

Burress has long been know for playing through injuries. I am not sure how substantial any of them truly were but I can imagine a bullet to the thigh is up there.

A couple of things that I’ve heard regarding this situation that I have not seen being widely reported…

1. The gun was a Glock semiautomatic pistol

2. Burress was wearing sweatpants to the club on Friday night

3. Burress had a drink in one hand when the pistol went tumbling to the ground and fired hitting his thigh

4. The club was Latin Quarter in Manhattan

5. The first thing Burress said was to Antonio Pierce and was, “It hurts! It hurts!”

6. When Plax got to the hospital at Cornell he said his name was “Harris Smith” and that the injury had occurred at an Applebees

7. The club does not allow weapons and has metal detectors–thus Plaxico had to bribe his way in with the gun

8. The reason Burress gave for needing the weapon… “he had a lot of money and jewelry on him”

I’ve been a huge Plaxico fan since his Pittsburgh days coming out of MSU but I think this is the end of the line in New York for Burress. I would expect the Giants to recoup much of his $10+ million signing bonus and say see ya later to Plaxico as soon as the legal system runs it’s course.

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Both ESPN and FOX SPORTS are reporting that Plaxico Burress was “accidentally” shot on Friday night at a night club in New York City. He spent Friday night in the hospital and was released Saturday morning.

UPDATE: ESPN has reported that Plaxico told the Giants that he shot himself accidentally at a club in Manhattan.

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Kansas loss won’t slow Coach Cal or Memphis — (FoxSports.com)

Life will not be as easy as it was last year when the Tigers were ranked No. 1 in the AP poll for the second time in school history and set an NCAA Division I record for victories in a season with 38. Memphis has non-league road games against Gonzaga, Georgetown and Tennessee and plays Syracuse, UMass and Cincinnati at home. They also play in a tournament in Puerto Rico, most likely drawing USC or Missouri.

But no one is questioning the Tigers’ credentials, anymore.

Calipari arrived at Memphis in 2000. He has averaged 27.3 victories during his first eight seasons there, coaching the Tigers, who were seeded 1, 3, 1 the last three tournaments, to the Elite Eight in 2006 and 2007 before advancing to the national title game last spring.

Giants Shut Down Tyree for Season; Raiders Cut Hall — (NYtimes.com)

David Tyree said he did not want to sound arrogant, but he thought he still might have something great left to accomplish in football, something even better than his celebrated catch last season that helped win the Super Bowl.

But Tyree will have to wait until at least next season to do it because the Giants put him on the injured reserve list Wednesday. He missed the first six weeks of the season while recovering from knee surgery.

Around FCS: Campaigning for playoff berths — (SportsNetwork.com)

As a nation, we’ve watched an exhausting presidential campaign wind its way to the finish line with the election of Barack Obama on Tuesday. I, for one, am glad it doesn’t take that long for teams to make their appeals for spots in the FCS playoffs.

You have an 11 or 12-game schedule for teams to state their cases before 16 squads move on to the postseason.

When the calendar turns the corner on November, you know you are in the stretch run for the regular season. Teams have just three more weekends to prove they belong.

When it comes to class, Garret Anderson could teach Jeff Kent — (LAtimes.com)

I spent four years trying to understand Jeff Kent, so many trying and aggravating chats before making a breakthrough here and there.

As bright as he was, Kent had so much to offer but was so unwilling to share it. His final days with the Dodgers were bitter ones, and off to himself as if he could separate himself any more from the team, he finally got his wish, leaving without any fanfare.

“Open-minded” about trading Holliday — (DenverPost.com)

O’Dowd is looking for the best deal, not the best pitchers, with multiple opposing executives predicting that Philadelphia and Oakland are the most likely trade partners.

“There is not much pitching in the market available. Period,” O’Dowd said. “And any pitching we get will likely be projection pitching. Not that guy that has been there, done it. We are completely open-minded to anything.”

O’Dowd has been laying the groundwork for weeks regarding Holliday, trying to sift through the best fits. O’Dowd held extensive talks with Philadelphia in July regarding Holliday and Brian Fuentes, asking for Triple-A pitching prospect Carlos Carrasco and big-league starter J.A. Happ. In the playoffs, multiple Phillies players were convinced the team would make another serious run at Holliday if left fielder Pat Burrell wasn’t re-signed.

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I noticed we received a comment from someone at docsports.com on our NFL week 6 picks post. As has already been publicized, this past weeks NFL picks were the worst yet. They were bad. All three of us went under .500 and pretty well under for that matter.

However, interestingly enough I had a great weekend as far a sports betting goes.

It all started Saturday afternoon. I didn’t have any intention of placing a wager but I was browsing the lines over at my favorite online sportsbook and I saw that Michigan State was only laying 2 on the road against Northwestern. I’m thinking I like MSU, a lot. The line is so small because Northwestern is undefeated for the first time in forever BUT they haven’t played anyone. So I take Michigan State; and win pretty easily due to a 17-0 first quarter.

The next morning I wake up after a late night of watching the Sox blow it in extras to look at the last minute lines for NFL week 6. Now, of course I have looked at them before making the picks for this site and thus I am familiar with them. I have already had some ideas in mind. I’m still on the New Orleans bandwagon, a bandwagon that I built before the season and has seen everyone fall off. I liked them giving 6.5. They cruise, as you know, to win by 31.

At the same time I liked the Packers to bounce back against the Seahawks. The Packers were actually still getting a couple points at this point so I took them.

The Saints roll and the Packers win in a relatively decisive fashion as well. Good stuff. The last game that I liked all week was the Giants. They have looked great all around and the Browns offense is terrible. They were only laying a TD. I never like giving more than 6.5 unless I’m really, really confident. Needless to say I was not that confident and I did not pull the trigger. The Browns went on to hand the Giants there first loss. I avoided one there. If that spread had come down as opposed to moving up from -7 to -9 like it did, I might have been on it.

All in all, 3-0 for the weekend.

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Yes, that's Leonard Davis... you'll have to read to the end to find out why

Today the NFC east has shown an element of weakness. Early Washington got beat at home by an awful St. Louis Rams team, currently the Cardinals are up 10 against the Cowboys and the Eagles are only up one in the 4th against the 49ers. What’s next the Browns beat the Giants tomorrow night? I’d be all sorts of surprised if they even keep it close to be honest.

The Eagles need to hang on and win to maintain the frantic pace of this division but the Cowboys could be in trouble as well. They have the Rams then the Bucs the next two weeks, do able. After that they are at the Giants and at the ‘Skins with a bye in between. Even with the bye that is no easy task. That is were we will see if they can hang. The Giants have a very hard (maybe the hardest) second half schedule.

It’s nuts but every team is still in this race. It is going to be incredibly fun to watch.

More importantly, Aikman was just mentioning how his two little girls love the Jonas Brothers. I can picture Troy singing along.

Now the ‘Boys just scored, don’t call this one just yet. Haha Leonard Davis of the Cowboys via the Cardinals just got called for taunting after the TD. He’s a lineman, STFU bro.

This is the intro to the Officoal Leonard Davis homepage:

6’6 365 lbs briefly describes the BIGGEST man in the NFL. Your favorite lineman is Leonard Davis.

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